XenTegra - The Citrix Session

The Citrix Session: What’s new and next with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops: Q&A - Part 1

May 03, 2022 XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton Season 1 Episode 105
The Citrix Session: What’s new and next with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops: Q&A - Part 1
XenTegra - The Citrix Session
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XenTegra - The Citrix Session
The Citrix Session: What’s new and next with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops: Q&A - Part 1
May 03, 2022 Season 1 Episode 105
XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton

There has been no shortage of updates in the world of Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. At the end of March, we delivered a What’s New and Next in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops webinar and were joined by more people than ever to hear the latest updates and ask us tough questions. We appreciate the time and attention. We couldn’t answer all your questions live, so we wanted to answer them here to benefit everyone.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Bill Sutton
Co-host: Todd Smith
Co-host: Geremy Meyers
Guest: Monica Griesemer

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There has been no shortage of updates in the world of Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. At the end of March, we delivered a What’s New and Next in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops webinar and were joined by more people than ever to hear the latest updates and ask us tough questions. We appreciate the time and attention. We couldn’t answer all your questions live, so we wanted to answer them here to benefit everyone.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Bill Sutton
Co-host: Todd Smith
Co-host: Geremy Meyers
Guest: Monica Griesemer


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Andy Whiteside: hi everyone and welcome to episode 105 of the citrix session i'm your host Andy whiteside I am going to get right into it, because we got a big group today we got bill sudden from INTEGRA on the.

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Andy Whiteside: delivery services leadership side from a citrix perspective we've got both JEREMY meyers who's fresh off the boat from Hawaii took a boat right they got.

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Geremy Meyers: An airboat if you will yeah yeah.

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Andy Whiteside: it's a Todd Smith, who apparently didn't get to go to Hawaii.

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Andy Whiteside: not this time Tony Have you ever.

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Andy Whiteside: You ever got to go to one of the circle of excellence things nope.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: Not haven't had the opportunity to go to the circle of excellence, we did 100% club, a couple years but now they haven't haven't gone on a big trip.

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Andy Whiteside: yeah that's a nice i'm sure you've more than earned it i've known you for a long time and then Monica gris gris Mer is with us Monica is our star of the show today, it was her team that put together the blog that we're going to cover.

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Andy Whiteside: Which is about the latest questions and answers around the latest versions of citrix virtual APP and desktop and citrix DAS Monica how's it going.

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Monica Griesemer: it's going well, thank you sandy happy to be here it's been a minute since i've been on the podcast so excited to be chatting with you all today.

00:01:18.030 --> 00:01:21.930
Andy Whiteside: always happy to have you it's probably my fault if I don't get you invited enough but.

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Andy Whiteside: No today your gracious enough to jump on even though he's invited you last minute when we decided exactly which blog we're going to use.

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Monica Griesemer: yeah happy to be here we're all about going with the flow.

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Andy Whiteside: So the actual title, it is what's new and next with citrix virtual Apps and desktops Q amp a.

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Andy Whiteside: And Monica let's uh I didn't want to jump right in and ask you a question so i'm a little behind on the times, so it talks about in the first paragraph citrix daz and citrix virtual APP and desktops.

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Andy Whiteside: Going into this, I would have alluded to citrix virtual APP and desktop and citrix virtual APP and desktop service.

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Andy Whiteside: And as we were prepping to get started, here we talked about citrix now using the acronym daz desktop as a service for all things service help us understand what's what's happened there.

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Monica Griesemer: yeah so late in q1 so just or in may now so a couple months ago we announced that we are changing the name of citrix virtual Apps desktop service to citrix does.

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Monica Griesemer: So our on premises product line name does not change it's still centers virtual Apps and desktops so the same for those on Prem folks.

00:02:35.460 --> 00:02:46.290
Monica Griesemer: But in the cloud we're looking at the full scope of the virtualization product line as citrix taz so that encompasses virtual Apps and virtual Apps and desktops.

00:02:46.620 --> 00:02:54.240
Monica Griesemer: So that's just the new name, but the technology itself, you know still works, the same we've got the hybrid deployments that you can do.

00:02:54.690 --> 00:03:03.210
Monica Griesemer: And all the great stuff that will talk about today that's new but as far as the name change also came along with some packaging updates as well.

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Monica Griesemer: So for anyone looking to make that move to the cloud there's some great new things that you may be surprised that you get now.

00:03:11.250 --> 00:03:22.530
Monica Griesemer: In the cloud that's included in these new desk packages, so it is a change, I know, we do have a name change here in citrix land but excited about the direction that we're going so.

00:03:22.560 --> 00:03:31.080
Andy Whiteside: For me it's slightly confusing because desktop as a service means you hosting maybe even man is somebody desktop for them in this case.

00:03:31.440 --> 00:03:44.670
Andy Whiteside: it's the hosted desktop option or it's also the brokering and management platform option so daz now includes paths as well in citrix Ratan Tata my articulating that correctly.

00:03:47.520 --> 00:03:55.170
Todd Smith - Citrix: It for the most part it's bringing in kind of the industry standard wording and then being able to expand it out.

00:03:56.310 --> 00:03:56.610
Andy Whiteside: yeah.

00:03:57.390 --> 00:04:04.140
Geremy Meyers: yeah and there's a so Andy just to tag along that there's a there's a report gartner did recently where I don't know that this has ever been.

00:04:04.560 --> 00:04:13.350
Geremy Meyers: defined by the industry before but what's the difference between vdi versus DAS versus I mean there's like four different definitions that gartner's put out.

00:04:13.680 --> 00:04:21.840
Geremy Meyers: And so, when I look at down here there's a column, and the way this thing is set up as a column around you know what, what do you get what do you not get with pass versus full vdi the whole nine yards.

00:04:22.290 --> 00:04:33.090
Geremy Meyers: And it feels like see that the on Prem product is kind of considered vdi right, so it encompasses you owning the entire stack is essentially what it is, and as you move into some of the different data.

00:04:33.120 --> 00:04:39.300
Geremy Meyers: Definitions really what that turns into is how much of that is being hosted and managed by some kind of provider.

00:04:39.660 --> 00:04:55.320
Geremy Meyers: Whether it's the entire stack or some of the stack and I think what you'll find is there, certain citrix offerings that line up with each of those different definitions and so that's that's brand new as of maybe 2022 I want to say, maybe like 2021 so that's new for the industry.

00:04:56.070 --> 00:05:02.130
Andy Whiteside: I think I think for me what's happened here is folks like me and folks like citrix and bill we've been saying.

00:05:02.550 --> 00:05:08.220
Andy Whiteside: Oh no no that's virtual APP and desktop as a service that's this thing over here and over here is desktop as a service.

00:05:08.580 --> 00:05:19.560
Andy Whiteside: Meanwhile, the industry is kind of lumped a bunch of things together, and now gardeners recognizing that lumping it together and just calling it all does so, while I still want to call things presentation server because that's what it does.

00:05:20.070 --> 00:05:23.670
Andy Whiteside: No industry calls it so stop fighting it, and just do what the industry calls it.

00:05:25.350 --> 00:05:27.060
Geremy Meyers: I think you're I think you're right yeah.

00:05:29.460 --> 00:05:38.940
Andy Whiteside: Well we've got we got a lot to cover in and we'll probably carve this one up into at least two episodes Monica the bullets you guys call it out here as the lts our.

00:05:40.110 --> 00:05:58.590
Andy Whiteside: Long term service release the unified communications in meetings installation of migration user experience security authentication public clouds and then miscellaneous yeah if you're up for it, maybe join us two weeks, three weeks in a row, at least two probably let's jump into the long.

00:05:59.400 --> 00:06:00.990
Monica Griesemer: end if you don't mind if I.

00:06:01.260 --> 00:06:08.670
Monica Griesemer: I set the stage really quick sorry to jump over you but wanted to kind of give some background for anyone that isn't kind of familiar, where we come from.

00:06:09.120 --> 00:06:16.680
Monica Griesemer: Obviously quarterly we have a new on premises release and that prompts of what's new blog from my team and product marketing.

00:06:17.100 --> 00:06:25.620
Monica Griesemer: This one specifically is actually a follow up to the what's new and next webinar that Alan for mansky and I put together at the end of last quarter.

00:06:25.950 --> 00:06:36.180
Monica Griesemer: So that's where these questions came from right we're not just kind of pulling them in from our brains from citrix brains these came from actual individuals on that call.

00:06:36.600 --> 00:06:47.100
Monica Griesemer: And so we Alan and I diligently work to answer every single one of these questions that's why this blog is so comprehensive let's say and why will need to break it up.

00:06:47.430 --> 00:06:58.530
Monica Griesemer: But that's where the spot from so just kind of wanted to set the stage for all of us, we have had these new releases come out, but this is coming off the tales of questions we got from our customers and from the industry.

00:06:59.520 --> 00:07:08.610
Andy Whiteside: yeah i'm glad you did that, because it makes it very relevant and helps people to understand where these conversations are coming from real real people asking real questions which.

00:07:08.970 --> 00:07:18.840
Andy Whiteside: You know there's no such thing as a dumb question applies here, and more than likely people listening have the same questions they just don't have a vehicle to to get them answered the way you did during the webinar.

00:07:21.540 --> 00:07:33.450
Andy Whiteside: So you kind of you guys have kind of lumped them together in different categories there right and the first one being the long term service release so let's let's start with the first one says what's the target date for citrix virtual APP and desktop lts our.

00:07:35.730 --> 00:07:39.000
Andy Whiteside: cumulative update, which is acronym see you.

00:07:40.650 --> 00:07:44.040
Monica Griesemer: yeah so we kind of just went into it with the fact that.

00:07:44.460 --> 00:07:55.800
Monica Griesemer: level setting what a cumulative update is right so for the lts our you have that extended support and life cycle that's why customers love it for the predictability of it, maybe you're in a highly regulated environment.

00:07:56.130 --> 00:08:05.430
Monica Griesemer: And then the cumulative updates come around to give those hot fixes give those security fixes and patches that you may need along the way, so yet.

00:08:07.050 --> 00:08:15.810
Monica Griesemer: we're targeting a see you usually a few months after the initial release to you know work out any kinks that may have appeared any feedback that we're getting.

00:08:16.200 --> 00:08:25.770
Monica Griesemer: So we don't have a specific date, but it should be coming soon that's the first one, usually comes pretty soon after the long term service release comes out.

00:08:29.220 --> 00:08:36.750
Andy Whiteside: So okay oh that makes sense now I understand the question better so you had the long term service release on in March of this year, which we did a podcast on.

00:08:37.110 --> 00:08:48.960
Andy Whiteside: And now you're talking about the first what we old guys would have called a service pack, but now called a cumulative update to fix features probably not add features, but fix and address any possible issues yep.

00:08:49.950 --> 00:08:59.100
Andy Whiteside: Great hey and for the rest of the group here, we got a lot, a lot of people on just just chime in when you have something irrelevant, you want to add particular topic and answer.

00:08:59.130 --> 00:09:11.010
Geremy Meyers: Question answer hey speaking of Monica what is the what's the typical cadence on the see us anyways so, for instance, like on the 19th 12 lts our we're up to see you five.

00:09:11.490 --> 00:09:13.290
Geremy Meyers: So i'm doing the math here that's about every six.

00:09:13.290 --> 00:09:15.480
Geremy Meyers: Months we'll see a see you is that typically the cadence.

00:09:15.720 --> 00:09:22.050
Monica Griesemer: yep i'd say it's it's typically the cadence right because you're working with the CEOs and also the new on premises.

00:09:22.260 --> 00:09:33.030
Monica Griesemer: Current releases so yeah i'd say about six months but usually the first one out of the gate is pretty close to the initial release because you've got a lot of people at once jumping in and testing so.

00:09:33.510 --> 00:09:38.340
Monica Griesemer: i'd say about six months but it kind of depends on what all we need to wrap it to them.

00:09:39.330 --> 00:09:40.020
Geremy Meyers: yeah that makes sense.

00:09:40.410 --> 00:09:49.350
Andy Whiteside: And I should probably had cleared up something I said a minute ago because it's a lts or you're not adding any new features you're just fixing any potential issues right.

00:09:49.530 --> 00:09:54.180
Monica Griesemer: Exactly, yes, thank you for reiterating that because the lts are.

00:09:54.690 --> 00:10:05.190
Monica Griesemer: You know, by nature, is baked with all of the relevant current releases from the latest lts are to this one so from 1912 is JEREMY just mentioned to 22 three.

00:10:05.640 --> 00:10:14.700
Monica Griesemer: All of those features were wrapped in so no we're not tacking on any new features, but there's always updates always patches that need to happen so that's the purpose of a see you.

00:10:15.750 --> 00:10:24.810
Andy Whiteside: Okay, so next question is, are there, specific citrix daz releases that align with the lts our this I guess this.

00:10:27.630 --> 00:10:35.970
Monica Griesemer: yeah so for this one, we were kind of level setting I think Andy to your point the dads naming is so new the concept is new.

00:10:36.240 --> 00:10:54.630
Monica Griesemer: And so, sometimes people get confused about mixing cloud mixing on Prem and i'm sure everyone on this call can attest to hybrid deployments so this one is just level setting citrix daz does it have specific releases right we have 22 or three on Prem we had 1912 on Prem.

00:10:55.950 --> 00:11:08.280
Monica Griesemer: We don't have numbers like that in the cloud, because it has those continuous rollouts so just saying that you can have you can leverage the cloud and on Prem together.

00:11:08.760 --> 00:11:19.560
Monica Griesemer: Especially a lot of people I don't know if Todd JEREMY any of you see a lot of customers leveraging the lts our vda with cloud I would, I think that's pretty common.

00:11:19.710 --> 00:11:21.210
Geremy Meyers: Would you agree it is.

00:11:21.270 --> 00:11:29.010
Monica Griesemer: yeah so we were saying in this answer to that you can leverage that common deployment and leverage the.

00:11:30.480 --> 00:11:41.640
Monica Griesemer: vda for its life cycle, but you don't get the extended life cycle benefits if you mix them together but it's it's still good to use them together for a number of reasons, but.

00:11:42.750 --> 00:11:50.070
Monica Griesemer: that's that's kind of what this is mentioning there's not a specific cloud number release, but you they do play nicely.

00:11:50.400 --> 00:12:00.960
Andy Whiteside: So if you're on citrix data or what used to be, such as virtual APP and desktop as a service which is cloud hosted you're on the latest or you're getting ready to be on the latest yep.

00:12:04.020 --> 00:12:10.260
Andy Whiteside: next question is, how does hybrid rights licensing work in a totally isolated environment.

00:12:12.360 --> 00:12:32.940
Monica Griesemer: So this one was a little bit interesting um just by we also put throughout their what hybrid rights was right, so this release reinstated the ability to provision to public cloud from on premises I don't know if any of you talked about that at all on the on the call recently.

00:12:34.290 --> 00:12:36.060
Andy Whiteside: i'm sure we not probably not recently.

00:12:36.090 --> 00:12:36.780
Monica Griesemer: This one got it.

00:12:36.840 --> 00:12:39.930
Andy Whiteside: been around a while and not come up often lately.

00:12:40.260 --> 00:12:45.360
Monica Griesemer: yeah so we just reinstated that ability and 2203.

00:12:46.110 --> 00:12:55.620
Monica Griesemer: and explained what hybrid rights were but the thing was if you're operating in an isolated environment on premises, then you don't need hybrid rights.

00:12:55.920 --> 00:13:07.830
Monica Griesemer: So it seems like this individual may have been confused, they may have heard about hybrid rights and then said oh i'm fully on Prem Do I need this if you're not planning to provision to the public cloud no you don't pretty straightforward.

00:13:08.580 --> 00:13:21.630
Andy Whiteside: So let me make sure i've gotten this straight So if you have citrix does, then you can provision to on premises, but if you have citrix virtual APP and desktop you can't provision into the cloud that the logic still applies right.

00:13:22.890 --> 00:13:38.850
Monica Griesemer: No, so now, I now with hybrid rights if you have an on premise deployment and hybrid rights in are making that transition to the cloud, you can provision public cloud workloads from on premises like from your on premises control plane.

00:13:39.510 --> 00:13:44.400
Geremy Meyers: So Andy This is where i've seen this before right so do we have customers that have a.

00:13:45.690 --> 00:13:54.570
Geremy Meyers: An on premise environment with a leg up in the cloud so, for instance, they wanted to create a zone that sits in say azure aws or something like that right, can I, create a hosting connection.

00:13:55.050 --> 00:13:57.180
Geremy Meyers: You know, up to those clouds will after I want to say.

00:13:58.740 --> 00:14:08.100
Geremy Meyers: You could not right, so if I was a customer that wanted to deploy that way than I needed to stay on 1912 or else I was going to lose that ability or and then this is probably more the case.

00:14:08.460 --> 00:14:13.440
Geremy Meyers: Customers who have just fork lifted their entire installation into a cloud right, so I built.

00:14:13.800 --> 00:14:22.020
Geremy Meyers: sequel delivery controller storefront the whole nine yards but i've just hosted those inside of aws or azure so i've just forklift did my whole my whole stack.

00:14:22.680 --> 00:14:31.620
Geremy Meyers: You gotta stay on 1912 lts or if you keep your on premise or your perpetual license because you lose the ability to create a hosting connection standard media is.

00:14:32.190 --> 00:14:39.360
Geremy Meyers: In that cloud environment, so what this does is, if you transition those licenses to the cloud, and you get a hybrid rights license.

00:14:39.690 --> 00:14:46.230
Geremy Meyers: That Harvard rights license it, you know with 22 or three lts our will let you create that connection and host.

00:14:46.800 --> 00:14:56.820
Geremy Meyers: be either a throw a leg in the cloud or be just forklift your whole installation and put it in the cloud Now you can do that again, which is, which is a big deal, but you do need to make that transition to your licenses to make that work.

00:14:57.090 --> 00:14:59.100
Andy Whiteside: So, the key is transitioning the licenses.

00:14:59.130 --> 00:15:06.870
Andy Whiteside: or subscription cloud hosted licenses, but you can tie it, you can tell it on premises controllers into public clouds again.

00:15:07.140 --> 00:15:08.730
Geremy Meyers: Exactly exactly.

00:15:10.980 --> 00:15:13.800
Andy Whiteside: A bill that's probably a hot one in your world any comments.

00:15:13.860 --> 00:15:21.240
Bill Sutton: It is it was pretty hot one back when it was removed, and I think we did bring this up briefly on one of our prior podcasts where.

00:15:22.140 --> 00:15:36.210
Bill Sutton: We indicated that this was coming back so it's good to see, I think there probably will be a little confusion initially part of the reason we have these questions and answers around you know where where it applies to customers, but I think i've got a pretty good sense of it now.

00:15:37.080 --> 00:15:44.460
Geremy Meyers: The piece I don't understand, is it just only because I haven't cracked open a license file to go look at this is like, how does your license know.

00:15:44.940 --> 00:15:50.700
Geremy Meyers: That your let me, let me take a step back so when you transition your licenses you get a brand new license file from citrix so it's a.

00:15:51.000 --> 00:15:56.520
Geremy Meyers: it's a license file, that is a hybrid rights license file you take this license file you install it on your on Prem.

00:15:56.910 --> 00:16:02.010
Geremy Meyers: license server and, of course, you have your dd CS and all that stuff they're checking out licenses from that license server so.

00:16:02.370 --> 00:16:06.840
Geremy Meyers: there's gotta be some new BITs in the license file that tell it that hey, this is a hybrid rights license.

00:16:07.110 --> 00:16:21.600
Geremy Meyers: That gives you the ability to stand up that hosting connection so there's something different, between a traditional perpetual license file in the hybrid rights license file that tells it hey you can provision hybrid and you can't with the the traditional license that makes sense.

00:16:22.740 --> 00:16:27.660
Geremy Meyers: I don't know what the I don't know what those bits look like I haven't cracked it open but there's some logic in the file that does that for you.

00:16:29.550 --> 00:16:36.060
Andy Whiteside: Alright, so next question says are hybrid rights licenses mandatory for on premises custom.

00:16:37.410 --> 00:16:52.380
Monica Griesemer: I think we kind of answered that, in the previous question as well if you're an on premises customer that no you don't need a hybrid lights hybrid rights license so they're only required if, and only if you're looking to provision those workloads to the public cloud.

00:16:53.670 --> 00:16:54.060
got it.

00:16:56.970 --> 00:17:04.350
Andy Whiteside: yeah we did a whole podcast on the change, where you couldn't just use on premises licenses and go to public cloud and why.

00:17:06.870 --> 00:17:15.300
Bill Sutton: A year or so ago, but let me, let me ask a question real quick Monica with that all that would presumably also apply if you did a forklift like JEREMY mentioned.

00:17:16.920 --> 00:17:19.470
Monica Griesemer: You would need a hybrid rights license get a forklift.

00:17:19.620 --> 00:17:20.040
Bill Sutton: Yes.

00:17:20.460 --> 00:17:21.690
Monica Griesemer: I believe so, yes.

00:17:21.960 --> 00:17:22.860
Geremy Meyers: You would you would.

00:17:26.010 --> 00:17:31.620
Andy Whiteside: Alright next question is is there an extra cost for hybrid rights for citrix workshop and desktops.

00:17:34.440 --> 00:17:49.830
Monica Griesemer: So the as JEREMY was saying, if you're doing a transition and trade, up to the cloud then hybrid rights are included in that, so I mean it would be included in the cost of your licensing, but if you need to renew hybrid rights licensing.

00:17:49.860 --> 00:17:54.750
Monica Griesemer: Then there is an additional cost associated with that so they're kind of tied together.

00:17:55.890 --> 00:18:08.040
Geremy Meyers: Okay, so that hybrid rights licenses a term based license that matches with whatever your your contract is so, for instance let's just say you transitioned your licenses to the cloud, and that was a three year contract that you did.

00:18:08.520 --> 00:18:15.480
Geremy Meyers: Then that hybrid rights licenses good for three years, but the end of that term if you want to continue let's just say you haven't transitioned.

00:18:16.140 --> 00:18:22.380
Geremy Meyers: Your management, up to the cloud and you'd want to renew that hybrid lights, you know hybrid rights licenses it is term based so it's going to expire.

00:18:23.760 --> 00:18:32.640
Geremy Meyers: yeah so and also you know that's something that we talk to customers about frequently because we don't want them to hit the end of that term and then have it expire on them.

00:18:32.700 --> 00:18:34.200
Geremy Meyers: Because, then it just stops working yeah.

00:18:35.040 --> 00:18:39.150
Andy Whiteside: I mean the reality this is this is citrix doing what they need to do from a business perspective which.

00:18:39.150 --> 00:18:39.510
Geremy Meyers: is to get.

00:18:39.540 --> 00:18:48.690
Andy Whiteside: People into subscription licenses managed in the cloud at same time going back and saying we know a lot of people aren't ready to forklift it all up there.

00:18:49.680 --> 00:19:04.020
Andy Whiteside: we're going to allow on this particular lts our we're going to allow you to to do that connection, that was hosting connections in the public cloud, one more time so that you know you're not trying to be forced into making this happen now, if you're not ready.

00:19:04.590 --> 00:19:04.890

00:19:07.500 --> 00:19:17.460
Andy Whiteside: All right, can you leverage windows server 2012 and older vda in a citrus virtual APP and desktop 2022 three environment.

00:19:19.020 --> 00:19:19.290
Andy Whiteside: yep.

00:19:19.320 --> 00:19:35.370
Monica Griesemer: So this question, I think kind of spawned a broader conversation on what vda is are compatible within the lts our so I did a blog a few months back that actually has a list of which lts our supports which.

00:19:36.180 --> 00:19:56.070
Monica Griesemer: server vdi days, and so the answer to this is yes, you can leverage server 2012 vda with the virtual Apps desktops 2203 lts our, but when you mix and match videos like that you're not eligible for the full benefits of the lts are so to reiterate the.

00:19:57.570 --> 00:20:13.890
Monica Griesemer: And all of them have five years of initial support and then you can tack on an additional five years of extended support, but when you mix and match videos like that you don't get you only get the life cycle of the, the one that was released first, so the the.

00:20:16.530 --> 00:20:27.210
Monica Griesemer: vda would get that life cycle, but yeah that's just you can mix and match them, but you have to be mindful of the versions that you're on to get the full benefits yeah.

00:20:28.050 --> 00:20:36.750
Geremy Meyers: So we get this a lot Andy not, not just for lts our but even in the cloud it's a question of what's supported in what will work.

00:20:37.200 --> 00:20:44.100
Geremy Meyers: Especially if we have customers who are on honestly 2008 or two still so there's plenty of customers doing that right.

00:20:44.970 --> 00:20:52.380
Geremy Meyers: In 2012 are too as well, but you know what vda will work versus what is supported and they're two different things right, so the older videos will work.

00:20:53.220 --> 00:21:04.530
Geremy Meyers: They just won't be supported, and you know demonic has point, especially as it relates to lts are you want that video to be on a supported lts our version, or else you know i'm assuming those workloads just won't be supported.

00:21:06.060 --> 00:21:08.280
Todd Smith - Citrix: And I think we want to add a third part into that.

00:21:08.280 --> 00:21:09.930
Todd Smith - Citrix: conversation Jeremy and that's the.

00:21:11.250 --> 00:21:22.140
Todd Smith - Citrix: What will work and then how well it will work right so there's some features and functionality that are in newer versions that may not they're not always backwards compatible.

00:21:23.310 --> 00:21:29.730
Todd Smith - Citrix: Just like in hardware right you're so you're seeing that older thing clients may not be great at running teams yeah.

00:21:30.300 --> 00:21:41.220
Andy Whiteside: yeah so Todd you just added a new layer to the right so there's what will work, what will work, but the missing features and then as JEREMY pointed out, there is the what is supported, which ultimately should trump all that.

00:21:42.060 --> 00:21:43.200
Andy Whiteside: A lot of times that we know.

00:21:43.350 --> 00:21:45.330
Andy Whiteside: It doesn't in customers still try it.

00:21:45.750 --> 00:21:52.530
Geremy Meyers: Well bill will tell you, you still get customers running for dot five from back in the day, and you know that's hard to get off on so yeah we get it.

00:21:53.370 --> 00:21:53.760
Bill Sutton: Oh yeah.

00:21:54.270 --> 00:21:54.840
Geremy Meyers: What they'll do it.

00:21:55.920 --> 00:21:59.430
Geremy Meyers: Just the business requirements, sometimes it's hard to get off the APP is really what it boils down to.

00:21:59.910 --> 00:22:06.810
Andy Whiteside: And it's really just goes into the idea that this is all moving forward and it's a full time job have a team of people and.

00:22:07.020 --> 00:22:22.530
Andy Whiteside: Things like daz or citrix past, which you know the the idea that somebody else's at least control managing the control plane and that evolution and you're just trying to keep up with where that will you know support back to at least be chunk of that off your plate.

00:22:22.920 --> 00:22:28.170
Bill Sutton: Let me, I want to clear one thing up in my mind on this section on this question particular so like for.

00:22:29.130 --> 00:22:37.050
Bill Sutton: The oldest operate supported operating system is 2016 from the vda are you saying that I think what you're saying is if I go back to.

00:22:37.740 --> 00:22:50.190
Bill Sutton: A car a couple of months or a couple of quarters before and I deploy 2012 are supported with a vdi that support in 2012 it's only going to be supported for the life of that vda is that what i'm hearing are missing mixing this up.

00:22:53.160 --> 00:22:56.220
Monica Griesemer: I believe so, if I was tracking you correctly okay.

00:22:57.810 --> 00:23:13.800
Bill Sutton: So you know if you went back to I don't know 2021 12 that support in 2012 I don't remember if it did, but if you went back to that you would be supported for as long as that was supported by citrix or if the os went out of support by Microsoft, they would expire at that time.

00:23:14.100 --> 00:23:24.120
Bill Sutton: Yes, we get that question a lot, I want to run 20 1200 vda is it supported maybe it's an older vda and i'm like well if 2012 or 2008 as a better example.

00:23:24.480 --> 00:23:34.800
Bill Sutton: I want to run 2008 well it's supported on this vda that's less than a year old and like, but the operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft, so I don't think it's supported by citrix the vda would be supported there.

00:23:36.330 --> 00:23:39.540
Andy Whiteside: that's the that's the blessing, and the curse of software right I.

00:23:39.540 --> 00:23:47.070
Andy Whiteside: mean I worked for a long time, but I know, unlike a car that eventually it just breaks and there's no more fixing it.

00:23:47.340 --> 00:23:47.670

00:23:49.230 --> 00:23:53.670
Andy Whiteside: next question is a workspace environment management whim.

00:23:55.650 --> 00:23:57.090
Andy Whiteside: considered an lts are.

00:23:59.280 --> 00:24:10.290
Monica Griesemer: So we have within the long term service release criteria we have different components that include baseline compatible and excluded components so.

00:24:11.490 --> 00:24:21.330
Monica Griesemer: we've thrown around a lot of version numbers today, even in just the last question we're talking 2008 2012 2203 and I know that's hard to track for sure.

00:24:21.750 --> 00:24:36.660
Monica Griesemer: And again Andy to your point that's kind of how software works right you got a bunch of numbers all all plan together so for this one, specifically, we have workspace environment management that releases on its own cadence and they put out a.

00:24:38.040 --> 00:24:44.280
Monica Griesemer: Release so workspace environment management is a compatible component of the lts our.

00:24:44.730 --> 00:25:02.550
Monica Griesemer: meaning, you can attach it to the lts our and it plays nicely but it doesn't get the full extended support and benefits so 2203 is just a regular release for when and then you can continue to update your whim and and work within the lts our environment, but the.

00:25:03.630 --> 00:25:06.930
Monica Griesemer: When released itself is not a long term service release.

00:25:08.730 --> 00:25:15.870
Andy Whiteside: What I love about this whole concept when there's a blog we're doing a podcast on it it's not the old days, where you're still sifting through a.

00:25:15.870 --> 00:25:16.740
Andy Whiteside: 20 page.

00:25:16.860 --> 00:25:26.310
Andy Whiteside: region file and trying to figure it out, at least, these days, people have multiple ways to consume what could and could not be supported.

00:25:29.160 --> 00:25:38.340
Andy Whiteside: Is drag and drop between a citrix session and a local endpoint supported in citrix virtual APP and desktop 2222 or three lts or seems like an odd question but.

00:25:39.570 --> 00:25:39.960
Monica Griesemer: again.

00:25:40.560 --> 00:25:49.080
Monica Griesemer: yeah i'm glad we level set of the beginning, because these are truly an amalgamation of questions that people wanted to know right and you never know what.

00:25:49.650 --> 00:26:06.270
Monica Griesemer: Your customers organizations are dealing with so drag and drop is supported in the 22 or three lts are because it was released in the 2003 current release so anything from 1912 to now that didn't make it in 1912 is in the 22 or three lts are.

00:26:06.780 --> 00:26:17.730
Geremy Meyers: so good at it, it certainly sounds like a funny question because it's such a very specific feature, but, to be fair, I think you've got customers who have gotten used to standardizing on lts are.

00:26:18.150 --> 00:26:23.130
Geremy Meyers: So when Monica team puts out a new blog it's like hey listen there's a new current release that just came out and.

00:26:23.460 --> 00:26:30.540
Geremy Meyers: This version of citrix does drag and drop between you know sessions like that's a big deal you get folks were like I want some of these things.

00:26:30.900 --> 00:26:40.620
Geremy Meyers: But I have to wait until the next lts our until I get it right, so you know, this is, this is something that came out let's do the math here two years ago, because this is the 2003 release.

00:26:40.650 --> 00:26:41.850
Geremy Meyers: That this feature was added.

00:26:42.090 --> 00:26:43.050
Geremy Meyers: Mark you got a customer that.

00:26:43.380 --> 00:26:51.930
Geremy Meyers: That may have waited two years for something like this that they finally get so now it's like well is this one of the things that's included with this latest lts our right, yes yeah.

00:26:55.290 --> 00:27:01.470
Andy Whiteside: next question says, are there any steps, I need to take to update from the citrix workspace F 22 one.

00:27:02.280 --> 00:27:18.570
Andy Whiteside: For windows, to the workspace APP for 22 or three so that to be clear we're talking about the citrix workspace APP aka the receiver aka program neighbor neighbor agent, the thing that connects you via an APP to your citrix workspace so any specific steps to get from.

00:27:21.660 --> 00:27:31.050
Monica Griesemer: So again, this may seem obvious, but you know people are asking, so you can upgrade from any version of citrix workspace Apps which was just seaver to the latest.

00:27:31.560 --> 00:27:41.010
Monica Griesemer: I think it's also worth mentioning here that the workspace APP for windows team put out a long term service release of that client version.

00:27:41.430 --> 00:27:49.800
Monica Griesemer: So that client actually has extended support as well, I believe it's 18 months, which is much longer than you know any other.

00:27:50.400 --> 00:28:00.960
Monica Griesemer: workspace APP or any other APP, for that matter, on the market today so that's helpful for organizations leveraging windows devices and the lts are if they kind of want to set their APP.

00:28:01.440 --> 00:28:09.240
Monica Griesemer: and have it have it run in the background and have it work as well, but as far as upgrading you can upgrade to the latest basically anytime.

00:28:13.200 --> 00:28:15.960
Andy Whiteside: You guys again if you have additional comments i'll just chime in.

00:28:17.430 --> 00:28:22.800
Andy Whiteside: Can the 22 or three lts or use legacy drive mappings with one drive.

00:28:25.260 --> 00:28:38.250
Monica Griesemer: So I will also level set and say that this log was co authored by my great colleague Alan for mansky so some of these i'm not as familiar with and, to be frank, it takes a village so and.

00:28:39.180 --> 00:28:55.320
Monica Griesemer: It says, you can redirect folders into one drive and it shouldn't be an issue but there's some contingency so I don't know if anyone else on the call wants to to lean into this one as well, but it was a team effort so i'm just being forthright here.

00:28:55.620 --> 00:29:10.530
Todd Smith - Citrix: So, so I think the big gap here monique is the fact that the container profile and the support for the one drive caching capability that's that's currently on the roadmap, but it's not available right now got it.

00:29:13.320 --> 00:29:17.070
Andy Whiteside: So tell me i'm I don't quite understand what this is.

00:29:18.510 --> 00:29:27.660
Todd Smith - Citrix: So it's more of being able to take all of the APP data as one group which the APP data oftentimes includes multiple folders within it.

00:29:28.800 --> 00:29:44.760
Todd Smith - Citrix: Right now there's a there's a caching capability to say i'm going to cash my entire APP data folders the number of them right, so the grouping of those folders and that that is the issue right now, it really is a folder by folder basis.

00:29:45.750 --> 00:29:55.860
Geremy Meyers: Okay, so when I look at this, though, when I when I used to see the word container profile muesli thinking fs logics so we're not talking about is that is that a citrix profile management term that i'm missing here.

00:29:56.880 --> 00:30:01.800
Geremy Meyers: Is it says the container profile doesn't support one drive cash yet i'm a little confused, just like Andy is.

00:30:01.920 --> 00:30:06.360
Todd Smith - Citrix: On it's more of a profile management piece of it, and it is a one drive specific caching.

00:30:06.990 --> 00:30:16.770
Geremy Meyers: So, because it was because it was pretty typical you would redirect documents all those windows folders you would redirect anyways I mean you wouldn't put those in the profile you redirect those to a network chair.

00:30:17.430 --> 00:30:28.200
Geremy Meyers: And I guess, in this case, if we redirect to do those folders in addition or APP data, in addition to those folders there might be some issues doing at data redirection one drive still okay.

00:30:28.290 --> 00:30:30.900
Bill Sutton: I think that's, the issue is the FM folder.

00:30:31.920 --> 00:30:33.900
Bill Sutton: When it comes to redirecting into one drive.

00:30:35.790 --> 00:30:41.610
Andy Whiteside: Okay, the idea, there is, you could then go somewhere else login with that same redirection happening in that APP data would follow.

00:30:44.040 --> 00:30:45.210
Bill Sutton: I think that's the theory.

00:30:47.490 --> 00:30:55.860
Geremy Meyers: yeah I don't know how much of this is a limitation of profile management citrus profile management or more just how the onedrive cash works, because I got to think that.

00:30:56.250 --> 00:31:04.800
Geremy Meyers: The way one drive moves that data between different star stores repositories is probably not as efficient as the applications would require.

00:31:05.310 --> 00:31:15.300
Geremy Meyers: Because think about what's in APP data that's different from like documents right, I mean this is, this is a different kind of cash, so I think it's probably what's alluding to yeah.

00:31:16.440 --> 00:31:20.070
Andy Whiteside: And then you jump into we talking to update a local APP data roaming gotta be roaming right.

00:31:20.130 --> 00:31:21.570
Geremy Meyers: that's a good point it's got to be roaming yeah.

00:31:21.660 --> 00:31:21.960

00:31:23.250 --> 00:31:29.490
Andy Whiteside: All right next next question here um my environment we still use windows server 2000 Dr to do to legacy Apps.

00:31:29.970 --> 00:31:42.270
Andy Whiteside: Those pesky Apps that you know are most important but yet can be a drain on us with the new lts or 22 or three release not supporting Does this mean that I cannot move on, I think we can address that let's hit it again.

00:31:43.740 --> 00:31:55.020
Monica Griesemer: yep it's This again is addressing that you can move to the 22 or three a CSR, but you have to use an earlier vda version for 2008 or two compatibility.

00:31:55.560 --> 00:32:04.020
Monica Griesemer: So there's more details on how to do that, and then we also said, you might want to consider running windows seven with extended support and azure as an alternative option.

00:32:05.190 --> 00:32:19.500
Monica Griesemer: So there are ways to finesse it but, again, you know, the latest is greatest So if you can move, but if you absolutely cannot then you can usually make it work it just might we run into the support issue we run into the features issue yeah.

00:32:20.490 --> 00:32:27.120
Andy Whiteside: And the real answer right is you got to get new APP because that's holding you back that for you got other problems, but.

00:32:27.210 --> 00:32:28.890
Andy Whiteside: Great that's easier said than done.

00:32:31.440 --> 00:32:45.510
Andy Whiteside: Right, why is browser content redirection not part of the lts our versions of citrix workspace APP will it be included in the future browser content redirection not part of the lts our version of citrix workspace that is that true.

00:32:47.070 --> 00:32:58.320
Monica Griesemer: Yes, so we, I remember having this conversation, even when 1912 came out so that was a big kind of sticking point when we were having these discussions about browser content redirection so.

00:32:58.680 --> 00:33:08.370
Monica Griesemer: It relies on the chromium embedded framework and so it's not possible to give that extended support.

00:33:08.910 --> 00:33:14.370
Monica Griesemer: To the chromium embedded framework because that updates so frequently so it's kind of like we're talking about.

00:33:15.210 --> 00:33:27.990
Monica Griesemer: Working with the windows os is and working with us same thing with chrome like if if that runs out of support, then we we can't patch in time with an extended life cycle of a workspace APP so that's why it's excluded.

00:33:28.380 --> 00:33:33.150
Monica Griesemer: From the lts our version of the workspace APP because we have to do those regular updates.

00:33:36.420 --> 00:33:38.820
Geremy Meyers: To the recommendation in that case would be.

00:33:40.050 --> 00:33:49.740
Geremy Meyers: 2203 lts our for all of your components and then for the workstations or for the endpoints that need that functionality you just have to run a car version of workspace out.

00:33:50.820 --> 00:33:59.220
Monica Griesemer: Yes, I believe, so okay looking will continue with those yeah the ones that need browser content redirection update more frequently yep.

00:33:59.280 --> 00:34:06.150
Geremy Meyers: So it'd be so to be clear vcr is not going away, generally speaking, it's just not a feature that will be a part of the lts or.

00:34:06.690 --> 00:34:08.970
Monica Griesemer: The lts our workspace APP yes.

00:34:09.030 --> 00:34:09.480

00:34:11.790 --> 00:34:18.540
Andy Whiteside: Okay, so you would just pick a non lts our workspace APP version yep.

00:34:19.890 --> 00:34:20.130

00:34:21.510 --> 00:34:24.390
Andy Whiteside: bill any thoughts on that one that kind of caught me off guard.

00:34:24.960 --> 00:34:27.330
Bill Sutton: No, not really I mean we've we've done this.

00:34:28.620 --> 00:34:37.950
Bill Sutton: With the workspace APP for Linux a couple of times, and you know we just have to make sure we have the right version to get it to work but yeah we've we've dealt with this before yeah.

00:34:38.310 --> 00:34:40.890
Andy Whiteside: Okay cool did not know that yeah.

00:34:42.420 --> 00:34:50.640
Andy Whiteside: let's see okay so moving on to a different topic class, you know category here now talking about unified communications.

00:34:51.810 --> 00:34:54.600
Andy Whiteside: What Microsoft teams optimizations features are in.

00:34:56.010 --> 00:35:00.870
Andy Whiteside: Compared to 715 and I have to assume this has something to do with the idea that when you.

00:35:01.170 --> 00:35:11.310
Andy Whiteside: When you're using all floated teams or others but teams all the sudden some of the features that you thought would be there, based on the native APP or now missing Monica is that what this is really asking about.

00:35:12.300 --> 00:35:23.460
Monica Griesemer: It is there there's that point and we'll get into that in a few questions lower down on feature parity between a local teams instance and a virtual one, but this one was even.

00:35:24.030 --> 00:35:34.800
Monica Griesemer: We kind of smile that too, because we introduced Microsoft teams optimization and the 1912 lts our, I believe, and maybe before that, but as far as lts ours go and so for.

00:35:36.210 --> 00:35:44.910
Monica Griesemer: xin Apps and desktop 715 did not include teams optimization, so this is a list of everything that you get now as compared to not having it at all.

00:35:45.270 --> 00:35:54.600
Monica Griesemer: But there are you're correct some discrepancies between what you can do local versus what you can do virtual and I think we get into that in a minute okay all right we'll.

00:35:54.630 --> 00:36:01.740
Andy Whiteside: come to that one, how is Microsoft teams optimize optimization handled on chrome os is it done via workspace hub.

00:36:03.720 --> 00:36:16.860
Monica Griesemer: And the answer to that is yes, so it, it requires a current version of the workspace APP on chrome os and I can't remember when exactly we got support for teams on chrome, but I believe we've had it for a little while now.

00:36:18.330 --> 00:36:24.870
Andy Whiteside: So this is new to me I didn't realize that this had been done, where I was under the impression that that was one thing, for example, that.

00:36:25.230 --> 00:36:35.250
Andy Whiteside: Google really didn't want to do, because they want to do in that browser experience locally native I didn't realize that you guys could actually offload teams in a chrome os session now.

00:36:37.710 --> 00:36:45.720
Monica Griesemer: yeah I i'll need a double check when we we inserted that but i'm almost sure you can I mean you've been able to do it from.

00:36:46.860 --> 00:36:54.150
Monica Griesemer: web based teams, but yeah i'll need to double check on on local teams, but I believe we inserted that in the workspace APP recently.

00:36:54.450 --> 00:36:58.830
Andy Whiteside: And the reason that was relevant for me i've got a customer that they want to do in teams, but they also want to resume and I don't.

00:36:58.860 --> 00:36:59.430
Andy Whiteside: know that that.

00:36:59.640 --> 00:37:01.680
Andy Whiteside: exists and that maybe the sticking point.

00:37:01.710 --> 00:37:02.700
Monica Griesemer: For chrome os.

00:37:02.910 --> 00:37:03.720
Andy Whiteside: chrome os yeah.

00:37:03.990 --> 00:37:06.090
Monica Griesemer: Okay i'll follow up with you on that one.

00:37:06.510 --> 00:37:09.720
Monica Griesemer: Okay, unless anybody else on the call has that on the top of their head.

00:37:11.400 --> 00:37:23.490
Geremy Meyers: I do not, but to your point Andy I think there is the html5 workspace APP and that's different from the chrome os workspace APP and in either case.

00:37:24.120 --> 00:37:34.380
Geremy Meyers: and actually renders in the browser it's just a little bit different right because we've got more hooks into chrome os and so that's an important note because, again, it still works in the browser.

00:37:36.480 --> 00:37:41.130
Geremy Meyers: it's just a little bit different right and so we've developed an APP specifically for chrome os because of that.

00:37:45.210 --> 00:37:45.510

00:37:46.770 --> 00:38:04.380
Andy Whiteside: let's see you know, are there any plans to bring html optimum hdmi hdmi optimization media offload to go to meeting wow i've i've wondered a bunch of times, through this whole pandemic, what if citrix still had go to meeting what would have happened during all this.

00:38:05.970 --> 00:38:07.860
Andy Whiteside: Is that one of the target platforms.

00:38:09.450 --> 00:38:22.920
Monica Griesemer: So I think we're looking to optimize as many unified communications tools as possible, as far as go to meeting at present, we recommend using browser content redirection to.

00:38:23.490 --> 00:38:34.500
Monica Griesemer: get it to work within your environment, but I know, as you said, Andy I mean unified communications became the moment during this pandemic, so I mean we're using one right now so.

00:38:35.640 --> 00:38:41.280
Monica Griesemer: I think it's definitely on our radar but, at the present to us browser console redirection for gotomeeting specifically.

00:38:41.790 --> 00:38:48.930
Geremy Meyers: So let me ask you this, Monica right so in the case of teams optimization you know, there are the bits the code.

00:38:49.260 --> 00:38:55.170
Geremy Meyers: Around optimizing teams is this is something that we created jointly with Microsoft right, so we have citrix engineering involved.

00:38:55.560 --> 00:39:05.310
Geremy Meyers: To create this team's optimization we work with Microsoft on it so there's that piece some of the other ones like, for instance, there was an optimization for zoom there's an optimization, for you know, several different.

00:39:06.240 --> 00:39:15.060
Geremy Meyers: You know platforms, but that's usually developed specifically by that platform so, for instance there's a zoom optimization zoom basically created the piece for that right so there's.

00:39:15.390 --> 00:39:25.740
Geremy Meyers: Still, a piece that goes inside the bda there's a piece that goes on the endpoint but you know that was developed solely by zoom and we've got a lot of voice platforms, because this runs with like a bio this runs with.

00:39:26.550 --> 00:39:35.430
Geremy Meyers: You know i'm just thinking through all the different things that have hit us to your point Andy in the last two years, you know teams optimization is the one that has been jointly developed with citrix.

00:39:35.460 --> 00:39:37.020
Geremy Meyers: Whereas, most of the other ones, have been.

00:39:37.110 --> 00:39:39.090
Geremy Meyers: developed by the vendor themselves that make sense.

00:39:39.390 --> 00:39:39.870

00:39:40.890 --> 00:39:42.390
Monica Griesemer: And I think you're correct.

00:39:42.510 --> 00:40:00.330
Monica Griesemer: i'm teams is, I would say candidly our probably our our deepest integration for unified communications, I agree with you and yeah i'll need to kind of check in on where we are, I know we are hearing more and more feedback about the zoom.

00:40:00.330 --> 00:40:10.350
Monica Griesemer: optimization I believe you're correct and the fact that it's more led by those organizations those companies themselves and then given to us rather than jointly developed, because if you remember.

00:40:10.800 --> 00:40:21.240
Monica Griesemer: For teams on Microsoft documentation for a while, the only way to use teams in a virtual environment was through citrix that has since changed as time went on.

00:40:21.630 --> 00:40:28.050
Monica Griesemer: But I think it was that was an interesting moment in time, where in dogs, it was like, if you want to virtualize this use citrix so.

00:40:28.410 --> 00:40:39.090
Monica Griesemer: I don't think I you know our relationship with Microsoft there obviously is very strong in that regard, but yeah i'll have to keep following up i'm curious about this space as well because it's super important to.

00:40:39.300 --> 00:40:54.120
Andy Whiteside: me, my understanding is that the ability to leverage web rtc is in the citrix out the workspace APP it's in you know, the ability to the control plane, whichever one you're using and it's up to those vendors, in this case, go to meeting to plug into that and use it.

00:40:56.400 --> 00:40:57.090
Andy Whiteside: Right now.

00:40:57.780 --> 00:40:58.800
Geremy Meyers: I think so yeah yeah.

00:41:00.420 --> 00:41:07.470
Andy Whiteside: All right does Microsoft teams multi window capability mean breakout rooms are now support it.

00:41:08.730 --> 00:41:12.120
Monica Griesemer: yep so we're kind of getting in that section Andy that I was saying about.

00:41:12.660 --> 00:41:21.840
Monica Griesemer: Some feature parodies that we're working on, so if you're a vdi participant, you can join a breakout room, but if you're in a vdi don't believe you can start a breakout room.

00:41:22.470 --> 00:41:35.790
Monica Griesemer: And teams and then just not to jump ahead, but for blurred backgrounds as well it's not currently supported, but we're waiting on necessary APIs so you know it's just a symbiotic thing yeah.

00:41:36.540 --> 00:41:38.490
Andy Whiteside: Okay, so it's coming potentially.

00:41:39.420 --> 00:41:40.380
Monica Griesemer: Coming working on it.

00:41:40.710 --> 00:41:43.800
Andy Whiteside: yeah it's one it's one of the one of the features that are has been requested.

00:41:44.100 --> 00:41:48.810
Monica Griesemer: And we do have a disclaimer at the bottom of this and i'll i'll put on my legal hat here for a second.

00:41:49.110 --> 00:42:01.980
Monica Griesemer: Right, all of these questions are answered at the time of writing and, at the time of talking to So hopefully we can come back in a matter of months and be like check check check we've got it all, but at this moment in time, this is a snapshot yeah.

00:42:02.550 --> 00:42:12.150
Andy Whiteside: Well, and without a doubt, we can go on the record here you're saying that citrix leads the way in these features and supporting sponsors and others are always chasing and trying to catch.

00:42:13.740 --> 00:42:19.170
Andy Whiteside: let's see I think you just talked about this, but blurred background so that's something that's coming are.

00:42:19.860 --> 00:42:20.520
Geremy Meyers: being worked on.

00:42:22.680 --> 00:42:26.340
Andy Whiteside: What our current we are currently using lts are currently using.

00:42:28.500 --> 00:42:40.560
Andy Whiteside: Live updates seven and would like to upgrade to the new lts our our HP servers do not have gpu support Microsoft teams zoom webex etc, should we deploy hosted shared or vdi.

00:42:43.470 --> 00:43:01.110
Monica Griesemer: So we've put here that we recommend vdi for webex and zoom based on the support statement from our partners so hosted shared desktops are supported if customers aren't delivering real time communication Apps zoom, for example, doesn't support delivery as a published seamless APP so.

00:43:02.430 --> 00:43:11.250
Andy Whiteside: So, as the guy who started a company, because I got tired of hearing people think they had to go vdi all the time, you should definitely go vdi it just that's the way the world's lined up.

00:43:11.730 --> 00:43:24.900
Andy Whiteside: Things like new tactics and other cost effective hyper converged solutions, has made it to where it wasn't quite the heavy lift that used to be my recommendation i'll hand it over to bill just go vdi and you don't fight the movement.

00:43:25.440 --> 00:43:34.890
Bill Sutton: yeah we run into this a lot customers wanting to do this and hosted shared and we you know to your point Monaco if they're not doing real time communication, then we can.

00:43:35.310 --> 00:43:41.700
Bill Sutton: make it part of a published desktop, but most of the time if they're going to do anything beyond that which most people are doing will will go vdi.

00:43:42.870 --> 00:43:43.080
Bill Sutton: and

00:43:43.320 --> 00:43:53.070
Andy Whiteside: And the key there, too, is you don't know what's coming next don't box yourself and I love I love server desktops grew up on it, but when the world zigs and you need to zig with it.

00:43:53.820 --> 00:44:03.210
Andy Whiteside: it's hard to do if you've got the Multi user server desktops in play, and unless you have a very limited use case vdi is probably gonna be the answer for most.

00:44:03.600 --> 00:44:11.850
Andy Whiteside: groups within a company and that's, the key word right you look at it by group don't look at it, as all in, but if you had to go all in video probably the answer.

00:44:13.680 --> 00:44:14.640
Bill Sutton: yeah I would agree.

00:44:15.240 --> 00:44:27.540
Todd Smith - Citrix: And Andy we've all we've all seen this with with customers right where they have a specific use case, that is for a subset of their users, you know it's a camera that they need to have it's a specific.

00:44:28.260 --> 00:44:45.690
Todd Smith - Citrix: device, it has a driver that only works on a windows and client well instead of trying to re enter it instead of trying to boil the ocean let's just work on a gallon right take those that subset of users and build a solution for them specifically based on their specific needs.

00:44:46.920 --> 00:45:00.630
Todd Smith - Citrix: You know, we run into this a lot, where you know we're we're customers constantly think they have to do and build this one single instance across every single users and we realized that there are some things, there are some limitations and some restrictions.

00:45:00.900 --> 00:45:14.220
Andy Whiteside: You should look at it by group and try to group some groups together, but you know don't try to force a square peg into a round hole I mean there's situations where it still makes sense to give somebody a persistent high powered vdi desktop don't give it to everybody.

00:45:14.550 --> 00:45:15.510
Andy Whiteside: Because, then you wish you haven't.

00:45:15.540 --> 00:45:27.960
Andy Whiteside: But if you have users that that's what they need give them that and back it up make snapshots of its limit their admin access, if at all, manager with systems that makes sense to manage it with but it's not wrong.

00:45:29.340 --> 00:45:32.160
Geremy Meyers: Any This might be a good topic for another podcast honestly, because I think.

00:45:33.030 --> 00:45:39.240
Geremy Meyers: What you just described and I bumped into this all the time, is it becomes less shared desktops versus vdi.

00:45:39.570 --> 00:45:52.710
Geremy Meyers: But we have customers who are going like straight desk dedicated desktop for everyone versus like a pool desktop and what does that look like and how do you manage that, and so I think there's a good conversation to be had around you know that entire it's okay to go vdi.

00:45:54.000 --> 00:45:55.380
Andy Whiteside: Whatever vdi needs.

00:45:55.830 --> 00:46:12.810
Andy Whiteside: needs to needs ran into a customer last week spending $300,000 a month on azure persistent desktops they know it's wrong but it's not totally wrong they just need to pull it back to the users need that much power and that much access that much resource admin rights all that stuff.

00:46:14.130 --> 00:46:18.810
Andy Whiteside: All right, hey guys, we got to get 10 minutes nine minutes left let's have one more and then we'll come back next week.

00:46:19.380 --> 00:46:31.050
Andy Whiteside: And hit the rest or hit more of them, what is your optimization with the eight by eight phone platform specifically when it relates to it, I didn't know anybody was until we go.

00:46:31.620 --> 00:46:41.550
Andy Whiteside: Maybe that's another company got renamed maybe a bite is something that has come out of come out of the the unified communications world what is eight by eight and where does citrix stand with supporting.

00:46:43.380 --> 00:47:04.350
Monica Griesemer: So this one specific to I jello os so we were saying that there is telephony optimization, for I Joel I jello us devices and to use browser content redirection were needed, I will also say i'm not as familiar with a by a so I don't know if JEREMY Todd bill, you want to jump in there.

00:47:06.270 --> 00:47:15.480
Geremy Meyers: um so I haven't heard of eight by eight I just looked them up, for the first time I mean it looks slick right, but I think probably the point here is, you know we've got customers who were bringing.

00:47:15.900 --> 00:47:24.480
Geremy Meyers: Anything voice video related into a citrix environment, and I think there's a way to optimize it what that looks like will depend on support from the vendor.

00:47:24.840 --> 00:47:38.010
Geremy Meyers: You know, support from the and what they're willing to support, as well as just what's available within the product right, so you know we've talked about browser content redirection there's some other pieces some other policies that can be enabled specifically around voice, but.

00:47:39.360 --> 00:47:41.640
Geremy Meyers: You know I don't i'm not familiar with a bite specifically.

00:47:44.010 --> 00:47:48.210
Todd Smith - Citrix: JEREMY i've run into these guys a couple of times, and they are a citrix ready partner they've.

00:47:48.210 --> 00:47:56.820
Todd Smith - Citrix: gotten which means they have validated their solution against part of our product offerings right, so you need to be very specific about.

00:47:57.330 --> 00:48:08.400
Todd Smith - Citrix: What their what application or what system they're using what versions of citrix products are they using and, more importantly, what are some of those supported endpoints that they're connecting.

00:48:08.850 --> 00:48:19.830
Todd Smith - Citrix: into right so we've we talked about this earlier with versions of the endpoints and the models of endpoints need to be compatible with what the user is trying to do.

00:48:20.250 --> 00:48:25.680
Todd Smith - Citrix: Right so sometimes it's a USB redirection challenge sometimes it's a comport redirection.

00:48:26.190 --> 00:48:41.640
Todd Smith - Citrix: challenge as well right, so we just need to make sure that when we're talking about compatibility, that the you know we encourage customers and our partners to review some of the compatibility documentation out there optimization packages that are out there.

00:48:42.570 --> 00:48:48.870
Andy Whiteside: And it could be a situation where these guys have invested the time and effort to leverage the Web rtc and other api's that are out there to.

00:48:49.290 --> 00:48:54.210
Andy Whiteside: come up with a really solid solution that just works within city, but it's not citrix has responsibility to support them.

00:48:54.660 --> 00:49:07.170
Andy Whiteside: it's their responsibility to support the citrix world which I pulled up a quick citrix ready, I saw them come across on citrix readiness, the other day as a supported vendor and got my interest in here it is brought up again here on this.

00:49:08.250 --> 00:49:20.490
Andy Whiteside: This blog that responds back to questions that happen in a webinar so he did they had somebody on the webinar on purpose to bring this up, or they some customers curious to understand what the support either way good to know.

00:49:20.970 --> 00:49:28.350
Geremy Meyers: So so Andy I just put in the chat there is an integration in fact it's on the eight by website is put this in the chat So if you don't pull it up and kind of stare at it.

00:49:29.280 --> 00:49:38.790
Geremy Meyers: It looks like there's some software components, you will want to install inside that desktop and you can actually validate that it's running vdi so there's a.

00:49:40.050 --> 00:49:43.020
Geremy Meyers: there's a spot within the client, it will show you that to you can see, this optimized.

00:49:43.740 --> 00:49:55.500
Andy Whiteside: Well, this goes back then Monica represent while ago, how important desktop virtualization is desktop as a service and unified communications, you know unified communications became the way we go to work.

00:49:56.010 --> 00:50:03.930
Andy Whiteside: I don't know a year year and a half, two years ago now, because the pandemic and you, it has to work within your virtual desktop worlds, to the vdi.

00:50:04.950 --> 00:50:11.160
Andy Whiteside: Because that's part of our day to day as well, and companies like this are realizing that there's a future there for for them.

00:50:11.790 --> 00:50:22.740
Geremy Meyers: So, at the very bottom of this article Andy, by the way, had mentioned that they're leveraging web rtc so leveraging that API it's not using vcr so that's how specific this document kids yeah yeah.

00:50:22.800 --> 00:50:24.600
Andy Whiteside: That that's on them to leverage it and they.

00:50:26.100 --> 00:50:29.220
Andy Whiteside: Definitely should be considered as a viable option.

00:50:30.420 --> 00:50:40.470
Todd Smith - Citrix: In and also you know this whole conversation is kind of brought up the point that unified communications is becoming normal for a majority of our customers.

00:50:41.280 --> 00:50:50.700
Todd Smith - Citrix: That are out there right, I was just at a customer last week, where they have removed every single desk phone out there, with the exception of a couple of phone booth type of.

00:50:51.180 --> 00:51:01.980
Todd Smith - Citrix: type of rooms that are set up and also the reception desks still have phones, but the majority of the workspace desks data, no longer have phones and think about that as you're moving forward, you know.

00:51:03.000 --> 00:51:11.430
Todd Smith - Citrix: When you're building out new office space, you always have to wire in a lot of extra ports and one of those ports was always dedicated to the phone.

00:51:11.910 --> 00:51:24.270
Todd Smith - Citrix: If I can eliminate that then all of a sudden, I can reduce my wiring costs considerably, I can also start saying well, you can work from any hot desk because your computer or your endpoint is now your telephone right.

00:51:25.890 --> 00:51:39.450
Andy Whiteside: yeah that's a byproduct T right the ability to go hot desk and that plenty of people said it, the pandemic force things to go further, faster than they would have gone in indiana day we're all going to be been a benefit from it that part of it.

00:51:40.680 --> 00:51:46.530
Andy Whiteside: Well guys, we are out of time, Monica thanks for joining us, I assume you're okay with next week and we'll do it again and.

00:51:46.980 --> 00:51:56.760
Andy Whiteside: can try to get through the rest of the the rest of blog and as always guys thanks for joining us in helping to add light to the topics that are being covered as a group.

00:51:58.110 --> 00:51:58.770
Geremy Meyers: i'm sure me.

00:51:59.250 --> 00:51:59.730
Geremy Meyers: Yes, yeah.

00:52:00.150 --> 00:52:00.840
Monica Griesemer: i'd be here.

00:52:01.680 --> 00:52:03.300
Geremy Meyers: we'll see you guys next week yep.

00:52:03.720 --> 00:52:04.350
Monica Griesemer: sounds great.

00:52:05.070 --> 00:52:05.610
Andy Whiteside: Thanks guys.