XenTegra - The Citrix Session

The Citrix Session: What’s new and next with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops: Q&A - Part 2

May 11, 2022 XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton Season 1 Episode 106
The Citrix Session: What’s new and next with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops: Q&A - Part 2
XenTegra - The Citrix Session
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XenTegra - The Citrix Session
The Citrix Session: What’s new and next with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops: Q&A - Part 2
May 11, 2022 Season 1 Episode 106
XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton

There has been no shortage of updates in the world of Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. At the end of March, we delivered a What’s New and Next in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops webinar and were joined by more people than ever to hear the latest updates and ask us tough questions. We appreciate the time and attention. We couldn’t answer all your questions live, so we wanted to answer them here to benefit everyone.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Todd Smith
Guest: Monica Griesemer

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There has been no shortage of updates in the world of Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. At the end of March, we delivered a What’s New and Next in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops webinar and were joined by more people than ever to hear the latest updates and ask us tough questions. We appreciate the time and attention. We couldn’t answer all your questions live, so we wanted to answer them here to benefit everyone.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Todd Smith
Guest: Monica Griesemer


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Andy Whiteside: hi everyone and welcome to episode 106 of the citrix session every host Andy wide set of got Monica crisper with me Monica is on the product marketing side at citrix monique how's it going.

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Monica Griesemer: going well excited to be back.

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Andy Whiteside: Absolutely get so this is part two of a two parter, we hope, hopefully get through the rest of it today.

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Andy Whiteside: And we have Todd Smith Todd is a director of sales engineer for citrix up in the New England area todd's kind of a staple these days on the show or the podcast on if I should call the show but Todd welcome back.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: Thanks Andy glad to be here.

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Andy Whiteside: So okay um let's try to recap last week, briefly, last week, so the concept here and Monica did a good job, bringing us to this last week.

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Andy Whiteside: Is they did a webinar on what's new in virtual APP and desktops, which would include the virtual APP and desktop product and i'll also include the service which, as we talked through last week is now called daz desktop as a service so citrix daz Todd Monica I get that right.

00:01:04.830 --> 00:01:09.660
Monica Griesemer: Yes, yes, where citrix daz is the new see bad service.

00:01:10.380 --> 00:01:21.330
Monica Griesemer: And yet we were we did a webinar Alan furman scan myself about a month or so ago and got so many great questions that this is the Q amp a.

00:01:21.630 --> 00:01:30.150
Monica Griesemer: an amalgamation of all the questions that we got so some of the answers are straightforward, some are a little bit lengthier but excited to dig into the second half of them today.

00:01:31.500 --> 00:01:40.080
Andy Whiteside: And the overall topics for the blog that we're reviewing again the blog the blog name is what's new and next with citrix virtual Apps and desktops.

00:01:40.350 --> 00:01:49.380
Andy Whiteside: Q amp a that's the official name and Monica is the one that put the thing together covers a I don't know about five or six things here at first one was long term service release lts our 22 or three.

00:01:50.040 --> 00:01:56.160
Andy Whiteside: Cover that in a different podcast we also covered it last week so go back and listen, if you want to unified communications and meetings.

00:01:56.460 --> 00:02:05.280
Andy Whiteside: Lots of stuff covered there and various podcasts that we've done but specifically we covered what was new installation you guys remember exactly how far we made it last week.

00:02:05.850 --> 00:02:15.240
Monica Griesemer: I believe we only got through the top two, so the last five here we've got to get through, but the Sections I believe rubbish order well.

00:02:15.690 --> 00:02:17.010
Andy Whiteside: We might end up on three parts.

00:02:17.400 --> 00:02:18.660
Andy Whiteside: Because people have to live with us.

00:02:19.650 --> 00:02:27.570
Andy Whiteside: All right, did anything if you guys went back and digested briefly about last week in the about lts or and unified communications that you wish, you would have said.

00:02:31.110 --> 00:02:47.580
Monica Griesemer: I think we covered a good amount last week and i'll just say that unified communications, even in you know customer conversations that we had over the course of the week still continues to be top dog, so I think that just kind of got reinforced throughout the week yeah.

00:02:47.610 --> 00:02:49.170
Andy Whiteside: I think the big one that's missing for me is.

00:02:50.580 --> 00:02:58.590
Andy Whiteside: Not you're not your fault, but Google as an employee Google us being able to do like to excuse me zoom offload has teams offload haven't chance to test yet.

00:02:58.920 --> 00:03:13.050
Andy Whiteside: i've got a device right here on my desk, this is a later today but zoom offload and then all the other players that need to kind of write to those api's and the Web rtc to be able to make it a reality if they so in indeed want to.

00:03:15.390 --> 00:03:21.210
Andy Whiteside: Okay, when it gets us to the next section here around installation and migration, the first question that came in and you guys answered.

00:03:21.540 --> 00:03:30.480
Andy Whiteside: Is the citrix automation configuration tool, a supported component from citrix tech support should I need to open a case after using that tool Monica when hit that one.

00:03:30.870 --> 00:03:38.040
Monica Griesemer: yeah the answer to that is yes, so the automatic configuration tool has been around for a while and has been fully.

00:03:38.550 --> 00:03:52.260
Monica Griesemer: generally available so that one I don't know Todd how much you've run into it, thus far, but it's been a big deal for our customers trying to migrate from on premises, to the cloud so just making their lives easier.

00:03:52.530 --> 00:03:59.760
Monica Griesemer: So yeah if you if you have an issue with that, then you can open a support case because it's fully GA but but Todd have you gotten to see that one in action yet.

00:04:00.450 --> 00:04:05.340
Todd Smith - Citrix: yeah i've seen it in action, a couple times with customers that were in the middle of going through.

00:04:06.480 --> 00:04:20.970
Todd Smith - Citrix: an upgrade but they've also used it extensively during troubleshooting and tech support kind of helping identify what some of the baseline configurations are and Compare that to what's being seen in causing a tech support incident.

00:04:22.800 --> 00:04:35.580
Andy Whiteside: So Todd does it Okay, so you have situations where i'm sure people don't use it and you have some situations where they do use it is it kind of a no brainer just to use it in a read only mode just to see what it would have pulled over if it could.

00:04:36.210 --> 00:04:43.650
Todd Smith - Citrix: It should be because you know, one of the requirements is a lot of the compliance programs that the customers are having to deal with our.

00:04:44.130 --> 00:04:55.620
Todd Smith - Citrix: documentation right documentation of your system documentation of your configuration settings, how do you know what has changed, unless you know what what normal looks like or what the configuration should be.

00:04:56.700 --> 00:04:59.160
Todd Smith - Citrix: So it's a great tool to have around it's a you know.

00:05:00.360 --> 00:05:10.020
Todd Smith - Citrix: In my days of doing it operations this, this would be a tool that I would have on my belt on a regular basis and run them run that read only view.

00:05:11.130 --> 00:05:12.780
Todd Smith - Citrix: You know, once a month or once a quarter.

00:05:13.140 --> 00:05:16.830
Andy Whiteside: yeah just see what's changed, can you use it once you've transitioned to the cloud does it still work.

00:05:19.230 --> 00:05:20.850
Todd Smith - Citrix: believe so, yes okay.

00:05:21.240 --> 00:05:27.570
Andy Whiteside: yeah no worries all right so next question on here Monica I guess i'll just have you answer these and then Todd now chime in with.

00:05:27.600 --> 00:05:39.480
Andy Whiteside: The automation automation configuration tool, does it actually migrate the mcs gold image, or does it just bring in the bda also does it leave the on premises catalog usable or does it actually move it.

00:05:40.680 --> 00:05:48.630
Monica Griesemer: So the way we answered this question is we detail that the main image is copied for both static vdi and non static vdi.

00:05:49.020 --> 00:06:01.290
Monica Griesemer: But in the cases of non static vdi the image is the only thing migrated because the vm is stateless so the on premises source catalogs always remain usable usable after migration.

00:06:01.770 --> 00:06:16.410
Monica Griesemer: And then, additionally, we added here we don't write or do anything to the on Prem site, we just read the data from it so there's some specific scenarios that are document documentation covers as well, but Todd I think that's what you're talking about with read only right.

00:06:18.930 --> 00:06:22.020
Andy Whiteside: Good for me because I didn't really I thought it would just handle metadata.

00:06:22.020 --> 00:06:35.520
Andy Whiteside: as it relates to the database you're moving from say on premises, to the cloud does this I guess you guys are saying it'll actually go grab staple persistent images, as well as as well as master machines in a catalog etc.

00:06:39.180 --> 00:06:50.730
Todd Smith - Citrix: Yes, in once again, you know product documentation does a great job confirming in those type of questions but yes that's the that's the intent is he would be able to grab and.

00:06:52.140 --> 00:06:57.990
Todd Smith - Citrix: migrate all of the all of the persistent component.

00:06:58.440 --> 00:06:58.740

00:07:00.570 --> 00:07:08.070
Andy Whiteside: Okay next one is is the citrix image portability service compatible with compatible with citrix application layer

00:07:09.720 --> 00:07:17.010
Monica Griesemer: So the answer to that one is yep and they're compatible and tested together, so you have to be using the APP layering.

00:07:17.700 --> 00:07:30.450
Monica Griesemer: service or the just using APP layering rather to produce images and the sphere, and then you can use those images as an input into image portability service and migrate to either azure or Google cloud.

00:07:32.100 --> 00:07:41.580
Andy Whiteside: that's that's really like the main use case where right the ability to make it extract it from the image and then wherever you need to take the image and these layers they can go yep.

00:07:42.870 --> 00:07:45.210
Monica Griesemer: Agreed, I think we also may have skipped a question.

00:07:46.230 --> 00:08:01.470
Andy Whiteside: Okay, well, while we're on this one, the question around the portability service what today what's the current state what is the current status of that in terms of what hypervisor what cloud, what is it really doing just at a high level quick brief synopsis on it.

00:08:02.400 --> 00:08:03.720
Monica Griesemer: yeah so um.

00:08:04.770 --> 00:08:24.000
Monica Griesemer: it's too easy it's the image management and then also to the cloud question we are leveraging azure and Google cloud, and we are also in tech preview for aws as well, so basically to migrate, the images between whichever clouds you need.

00:08:25.140 --> 00:08:36.780
Andy Whiteside: So i'm looking here and using what I also had thought I knew, so if you're going from a vmware V sphere, environment, you can go to azure and Google cloud, and maybe potentially aws in a future offering.

00:08:38.040 --> 00:08:38.400

00:08:40.050 --> 00:08:48.540
Andy Whiteside: Does that require the vmware the vm see the vmware console on azure or Google, are you talking native hyper scale or.

00:08:51.210 --> 00:08:53.370
Monica Griesemer: not sure how it relates to vmware cloud.

00:08:54.720 --> 00:08:58.680
Monica Griesemer: I I believe you can do native but i'm not 100% sure on vmware cloud.

00:09:00.090 --> 00:09:02.430
Andy Whiteside: It doesn't call it outside assume we're talking native here.

00:09:03.540 --> 00:09:04.770
Todd Smith - Citrix: whoops oh yeah.

00:09:05.820 --> 00:09:07.890
Andy Whiteside: Okay i'm Monica you're right we skipped one.

00:09:08.520 --> 00:09:12.180
Andy Whiteside: Are there plans to simplify initial citrix virtual APP and desktop.

00:09:12.180 --> 00:09:18.600
Andy Whiteside: installation for on premises managed environments fewer installer scripts blah blah blah all the stuff that we've been working on all these years.

00:09:18.900 --> 00:09:21.000
Andy Whiteside: Or is it like hey man just move to the cloud.

00:09:22.140 --> 00:09:27.240
Monica Griesemer: Right, I mean it's gonna be kind of my plug that latter half of the question that you.

00:09:27.630 --> 00:09:29.370
Monica Griesemer: asked her those listening in.

00:09:29.730 --> 00:09:33.300
Monica Griesemer: The question isn't written like that, but incredible point Andy so.

00:09:34.380 --> 00:09:42.660
Monica Griesemer: yeah I mean there's a baseline required amount of MSI Installers to get your on premises environment to work, you can make scripts to make it easier.

00:09:42.960 --> 00:09:59.850
Monica Griesemer: Maybe through a tool like SEC em but, at the end of the day, if you if you really want to offload management and streamline deployments, then the clouds the way to go, that's that's what we've been talking about for probably way too long now, but that's that's the easier answer.

00:10:00.000 --> 00:10:07.770
Andy Whiteside: There are still people that don't get it and i'll chime in here, so I was able to talk to your team early early on, about citrix cloud.

00:10:09.000 --> 00:10:14.790
Andy Whiteside: And I was against it, primarily because I run a consulting business and I need to complicated base install.

00:10:15.450 --> 00:10:21.090
Andy Whiteside: You know that was selfish of me, and then, as I started talking to customers and realized they never got this rolled out correctly or they.

00:10:21.360 --> 00:10:29.760
Andy Whiteside: They just couldn't get from version one version to because it was too much of a heavy lift and they never rolled it out multiple data centers said you had no version of redundancy.

00:10:30.090 --> 00:10:35.730
Andy Whiteside: You know I just had to get to the point where look, this is just to value for customers to to not have it.

00:10:36.150 --> 00:10:41.520
Andy Whiteside: As a platform and be able to bring in all that extensive ability and grow their company and their their technologies to support it.

00:10:41.850 --> 00:10:54.420
Andy Whiteside: So you know only took me a month or two or three to realize this is something that just you just can't keep doing the old way at some point everything as a cloud service specifically a platform as a service it just becomes the better way to do it.

00:10:55.470 --> 00:10:55.830

00:10:56.880 --> 00:11:00.000
Andy Whiteside: Here, if I had to compare it to some I live it's like I used to have to get it.

00:11:01.260 --> 00:11:06.450
Andy Whiteside: Is a nap and a car comes and picks me up and I don't have to talk to the driver anymore it's just better.

00:11:06.990 --> 00:11:19.290
Monica Griesemer: Right, I was thinking about that the other day, we had a slide that was talks about you used to not meet strangers from the Internet and not get into strangers cars, and now we back in strangers from the Internet to get in their cars.

00:11:19.320 --> 00:11:20.160
Monica Griesemer: So it's.

00:11:22.020 --> 00:11:24.240
Andy Whiteside: They get mad when they don't show up in two minutes I had.

00:11:25.260 --> 00:11:34.470
Andy Whiteside: I was coming from Minnesota to the airport, I was going to minneapolis St Paul to the airport today and I scheduled an uber and I scheduled it for 4:30am and I was so mad.

00:11:34.740 --> 00:11:45.000
Andy Whiteside: But at the end of the day I realized, it was my fault not there just another example where had the analytics to go back and actually what happened at 430 the next afternoon it started pinging me say he's on his way and i'm like oh crew.

00:11:45.030 --> 00:11:46.170
Andy Whiteside: That was my fault not is.

00:11:47.490 --> 00:11:50.220
Monica Griesemer: right for proof, where the user error was.

00:11:50.310 --> 00:11:50.730
Andy Whiteside: that's right.

00:11:52.230 --> 00:11:57.210
Andy Whiteside: Oh, you gotta be as open minded, and now you have the data to prove it was my fault in the past, I just always blamed everybody else.

00:11:57.390 --> 00:11:57.870

00:11:58.980 --> 00:12:05.430
Andy Whiteside: Alright next question is the vda upgrade service available on server vda or desktop bda.

00:12:06.480 --> 00:12:13.110
Monica Griesemer: So the va upgrade service is available for both server and desktop vda as long as they're persistent.

00:12:13.560 --> 00:12:22.170
Monica Griesemer: So the vd upgrade service is really about streamlining that management of the vdi upgrades specifically for on premises deployments.

00:12:22.500 --> 00:12:36.990
Monica Griesemer: Without using third party tools or scripts so when you use the when you install the vda add the upgrade agent as an additional component and you can do that either via either a command line or the ui.

00:12:37.470 --> 00:12:45.870
Monica Griesemer: On the machine catalog and then you can enable the video upgrade feature and select your va type so for both.

00:12:46.800 --> 00:12:56.010
Andy Whiteside: So this is going to allow me to automate the vda staying up to date, so that that's no longer my my my issue either.

00:12:57.750 --> 00:13:08.490
Monica Griesemer: Yes, I mean I it's to ease that process um there is a bit of upfront things that you have to do, obviously, to ensure that works, but yeah it's to ease the upgrade process on Prem.

00:13:09.000 --> 00:13:19.620
Andy Whiteside: So Todd in a in a persistent image world totally get it people that have mastered images that they just fire him up every so often and let them go phone home.

00:13:21.060 --> 00:13:27.120
Todd Smith - Citrix: To there'll be the suggestion right, so you you every period well periodically you would go and.

00:13:28.260 --> 00:13:37.860
Todd Smith - Citrix: You know, open up your master image allow the updates to occur created do or promote that up that updated master image to be your new master and it'd be able to run off that.

00:13:39.480 --> 00:13:55.710
Todd Smith - Citrix: eliminates a lot of the extra steps of bringing a you know, a non persistent image and having it apply everything into a you know basically to a scratch does yeah wow I did it myself on our.

00:13:56.880 --> 00:14:01.890
Todd Smith - Citrix: scratch disk yeah it's an old mainframe turn in the back in the day and.

00:14:03.090 --> 00:14:04.500
Andy Whiteside: I didn't get that one.

00:14:05.910 --> 00:14:09.360
Andy Whiteside: um okay i'd like to talk more about that one but will.

00:14:10.200 --> 00:14:22.170
Andy Whiteside: We can talk later around persistent images of probably a blog out there some point, talks about all the good the good and the bad of persistent image see a ton of it out there from people that rolled out generation one vdi that are now trying to get away from it.

00:14:23.430 --> 00:14:23.790
Andy Whiteside: and

00:14:24.180 --> 00:14:24.840
Andy Whiteside: have another.

00:14:24.870 --> 00:14:31.290
Todd Smith - Citrix: thousand haven't gone through a major redesign they haven't gone through an update in this they installed vdi was.

00:14:31.800 --> 00:14:43.410
Todd Smith - Citrix: You know the brand new thing and they haven't touched it in terms of being able to to modify it bring it up to the current state right so they're missing out on a lot of use features and functionalities that.

00:14:44.550 --> 00:14:55.020
Todd Smith - Citrix: That, if you were doing a brand new install today, you would get a much different vdi experience much more you know, in terms of performance but, more importantly, out of you know, efficiency.

00:14:56.340 --> 00:15:13.140
Andy Whiteside: yeah I mean the same people that had massive success with persistent vdi rollouts probably couldn't have done it well, not easily with non persistent now those problems that existed have been solved with with them and things like fs logics and other pieces APP layering potential.

00:15:14.310 --> 00:15:21.240
Andy Whiteside: it's time to revisit that but no, no doubt they they had more success, probably then some of the other folks trying to do it the right way.

00:15:22.890 --> 00:15:30.150
Andy Whiteside: You know they they had they had the issue of they brought a bunch of bad stuff with them when they did it that way, bad bad practices, how they can fix that.

00:15:32.160 --> 00:15:37.710
Andy Whiteside: All right, would it be possible for profile to be automatically migrated from one vda to another.

00:15:38.070 --> 00:15:54.330
Andy Whiteside: If a vda is put into maintenance mode, we are using server 2016 as there are 365 issues with nothing will be possible for a profile to be automatically migrated from one vda to another i'm scared of this question.

00:15:55.710 --> 00:16:04.830
Monica Griesemer: yeah so this one is kind of getting into roaming profiles right so when you're using a roaming roaming profile we're server 2016.

00:16:05.670 --> 00:16:09.720
Monica Griesemer: admins can configure different videos so and maintenance mode or not.

00:16:10.080 --> 00:16:22.710
Monica Griesemer: To load the same user profile, so if one vda goes into maintenance mode, they will log into another vda by this citrus workshops and desktops mechanism and cpm will load the same profile.

00:16:23.370 --> 00:16:29.790
Monica Griesemer: But if you're looking at profile containers if the vda is in maintenance mode and continues to load the PhD.

00:16:30.210 --> 00:16:45.570
Monica Griesemer: There will be an issue for the second login on a different vda, but it could be easily solved by logging off the user on that machine with maintenance mode and then Lastly, we mentioned a similar workaround can be completed if using fs logics containers or office containers.

00:16:46.380 --> 00:16:58.470
Andy Whiteside: And I think what threw me for a loop is it's been so long since I use citrix profile manager, because it s fs logics and every opportunity we work on these days, plus with them, of course, that I did I got couldn't even understand the question.

00:17:00.870 --> 00:17:09.810
Todd Smith - Citrix: Is any ideas I think one of the biggest questions that comes out of this is okay well why does it takes, so you know when i'm doing a migration from.

00:17:10.200 --> 00:17:17.490
Todd Smith - Citrix: A different version of a profile management solution, why do I have to go through a couple of extra steps along the way.

00:17:17.880 --> 00:17:22.230
Todd Smith - Citrix: And sometimes you can't update you can't provide an update or make a change until.

00:17:22.710 --> 00:17:31.290
Todd Smith - Citrix: The base has been altered as well right, so you know you look at it, when you do a windows update just on just on your desktop or less right you're.

00:17:31.770 --> 00:17:42.510
Todd Smith - Citrix: there's certain updates that cannot be performed until some other updates has completed you reboot the machine and then it goes out finds hey here's a whole bunch of other things.

00:17:42.990 --> 00:17:51.840
Todd Smith - Citrix: Other updates that you're now eligible for based on the fact you just performed an update the profile goes through a very similar process.

00:17:52.470 --> 00:18:03.330
Todd Smith - Citrix: Right, you have to go through, and allow the profile to reset itself or to accept those updates before I can start making those long term changes yeah.

00:18:06.300 --> 00:18:10.230
Andy Whiteside: Alright guys that moves us on to the next topic area of user experience which.

00:18:10.710 --> 00:18:24.510
Andy Whiteside: Other than security user experiences number one and you could argue user experience is number one security's number two either way they're both at the top first question does citrix workspace APP support multiple monitors with different resolutions.

00:18:25.470 --> 00:18:39.780
Monica Griesemer: So the answer to that one is absolutely so we have multi monitor support a different resolutions differs based on platform i'd say what the windows, the workspace APP for windows gets everything first so.

00:18:40.380 --> 00:18:52.920
Monica Griesemer: Definitely if you're using a windows device you've got this, but then you can look at the documentation and support for differing workspace at models and then we have a support article on that, but.

00:18:53.520 --> 00:18:59.580
Monica Griesemer: yep we've had support for multiple monitors for for a while now, I believe, at least on workspace out for windows.

00:19:00.240 --> 00:19:02.010
Andy Whiteside: Well then, the key here is multiple monitors with.

00:19:02.070 --> 00:19:03.720
Monica Griesemer: Different resolutions yep.

00:19:04.080 --> 00:19:10.350
Andy Whiteside: And even that's been fixed for quite a long time because it's still limited to eight or is that higher these days monitors.

00:19:11.640 --> 00:19:18.240
Todd Smith - Citrix: I believe it's a limited eight haven't seen anyone try to use more than eight even the traders on Wall Street or.

00:19:19.560 --> 00:19:20.430
Todd Smith - Citrix: are not doing a.

00:19:21.780 --> 00:19:27.300
Todd Smith - Citrix: But you know the key there is that the different resolutions oftentimes that's a hardware restriction.

00:19:28.290 --> 00:19:42.750
Todd Smith - Citrix: On the endpoint device whatever you're plugging it into so if you're using a monitor splitter or a video splitter in there, where it takes the lowest of the lowest common denominator, when it comes to a resolution.

00:19:44.520 --> 00:19:47.190
Todd Smith - Citrix: You know there's different there's different ways to approach that.

00:19:48.840 --> 00:19:59.580
Andy Whiteside: And Todd you though or Monica either one what the highest resolution supported is this point, I have not pushed it up too cheap to buy a really nice monitors, but what is the highest resolution if you know if you don't that's fine.

00:20:01.380 --> 00:20:07.320
Monica Griesemer: don't know at the moment, maybe yeah i'll have to double check on that one Todd you know.

00:20:08.580 --> 00:20:15.180
Todd Smith - Citrix: don't I believe it's 4k is still the highest resolution support but i'm not sure the you know the sizing.

00:20:18.000 --> 00:20:20.910
Andy Whiteside: As very when I asked that question or was it was a link in here that says.

00:20:21.390 --> 00:20:23.730
Todd Smith - Citrix: 3040 to 60 includes.

00:20:25.350 --> 00:20:32.700
Andy Whiteside: yep common common 1920 by 1080 and then for va 40 by 2160 what I just said or.

00:20:35.910 --> 00:20:39.030
Andy Whiteside: All that ties back into what marketing costs 4k resolution.

00:20:40.590 --> 00:20:44.250
Monica Griesemer: And then we've got the reiterate support for eight monitors know.

00:20:45.360 --> 00:20:50.040
Monica Griesemer: I i'd like to see more than eight I truly think that would be that'd be a sight to behold.

00:20:51.330 --> 00:20:54.180
Andy Whiteside: I think i've seen six trader and Wall Street kind of moment.

00:20:55.500 --> 00:21:07.680
Andy Whiteside: That was it alright, the next question under user experience with citrix analytics for performance are the endpoints that's only available for the cloud environments for for on premises as well.

00:21:08.670 --> 00:21:25.320
Monica Griesemer: yep so this one's reiterating that both cloud and on premises environments are supported so we've got some documentation for additional information but yeah I think that's just important in general to reiterate that you can use our analytics across on premises and cloud environments.

00:21:26.880 --> 00:21:37.950
Andy Whiteside: And when you do that right, you have to have a citrix ADM in place so that your on premises so Okay, so if you're using on premises workloads but you're coming through citrix cloud that's a no brainer that's just going to work right.

00:21:39.150 --> 00:21:42.030
Andy Whiteside: And then, if you have your own premises citrix.

00:21:43.470 --> 00:21:54.000
Andy Whiteside: At CES talking to what I used to call ADM Michael clarify my acronyms there that's reporting up to the cloud and analytics can work for that as well right.

00:21:54.570 --> 00:21:57.390
Andy Whiteside: Correct that he's right academic yeah.

00:21:58.290 --> 00:22:14.250
Todd Smith - Citrix: yeah The critical thing area is that you know you can get some basic network information out of date of performance analytics without an edm connection, but if you really want to get down into the the details, you want to have that edm service up and running as well.

00:22:15.360 --> 00:22:17.100
Andy Whiteside: And Todd ADM stands for what.

00:22:17.880 --> 00:22:19.200
Todd Smith - Citrix: Application delivery management.

00:22:19.890 --> 00:22:30.180
Andy Whiteside: And the key and all this is the ability for that system to be able to see inside the i'm going to call it, I, I see a protocol, but for the sake of the marketing guys listen hdfs protocol.

00:22:30.990 --> 00:22:33.210
Andy Whiteside: that's the key right being the only company that can.

00:22:33.210 --> 00:22:34.500
Andy Whiteside: Truly unlock it and see it all.

00:22:34.980 --> 00:22:36.240
Todd Smith - Citrix: Absolutely yeah.

00:22:38.400 --> 00:22:41.700
Andy Whiteside: All right, so now we moved on to security and authentication.

00:22:42.720 --> 00:22:51.720
Andy Whiteside: For citrix workspace APP, are there any plans to integrate windows Hello and domain pass through authentication go ahead, Monica.

00:22:51.840 --> 00:22:52.800
Monica Griesemer: yeah so.

00:22:54.360 --> 00:23:05.940
Monica Griesemer: We actually do support windows hello, and certain scenarios, I believe, for sure on workspace APP for windows, which makes sense because it's windows Hello and.

00:23:06.450 --> 00:23:23.100
Monica Griesemer: And it's we give the guidance to check with your local partner or citrix REP for more details to prioritize, so I think this stitches maybe the domain passed through so we're always working on different forms of authentication and maybe that one is the sticking point at the moment.

00:23:23.520 --> 00:23:30.000
Andy Whiteside: Well, that was my fault ask the question wrong I inserted me reread the question for citrix workspace APP, are there any plans to integrate.

00:23:30.390 --> 00:23:41.760
Andy Whiteside: windows Hello with domain pass through authentication I used an it's with domain pastor So yes, the whole thing Hello with domain after authentication in into.

00:23:43.410 --> 00:23:51.180
Monica Griesemer: yep so I like I said we we have support for windows hello, but it's the domain pass through that I think we're we're working on yeah.

00:23:51.960 --> 00:23:58.740
Andy Whiteside: And I can tell you firsthand as INTEGRA is looking to go password list so you Hello camera and other.

00:23:59.130 --> 00:24:11.670
Andy Whiteside: Biometrics thing so we're we're doing it for our own we're weird right where a citrix partner that actually uses the stuff and I know my guys are in the process, and I will be one of the guinea pigs when we get to that point in the in the coming months.

00:24:14.010 --> 00:24:28.080
Andy Whiteside: All right, what level of the tpm is supported in 22 or three so that would be long term service release 2203 which would be you know March of this year for us with windows 11 as the vdi platform.

00:24:29.520 --> 00:24:35.820
Monica Griesemer: So the citrix vda software will run within a tpm enabled windows 11 vm.

00:24:36.330 --> 00:24:49.050
Monica Griesemer: As well as a vm with azure trusted launch so you can use mcs to provision vm with the V tpm enabled by as your trusted launch so all of that is fully tested and supported.

00:24:49.530 --> 00:25:02.670
Monica Griesemer: But for the specific features that are within the windows os that are enabled by the V tpm or as your trusted launch that's handled on a case by case basis and we're testing compatibility.

00:25:04.770 --> 00:25:06.510
Andy Whiteside: yeah, how do you think on this one.

00:25:07.890 --> 00:25:20.010
Todd Smith - Citrix: yeah it's you know, once again, this is that we're continuing to test will be probably publishing out what we've tested, and you know what product features it's why it's very important to the.

00:25:21.210 --> 00:25:25.530
Todd Smith - Citrix: Keep an eye on the publicly facing product roadmap and also what's new.

00:25:26.400 --> 00:25:37.560
Todd Smith - Citrix: blog information what's new articles because we're you know, this is a, this is an area for citrix that is constantly evolving and it's partially based on you know all of our.

00:25:38.070 --> 00:25:52.770
Todd Smith - Citrix: vendor partners are coming up with new ways of enabling security features or launching new capabilities so it's really important to watch watch what's out there, what as far as what's new and roadmap it permission so.

00:25:52.830 --> 00:25:57.840
Andy Whiteside: Todd is the key here validating verifying that the machine hasn't been altered.

00:25:58.200 --> 00:26:00.300
Andy Whiteside: Even though machine in any way, shape or form.

00:26:00.810 --> 00:26:07.110
Todd Smith - Citrix: yeah and that's that that's the key right because it's looking at it from both a hardware perspective as well as the.

00:26:07.470 --> 00:26:23.100
Todd Smith - Citrix: The operating system in all the other applications and that's kind of what the tpm capabilities used to have you plug in a USB device and alters your tpm score or change changes what the default behavior should be.

00:26:24.120 --> 00:26:26.700
Todd Smith - Citrix: You want to be able to make sure that.

00:26:27.930 --> 00:26:34.830
Todd Smith - Citrix: It hasn't been tampered with and be able to adjust if it has right so, is it something that we want to.

00:26:37.080 --> 00:26:45.990
Todd Smith - Citrix: restrict what people can do or do you want to just basically say hey you know what we're going to put this into a quarantine mode and you're not going to get all your tools, but resolved yeah.

00:26:47.430 --> 00:27:03.570
Andy Whiteside: yeah I didn't really thought about this and cloud or hosted scenarios, but you know some somewhere someday or sure already people are attacking from this angle, and you want to be able to validate that nothing has nothing's changed in that systems configuration each time it launches.

00:27:06.090 --> 00:27:18.120
Andy Whiteside: Next, one says for citrix session recording aka smart auditor for the older guys, can you capture both video recordings and events in a log file specifically file transferring.

00:27:19.020 --> 00:27:30.930
Monica Griesemer: yep so with session recording you can either capture full video or specified events, so this is relatively new and because we have added.

00:27:32.460 --> 00:27:42.840
Monica Griesemer: event logs so like it says it can say, however, many events have happened and we've also recently added dynamic recording based on events so.

00:27:43.290 --> 00:27:52.230
Monica Griesemer: A specific event, my trigger the recording to start so you're not just getting the whole file of a session so you don't have to have that full.

00:27:53.010 --> 00:28:01.200
Monica Griesemer: amount of storage right that full files stored on your device, and so this has been a really big deal and something that I don't know if a lot of our.

00:28:01.590 --> 00:28:14.970
Monica Griesemer: You know, users and customers know about and admins know about is how dynamic, we have made session recording now and then also add my two cents in here because I I work with this team a lot, they are doing a ton of work with.

00:28:16.170 --> 00:28:31.440
Monica Griesemer: cloud services as well, so so moving the playback console has been in a web form and the we've got a web based playback console for recordings and then moving the management console to the cloud as well, so there's been a lot of strides in session recording.

00:28:32.940 --> 00:28:42.570
Andy Whiteside: So Todd is this limited to just limited to the windows logs or can we point to any type of text file or log in and use that as our gauge for when to turn on recording.

00:28:43.230 --> 00:28:52.830
Todd Smith - Citrix: yeah there's a huge list of different recording types, you can do, based on triggering those recordings right so whether it's opening up the text file open a word document.

00:28:53.970 --> 00:29:01.170
Todd Smith - Citrix: going to a specific URL or launching launching a browser those can all be triggering events and those can also.

00:29:02.100 --> 00:29:11.310
Todd Smith - Citrix: launch additional recording types right, so one of the biggest challenges that people have with session recording is you know at first you wanted to record.

00:29:11.610 --> 00:29:16.110
Todd Smith - Citrix: Just the application That was our original intent and then with all of a sudden, you brought it.

00:29:16.590 --> 00:29:24.690
Todd Smith - Citrix: into people running an entire desktop or recording an entire desktop session it's somewhat of a challenge so being able to filter that down.

00:29:25.110 --> 00:29:36.240
Todd Smith - Citrix: has been incredibly useful and important for us but it's also become important for our customers, because not only the viewing session recording for safety measures.

00:29:36.660 --> 00:29:43.470
Todd Smith - Citrix: You know process management things like that they're also using session recording to do some training right so employee education.

00:29:45.180 --> 00:29:58.710
Todd Smith - Citrix: Whether it be quality control and quality assurance on on the processing side but also it could be a way to ramp up someone very quickly it's not just the audit use case that session recording was originally intended for.

00:29:59.160 --> 00:29:59.490

00:30:00.540 --> 00:30:03.690
Andy Whiteside: Well, and that's been my point all along is it's either for.

00:30:04.320 --> 00:30:12.810
Andy Whiteside: Security and audit purposes or it could be very much used for job training and I don't think enough people think of it as job training opportunity to imagine all these years of.

00:30:13.500 --> 00:30:18.810
Andy Whiteside: Wealth imagine a support case we're like hey I keep having this thing happen alright we're going to turn on session recording we're going to.

00:30:19.020 --> 00:30:27.360
Andy Whiteside: capture it versus you trying to explain to the guy who answers the phone that they're in what's happening, they can just watch the video I see it, now I know exactly you're talking about boom here's your fixed on.

00:30:30.780 --> 00:30:43.260
Andy Whiteside: Alright, the next section of the article talks about public cloud so that would be for the most part, I think we're going to talk about the three hyper scale is whether that's a Google GDP Microsoft is your and.

00:30:44.640 --> 00:30:59.700
Andy Whiteside: Amazon aws and save any certain order for any reason, but first question is, how can citrix daz customers leverage the Google cloud control plane, so not Google cloud platform which will be there is, but the control plane Monica.

00:31:00.810 --> 00:31:10.650
Monica Griesemer: yep so obviously we kind of took this as using the Google cloud control plane in tandem with citrix as we're talking about citrix deployments here.

00:31:11.010 --> 00:31:24.180
Monica Griesemer: So we are definitely continuing to expand our partnership with Google, as well as azure and aws but in regards to Google we announced daz standard and daz premium for Google cloud.

00:31:24.690 --> 00:31:31.590
Monica Griesemer: And they are deployed in the citrus cloud control plane that's hosted on Google cloud in the US region.

00:31:32.070 --> 00:31:47.760
Monica Griesemer: So if you want to leverage Google cloud control plane, you need to purchase the new citrix daz for Google cloud licenses and we don't currently have the migration mechanism so it's specifically tied to those additions currently.

00:31:48.390 --> 00:31:52.800
Andy Whiteside: So in that case you would go into the Google control plane and actually manage the citrix.

00:31:53.970 --> 00:31:55.470
Andy Whiteside: citrix cloud platform.

00:31:56.010 --> 00:31:56.790
Monica Griesemer: I believe so yep.

00:31:58.110 --> 00:32:00.690
Monica Griesemer: that's running on the Google yeah it's running on Google cloud.

00:32:00.960 --> 00:32:09.180
Andy Whiteside: that's pretty tight look I talk to people all the time and talk about citrix and as your as your without citrix and we talked about Google and citrix and there's literally just a.

00:32:09.630 --> 00:32:18.600
Andy Whiteside: Massive need in both companies directions, you know citrix and have a hyper scale or Google doesn't have a windows solution and to you guys coming together it just a no brainer for me.

00:32:21.660 --> 00:32:27.720
Andy Whiteside: Agreed all right when is the new as your change vm settings going to be available.

00:32:28.650 --> 00:32:34.470
Monica Griesemer: So I believe this change was already already happened in February.

00:32:34.950 --> 00:32:43.230
Monica Griesemer: And so it's you know, again we get cussed questions straight from customers and sometimes they missed stuff I know Tom you're plugging the.

00:32:43.530 --> 00:32:55.080
Monica Griesemer: what's new content earlier, but sometimes it's it's hard to see what all comes out so you're just directing them that that had already been working and if it's not to contact their account manager citrix partner.

00:32:56.670 --> 00:33:12.000
Todd Smith - Citrix: Well, in i'm gonna hit hit on something here Monica is that you know you can subscribe to get notified when we update any of those what's new doctor right, so you can you can subscribe to the page as an example, get those notifications.

00:33:13.260 --> 00:33:23.460
Todd Smith - Citrix: So you don't miss you don't run the risk of missing out any of this new information or you can reach out to your trusted partner likes integrity to get get some information on a regular update.

00:33:24.390 --> 00:33:27.300
Monica Griesemer: Todd I love that you have your marketing hat on today, thank you for that.

00:33:29.760 --> 00:33:31.350
Andy Whiteside: that's why we do these podcasts.

00:33:32.160 --> 00:33:39.660
Andy Whiteside: Part of the reason we do this podcast so I can get caught up on stuff that I don't know and I live in this world it's impossible to keep up.

00:33:40.170 --> 00:33:40.410

00:33:41.430 --> 00:33:43.830
Andy Whiteside: yeah it takes a village it really does.

00:33:44.070 --> 00:33:51.330
Monica Griesemer: And then one more plug you can also subscribe to the blogs as well, so you can subscribe, I believe, by region or by topic.

00:33:51.780 --> 00:34:04.320
Monica Griesemer: I think they've been working on streamlining that process, even more, but I get an email at the top of every week and there's things that i've been miss that and again we all live in this universe, but sometimes we live in different quarters of it so.

00:34:04.830 --> 00:34:06.270
Andy Whiteside: it's our full time job and we can't.

00:34:06.270 --> 00:34:06.570
Monica Griesemer: Keep up.

00:34:08.550 --> 00:34:24.030
Andy Whiteside: Alright, so just we're gonna there's gonna have to be important, three I just scroll down look to the miscellaneous section which looks very juicy a nice that's going to be part three alright so in as your quick deploy are certain vm sizes only supported in specific regions.

00:34:24.750 --> 00:34:35.850
Monica Griesemer: So the answer to that is yes um, but there are many vm sizes available and different azure regions, but not all support all vm types, so we have a listing of what we support.

00:34:36.450 --> 00:34:50.700
Monica Griesemer: And then for unique cases customers can use their own as your subscription and deploy in any as a region so there's dependencies on the Microsoft front and on the citrix front so it's mostly like case by case basis, you have to check it out.

00:34:52.140 --> 00:35:04.620
Todd Smith - Citrix: It would be the typical classic consulting the answer of depends because that's what it really comes down to right there are there are a couple of factors here that can influence the answer to that question.

00:35:05.940 --> 00:35:14.400
Todd Smith - Citrix: So once again keep up to date on the product documentation sure Andy and his team and some bigger be more than happy to help sort through that.

00:35:15.600 --> 00:35:24.180
Andy Whiteside: yeah I would have to phone a friend on that one, but the nice thing about the cloud cloud platform stuff there's fewer it depends, but they're still almost an infinite number of it depends.

00:35:26.790 --> 00:35:30.390
Andy Whiteside: Alright next one here talks about our old friend todd's old friend for sure.

00:35:31.800 --> 00:35:32.220
Andy Whiteside: Is.

00:35:32.310 --> 00:35:40.980
Andy Whiteside: citric is i'm going to use all i'm use my words, your citrix provisioning services aka PBS I mean that one's that one's so.

00:35:41.370 --> 00:35:52.620
Andy Whiteside: synonymous with us and that people don't call it provisioning service it's always PBS on azure so it says PBS on azure available on azure marketplace Todd this is your baby.

00:35:52.770 --> 00:36:08.640
Todd Smith - Citrix: yeah absolutely So yes, PBS is available wiser today for with citrix dad's there are some manual steps of you have to go through for the bbs server configuration and we're looking to simplify that for us it's a little bit easier.

00:36:09.960 --> 00:36:23.520
Todd Smith - Citrix: Nowadays, with some of the scripting and sql if we could look back at one of the prior questions that we talked about about you know process automation and eliminating those hundred step run books that used to be out there, the world.

00:36:24.780 --> 00:36:30.660
Todd Smith - Citrix: You know, constantly looking to improve that process once again to me to give a plug here for our product documentation.

00:36:31.740 --> 00:36:38.730
Todd Smith - Citrix: To get more information right, so this is an area that because it is running, it can be updated fairly quickly.

00:36:39.960 --> 00:36:45.840
Todd Smith - Citrix: So keep an eye out on that product documentation on it, to see if there's anything that's new that's changed in that world yeah.

00:36:46.380 --> 00:37:00.600
Monica Griesemer: I will also add just a specific to this question, it says on azure marketplace so just to say that it's it's a part it's a capability within centric staff so you have citrix does licenses to go get this to work you can't just go by.

00:37:01.080 --> 00:37:07.920
Monica Griesemer: PBS so just wanted to mention that as well, you gotta you gotta bring the chicken first, then you can have the egg.

00:37:08.460 --> 00:37:09.810
Andy Whiteside: yeah yeah for sure.

00:37:11.040 --> 00:37:19.500
Andy Whiteside: I know Center says some thoughts on doing some things as a as your native offering I wonder if this could be one of them someday but certainly.

00:37:20.430 --> 00:37:32.730
Andy Whiteside: Your box and yourself and if you're not considering citrix as a way to extend the azure virtual desktop world beyond what as your virtual desktop platform, the provisioning piece can do.

00:37:34.350 --> 00:37:47.040
Andy Whiteside: Well guys, I want to pause here know todd's got a hard stop and a few minutes and we got a late start because of my crazy schedule, but Monica Todd thanks thanks for jumping on and i'll get this one posted and will do will do a part three, either next week or whatever meet your schedule.

00:37:48.720 --> 00:37:52.890
Monica Griesemer: Looking forward to the miscellaneous section it's kind of it's gonna be the grab bag.

00:37:55.470 --> 00:37:56.880
Andy Whiteside: it's kinda like the cliffhanger for everybody.

00:37:56.880 --> 00:37:58.920
Monica Griesemer: yeah exactly you never know what you're going to get.

00:37:59.760 --> 00:38:05.520
Andy Whiteside: i'll do this for Monica to see your facial expression it's kinda like the dukes of hazzard jumping from one side of the ditch to the other.

00:38:06.720 --> 00:38:06.930
Monica Griesemer: You know.

00:38:07.260 --> 00:38:07.920
Andy Whiteside: What i'm talking about.

00:38:07.950 --> 00:38:10.260
Monica Griesemer: I do, I know exactly what you're talking about.

00:38:10.320 --> 00:38:11.670
Andy Whiteside: You see, the movie of the TV show.

00:38:12.540 --> 00:38:13.470
Monica Griesemer: i've seen the movie.

00:38:13.710 --> 00:38:14.460
Andy Whiteside: Okay, you see.

00:38:15.120 --> 00:38:16.500
Monica Griesemer: I don't think i've seen the TV show.

00:38:16.560 --> 00:38:17.640
Monica Griesemer: I know what you're talking.

00:38:17.640 --> 00:38:20.370
Andy Whiteside: About So what do you do on Friday nights when you're a kid.

00:38:21.810 --> 00:38:22.200
Todd Smith - Citrix: hazard.

00:38:23.310 --> 00:38:24.150
Andy Whiteside: hazard to come on.

00:38:24.240 --> 00:38:31.860
Todd Smith - Citrix: There we go out on our bicycles and try to replicate all of those jumps in realize that there's a little bit of movie magic going on.

00:38:32.070 --> 00:38:32.700
Monica Griesemer: Right.

00:38:32.820 --> 00:38:34.470
Andy Whiteside: Now they destroyed a lot of cars.

00:38:36.270 --> 00:38:38.100
Andy Whiteside: When you did those jumps what kind of home what were you wearing.

00:38:39.390 --> 00:38:52.470
Todd Smith - Citrix: helmets we don't we don't need helmets I grew up in southern Ohio we were lucky I was talking with my brother, this is about this couple weeks ago, and you know you know we're in our 50s and we're lucky to be alive.

00:38:52.830 --> 00:38:53.130
Andy Whiteside: Oh.

00:38:53.280 --> 00:38:55.470
Todd Smith - Citrix: Some of the stupid things we did as kids.

00:38:56.550 --> 00:38:57.480
Todd Smith - Citrix: We shouldn't be around.

00:38:57.870 --> 00:39:05.250
Monica Griesemer: I think there's still more of that than you'd think I grew up in central Illinois and sometimes you just get creative creative all using.

00:39:06.090 --> 00:39:08.130
Todd Smith - Citrix: fordham spawns creativity.

00:39:11.280 --> 00:39:14.820
Andy Whiteside: I think a lot of it on a helmet wouldn't develop that a few things the helmet what the hell.

00:39:15.780 --> 00:39:18.840
Andy Whiteside: Yes, alright guys appreciate you joining with it again next week.

00:39:19.890 --> 00:39:20.460
Monica Griesemer: Thank you.