XenTegra - The Citrix Session

The Citrix Session: What’s new and next with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops: Q&A - Part 3

May 31, 2022 XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton Season 1 Episode 107
The Citrix Session: What’s new and next with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops: Q&A - Part 3
XenTegra - The Citrix Session
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XenTegra - The Citrix Session
The Citrix Session: What’s new and next with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops: Q&A - Part 3
May 31, 2022 Season 1 Episode 107
XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton

There has been no shortage of updates in the world of Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. At the end of March, we delivered a What’s New and Next in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops webinar and were joined by more people than ever to hear the latest updates and ask us tough questions. We appreciate the time and attention. We couldn’t answer all your questions live, so we wanted to answer them here to benefit everyone.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Bill Sutton
Co-host: Geremy Meyers
Co-host: Todd Smith
Guest: Monica Griesemer

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There has been no shortage of updates in the world of Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. At the end of March, we delivered a What’s New and Next in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops webinar and were joined by more people than ever to hear the latest updates and ask us tough questions. We appreciate the time and attention. We couldn’t answer all your questions live, so we wanted to answer them here to benefit everyone.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Bill Sutton
Co-host: Geremy Meyers
Co-host: Todd Smith
Guest: Monica Griesemer


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Andy Whiteside: hi everyone and welcome to episode 107 hundred and seven of the citrix session i'm your host Andy whiteside have got.

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Andy Whiteside: got a good group of folks on from internal a little bit with bill sudden, as well as the citrix folks that have been gracious to join us.

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Andy Whiteside: almost weekly on on covering this podcast he was almost almost assured that somebody from the citrix team is going to be on it has been for four months so bill bill how's it going.

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Bill Sutton: On well Andy can't complain, you know, looking forward to getting back in to these i've been off, you know kind of away from the past couple of weeks, for various reasons, so good, to get feedback.

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Andy Whiteside: I think I was bragging about us and you guys earlier today to someone, and I think what I thought I heard you say last week on our weekly project call was that we have 7000 hours of professional services in our.

00:00:51.510 --> 00:00:57.210
Andy Whiteside: measurable pipeline over the next couple months is that that i'm make that number up or is it really hasn't really built to that.

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Bill Sutton: it's close to that.

00:00:59.460 --> 00:00:59.760
Andy Whiteside: yeah.

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Bill Sutton: that's awesome that's long term but it's uh yeah it's it's really healthy right now.

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Andy Whiteside: yeah that's that's the dream coming to fruition and by dream i'm building this community and serving this community and helping people where they need help in terms of.

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Andy Whiteside: helping them with with professional services in a way that aligns with their needs, not just what we're trying to force upon them exactly so really proud over doing there on the citrix side, we have our co hosts that we have weekly JEREMY myers and Todd Smith guys how's it going.

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Geremy Meyers: it's going right Andy good to see you.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: dance great great here up in Boston at the weather's turned around and we're we jumped right into summer up here so.

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Andy Whiteside: yeah it seems to be the way it works, every year, these days, right your your spring winter all your winter little tease of summer spring season spring and then it's 95 degrees.

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Geremy Meyers: I mean, do you live, right up the street, so you know we went from kind of a kind of a warm winter into it's it's rivaling South Florida, in terms of humidity and heat right now.

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Andy Whiteside: yeah.

00:02:02.880 --> 00:02:03.570
Geremy Meyers: Just pretty amazing.

00:02:04.500 --> 00:02:08.610
Andy Whiteside: I at this very moment i'm in southern utah St George it's 100 degrees today.

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Oh, my.

00:02:10.710 --> 00:02:16.920
Andy Whiteside: But it's going to cool off here and it's awesome at night it's you know down in the 60s, with no humidity it feels amazing.

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Andy Whiteside: least they get that little bit of reprieve, when the sun goes down.

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Andy Whiteside: So we've got monitor grissom or whether this with us this is part three of our series on talking about the Q amp a that came out of their.

00:02:31.170 --> 00:02:45.000
Andy Whiteside: latest release for citrix daz, which is all things encompassing these days, all the services, the virtual APP and desktop service spectrum, as well as the lts our for the 22 or three and I want to get to that.

00:02:46.140 --> 00:02:54.330
Andy Whiteside: We originally planned to cover this topic, and then I tried to interrupt the series and talk about the citrix and m 365 announcements.

00:02:55.050 --> 00:03:00.510
Andy Whiteside: You know, Jeremy Todd I know we we talked about it coming into this and there's not a lot to share at this point, other than the fact that.

00:03:01.380 --> 00:03:10.380
Andy Whiteside: Microsoft and citrix are going to work together to enable that Microsoft DAS product so 365 she's me windows 365.

00:03:11.370 --> 00:03:18.150
Andy Whiteside: kind of something that we all this call thought would have been day one out of the gate a relationship that would have been something in existence.

00:03:18.540 --> 00:03:27.450
Andy Whiteside: But it sounds like citrix and Microsoft are figuring out that the if you want to give the world the best of that product that's going to it's going to need to be integrated with citrix anything you guys can talk about there at all.

00:03:28.410 --> 00:03:30.810
Geremy Meyers: And i'll be honest at when I when I saw that announcement.

00:03:31.530 --> 00:03:40.830
Geremy Meyers: That blog post and it talks about the hdfs and some of the integrations there like I was, I was pretty pretty thrilled right and so just like you, I had had questions right so.

00:03:41.430 --> 00:03:46.710
Geremy Meyers: That was just as excited about you to maybe talk about that it sounds like we're going to have to maybe hold off on the details, but.

00:03:47.730 --> 00:03:52.890
Geremy Meyers: It is a pretty pretty significant announcement of just a partnership with Microsoft there so.

00:03:53.520 --> 00:04:05.040
Geremy Meyers: I can't wait to dive into it, you know I will part of what I talked about was specifically cloud PC right, so we talked about in 365 is just so sweet of all sorts of things Microsoft, but very specifically.

00:04:05.850 --> 00:04:11.820
Geremy Meyers: You know cloud PC, so I think with that blog post hit on it was maybe an integration of a cx don't know what that looks like yet.

00:04:12.570 --> 00:04:19.050
Geremy Meyers: is someone who spun up that cloud PC trial for let's say a trial, I mean I was paying 70 bucks a month for about six months.

00:04:19.980 --> 00:04:31.860
Geremy Meyers: Just to kind of get hands on with it a little bit, and you know you know I would argue it's a good experience for sure right, I mean it's a it's a PC hosted by Microsoft in azure but you know you're connecting over RDP.

00:04:32.760 --> 00:04:38.220
Geremy Meyers: You know the flow to get into it was a little bit clergy, at least from my perspective, maybe i'm a little biased because i'm citrix but.

00:04:38.940 --> 00:04:46.950
Geremy Meyers: You know I think if there's an opportunity for us to kind of do it with what you know what we've been doing with add and just improving that whole experience.

00:04:47.490 --> 00:04:52.710
Geremy Meyers: Man, I want to sink my teeth into a little bit so i'm looking forward to see what comes out of that here, in the next you know few months.

00:04:53.790 --> 00:04:59.880
Andy Whiteside: yeah so the the Andy ISM I have for that one is it's like buying a $40,000 car with cloths each like you so much better could.

00:04:59.910 --> 00:05:01.440
Andy Whiteside: just add leather seats.

00:05:01.470 --> 00:05:02.070
Andy Whiteside: Close.

00:05:02.430 --> 00:05:12.810
Andy Whiteside: But man i'm missing something that's just you know everyday mainstream what people want these days leather or some type of you know advance seeding technology so i'm not dealing with old school classy Todd you have any take on the.

00:05:13.440 --> 00:05:14.430
Todd Smith - Citrix: yeah I think.

00:05:14.820 --> 00:05:27.120
Todd Smith - Citrix: yeah I think when when we saw the announcement coming out, I think it was probably yet another agreement or partnership that we've we've struck with with Microsoft, I mean if you look back at it.

00:05:28.140 --> 00:05:33.720
Todd Smith - Citrix: we've been partnering with Microsoft almost since the initial creation of citrix as a company.

00:05:35.310 --> 00:05:41.790
Todd Smith - Citrix: And it's just yet another continuation based on technologies that both of our companies are innovating with right so.

00:05:42.600 --> 00:05:54.900
Todd Smith - Citrix: Being able to leverage what we do well, and also being able to focus on what what Microsoft, as well as you know, that's the spirit of partnership and spirit of evolution innovation.

00:05:55.560 --> 00:06:01.800
Andy Whiteside: If I were to say it's a it's definitely mutually beneficial that's probably obviously true, I would say it's also.

00:06:02.190 --> 00:06:14.820
Andy Whiteside: mutually needed right you they need you to make their know and it's like having a cake, with no icing on it that wouldn't be so good, and you guys have great icing that you need that underlying cake and he gets gets one without the other just seems avoid.

00:06:16.320 --> 00:06:18.540
Geremy Meyers: Or do you think about Andy I think this is maybe.

00:06:19.620 --> 00:06:27.120
Geremy Meyers: What Microsoft brings to the table, sometimes is you know we talked about like that dad's market and who's going to get the slice of the pie.

00:06:27.570 --> 00:06:39.690
Geremy Meyers: And whether it's citrix or vmware or whatever right, and I think what Microsoft brings to the table is they make the cake and bigger right so just the whole idea about the CBD is just really made that that whole market bigger.

00:06:40.230 --> 00:06:48.180
Geremy Meyers: And so I think what's kind of exciting about the whole thing is is just the opportunity there so we'll see yeah.

00:06:48.750 --> 00:06:56.490
Andy Whiteside: I think i've had that conversation four or five times this week, where I say somebody says Okay, you know citrix it's you know going away, and then I know you understand that.

00:06:57.630 --> 00:07:06.090
Andy Whiteside: The market is growing in such a way, and then they start to question me and i'm like look my number one competitor five years ago was Microsoft not Microsoft add.

00:07:06.450 --> 00:07:12.540
Andy Whiteside: My number one competitor five years ago with Microsoft SEM and their go to market strategy of.

00:07:13.110 --> 00:07:21.810
Andy Whiteside: deploy and manage vs ECM now they're all virtual workloads versus they don't that they flipped on us and they're only going to grow, the.

00:07:22.230 --> 00:07:30.660
Andy Whiteside: only going to grow, the pie, that we all have a piece of and then this little pandemic thing showed up and people realize hey I probably really didn't need to be investigate that earlier.

00:07:33.270 --> 00:07:36.510
Andy Whiteside: So bill, you want to chime in on this at all, and then they will.

00:07:36.630 --> 00:07:37.530
Bill Sutton: I think, to your point.

00:07:38.220 --> 00:07:46.740
Bill Sutton: I think that once you said Andy I think a lot of it is even go back a few years, like you said around SEC, am I think the microsoft's entry into this in a real way.

00:07:47.280 --> 00:07:57.960
Bill Sutton: is really kind of validated the space that citrix has been in for years, I mean not that it was invalid, but it wasn't as common and wasn't as well respected, I guess, as it is now and.

00:07:58.830 --> 00:08:07.860
Bill Sutton: Definitely to jeremy's point is wider and wider in the space and folks are paying a lot more attention to all the solutions in it, and I think certainly being able to bring.

00:08:08.280 --> 00:08:21.750
Bill Sutton: Some of the goodness of hdfs to that platform will help you know, like they say what is it a rising tide raises all ships or something like that I think that's what we're going to see here, I hope, yeah.

00:08:22.260 --> 00:08:36.870
Andy Whiteside: And I know you and JEREMY both have said, the acronym H dx and there's lots of things that are included in that lots and lots of things session recording as an example, but the number one thing and JEREMY hit the three letter acronym for the Microsoft.

00:08:38.370 --> 00:08:42.810
Andy Whiteside: But a cx protocol right that the thing that citrix has been doing and evolving.

00:08:43.890 --> 00:08:57.180
Andy Whiteside: For all these years that still above and beyond the most efficient the most optimal the most capable, the most dynamic is the thing that makes it a no brainer to add that, to the top of the cake yeah.

00:08:57.360 --> 00:08:57.990

00:08:59.640 --> 00:09:07.590
Andy Whiteside: Well, great so more to come, I guess is the takeaway from that one as we learn more will be sharing with folks hey mark how's it going.

00:09:08.610 --> 00:09:10.560
Monica Griesemer: going well, I just been chillin here.

00:09:11.460 --> 00:09:11.880
Geremy Meyers: And I.

00:09:12.330 --> 00:09:22.020
Monica Griesemer: could not agree more with the conversation that was just had we're really excited about our partnership with Microsoft and just expanding upon those hyper scale or partners right just making.

00:09:22.440 --> 00:09:35.490
Monica Griesemer: Meeting customers, where they are in their moves to the cloud at whatever stage that they're in so definitely also really excited about that announcement, but hopefully we can we can chat a little bit more thoroughly on a later call but.

00:09:35.760 --> 00:09:52.170
Andy Whiteside: What I love that you turned our conversation around azure as your virtual desktop Microsoft the desktop as a service cloud PC you turned it into a general hyper scale or conversation, because everything we just talked about applies, no matter which hyper scale we're talking about yep.

00:09:53.490 --> 00:10:01.440
Monica Griesemer: And I mean I think that's the beautiful thing about citrix as well as as we're developing those relationships across obviously Microsoft.

00:10:01.800 --> 00:10:12.690
Monica Griesemer: To everyone's point has been a huge partner of us from the jump from the inception of citrix but there's some cool stuff happening so excited to see what comes along in the future.

00:10:13.050 --> 00:10:18.420
Andy Whiteside: i'll tell you guys a story real quick, I went to a Dell World Conference 1010 or so years ago and.

00:10:19.710 --> 00:10:28.860
Andy Whiteside: There was, it was about remote computing and they brought up a one university that talked about using citrix and talked about the high fidelity solution, they built.

00:10:29.340 --> 00:10:33.930
Andy Whiteside: And then another guys came up right after that and talked about doing it with straight up Microsoft.

00:10:34.410 --> 00:10:40.290
Andy Whiteside: And talked about how successful they were and I went up like that's amazing I want to hear more about how you did that and I started asking basic questions like.

00:10:41.250 --> 00:10:46.380
Andy Whiteside: file access, I mean just really basic copy paste clipboard mapping that just basic basic stuff.

00:10:47.070 --> 00:10:55.620
Andy Whiteside: And he was he was caught off guard he had taken any of that consideration, and I was like man I bet that projects not going to last very long you're gonna have to find something better.

00:10:56.250 --> 00:11:06.270
Andy Whiteside: That straight up Microsoft stack and again this was eight eight ish years ago they've come a long way, but there's still plenty of gaps, where you know you're just around the corner from finding something that's about them.

00:11:10.980 --> 00:11:18.000
Andy Whiteside: So, speaking of which you guys did the what's new and what's new and next with citrix virtual APP and desktops.

00:11:18.690 --> 00:11:27.030
Andy Whiteside: citrix daz citrix ID, as is the all encompassing when we're talking about the service part of it versus the on premises part of it.

00:11:27.900 --> 00:11:39.630
Andy Whiteside: We got through a lot of it already this is part three, and I think I know where we're going to start but, as you look back at the previous two conversations anything you want to add to the things you've covered with us up to this point.

00:11:41.130 --> 00:11:51.630
Monica Griesemer: yeah so I i'm excited to be kind of rounding out I think we've had a really good conversation and just showcasing the real questions that we're getting from our customers.

00:11:51.960 --> 00:12:02.910
Monica Griesemer: So I appreciate how thorough we've been in our previous two conversations so for anyone who's new just jumped in on Part three so you're not a little bit last we've had different categories of.

00:12:03.210 --> 00:12:13.620
Monica Griesemer: Questions that got asked and I think there's close to 50 or 60 here so just kind of to lay the groundwork a little bit I believe we're on the miscellaneous section today.

00:12:13.950 --> 00:12:24.510
Monica Griesemer: Which is this is kind of the grab bag rapid fire quick eight questions that we got that maybe didn't fit in those categories, but are still really important to answer so.

00:12:24.900 --> 00:12:34.890
Monica Griesemer: It should be fun to put on all of our different hats today and and discuss maybe questions that come from left field, but maybe questions that have been on our our listeners minds and.

00:12:35.160 --> 00:12:39.930
Monica Griesemer: Maybe they were too afraid to ask I didn't have the foreign to ask them, so this is the grab bag episode today.

00:12:40.260 --> 00:12:51.480
Andy Whiteside: And kudos to you for you guys for putting this together, and following up with the questions this way and and kudos for all of us coming together and adding conversational and context to what you guys have done here in this blog.

00:12:52.650 --> 00:13:07.800
Andy Whiteside: So so let's start here quick time check we got 30 minutes left in the scheduled time I can go longer if you guys need to, if not just somebody flagged me, and let me know, but the first question is is the process hierarchy control feature available for when when.

00:13:09.090 --> 00:13:17.340
Andy Whiteside: windows endpoint manager workspace endpoint manager sorry about screwed that up on premises so is the process hierarchy control feature available for whim on premises.

00:13:18.000 --> 00:13:24.690
Monica Griesemer: So when is actually workspace environment management, I know we're 11 RTL is today or three letter acronym.

00:13:26.490 --> 00:13:26.970
Monica Griesemer: So.

00:13:28.230 --> 00:13:38.970
Monica Griesemer: That feature is really something we're regrowing on top of to optimize your environments and the process hierarchy control feature has been available on premises for some time.

00:13:39.330 --> 00:13:48.150
Monica Griesemer: So I think this is just something that got missed along the way, but when is continuing to grow, and I think something we should be should talk about more often.

00:13:50.070 --> 00:13:54.570
Andy Whiteside: Todd Smith, what is process hierarchy control you just described that feature real quick.

00:13:58.290 --> 00:13:58.650
Todd Smith - Citrix: yeah.

00:14:01.290 --> 00:14:02.430
Todd Smith - Citrix: We want to edit this part out.

00:14:07.980 --> 00:14:12.210
Andy Whiteside: value of integrity real quick bill Sutton I know you got projects that include this, what is this feature.

00:14:13.080 --> 00:14:18.150
Bill Sutton: As I understand it, because it is relatively new, but this is essentially allowing.

00:14:19.560 --> 00:14:28.560
Bill Sutton: To control, whether certain processes can be started via apparent process, so this is about allowing I believe this is about allowing.

00:14:28.950 --> 00:14:35.880
Bill Sutton: applications to run or processes that are linked to an application that's allowed, whereas the process might not be allowed in and of itself.

00:14:36.420 --> 00:14:47.520
Bill Sutton: So, for example, if you've got a I don't know if you've got an executable that runs other executable and you grant that executable the right to run as an admin person, you know, so to speak.

00:14:48.450 --> 00:14:59.010
Bill Sutton: Then, if it calls another executable or a sub environment, then it will allow that to run as well, I believe that's the way it works okay I don't know that we've used this yet on any projects.

00:14:59.790 --> 00:15:09.480
Bill Sutton: We have used the privilege escalation or elevation which I know was talking about in an earlier podcast but this one I don't know that we've used this one yeah.

00:15:09.750 --> 00:15:13.770
Andy Whiteside: JEREMY Monica any other comments on what this is and why it's important.

00:15:15.420 --> 00:15:26.190
Geremy Meyers: I mean it's I tell you what has come up several times, even in the last two weeks so i'm not going to touch on process hierarchy control, in particular, but just one was a security platform right so.

00:15:27.330 --> 00:15:32.220
Geremy Meyers: that's that's something that's easy to miss so when we talk to customers about security right, I mean we.

00:15:32.940 --> 00:15:38.820
Geremy Meyers: sort of pivot away from citrix being the all encompassing CERT security thing right, you know customers think of security in terms of layers.

00:15:39.330 --> 00:15:48.420
Geremy Meyers: And you know citrix is very much different components of citrix are very much a part of that layer and how you manage executable is within a vda.

00:15:48.840 --> 00:15:57.900
Geremy Meyers: Again, is is another layer that is easily miss right so just something to consider, you know that privilege escalation so bill just hit on that as a pretty important point.

00:15:58.350 --> 00:16:04.110
Geremy Meyers: And then just being able to lock down the vda you know we do it from a few different areas right and when can be a tool.

00:16:05.100 --> 00:16:08.580
Geremy Meyers: Within that same arsenal and here's The other thing i'll point out, as well.

00:16:09.540 --> 00:16:18.330
Geremy Meyers: Because it's blue my hair back so you know we've got a team environment and our women installation and our team environment with web console so not anything related to this blog post but.

00:16:18.810 --> 00:16:28.020
Geremy Meyers: i'll just say this, like the new whim out of the cloud being web based is pretty slick right So if you haven't had a chance to look at work with it, yet highly recommend you.

00:16:28.380 --> 00:16:42.060
Geremy Meyers: danny's point you know let's go talk about and go turn that on and take a look, you know if you've got it for sure, and just one thing to be aware of it's definitely a work in progress, so not everything is a part of the Web studio right now.

00:16:43.170 --> 00:16:51.330
Geremy Meyers: For for them, but things like process control again another piece that could be a part of that security arsenal just being able to cap memory, you know CAP cpu.

00:16:51.840 --> 00:16:57.600
Geremy Meyers: You know, things like that, but you know we're transitioning over to it it's pretty slick actually if you haven't had a chance to check it out, I would say, go do it.

00:16:58.200 --> 00:17:04.680
Andy Whiteside: i'm glad you went there with the security thing I was going to ask is this a performance thing a security thing or management thing and the truth is it's probably.

00:17:05.880 --> 00:17:06.330
Andy Whiteside: Yes.

00:17:09.000 --> 00:17:10.110
Andy Whiteside: And when was a product.

00:17:10.140 --> 00:17:11.250
Andy Whiteside: is exactly that and.

00:17:11.250 --> 00:17:22.770
Andy Whiteside: That is one of those feature sets that we are very adamant on if you have this as part of your entitlement which almost everybody does, if not everybody and you're not using it you're missing an opportunity.

00:17:23.520 --> 00:17:32.130
Geremy Meyers: I mean Andy it's so important that we have an optimization pack specifically for as your virtual desktop right now, which is really women's a service.

00:17:32.370 --> 00:17:34.800
Geremy Meyers: And that's all it is you know it's that important.

00:17:36.810 --> 00:17:44.280
Andy Whiteside: All right, let's go go to the next question here we're never going through, it is the citrix APP layering enterprise layer manager.

00:17:44.730 --> 00:17:57.090
Andy Whiteside: So El enterprise layer manager integrated into citrix studio in citrix virtual APP and desktops 22 or three, which means we're we're talking about the on premises, not the service, I believe, Monica.

00:17:57.840 --> 00:18:10.170
Monica Griesemer: Yes, so the APP layering is deployed and managed separately from studio but we've modernized the management experience with a new user interface, so this wasn't something that was a long time coming.

00:18:10.620 --> 00:18:18.690
Monica Griesemer: APP layering used to run on top of Microsoft silverlight and that has since reached end of life, I believe, and so.

00:18:19.230 --> 00:18:28.650
Monica Griesemer: And I think it only ran on Internet explorer and now we took it out of silverlight and it runs on everything except for Internet explorer, to my knowledge, so.

00:18:29.130 --> 00:18:37.830
Monica Griesemer: That is much, much cleaner and I like that Jeremy and the previous question to you just brought up new ui, so this is obviously.

00:18:38.190 --> 00:18:43.950
Monica Griesemer: talking specifically about on premises, but there has been so much work as of late and.

00:18:44.400 --> 00:18:53.040
Monica Griesemer: i'll take my hat off and go to the cloud like within the cloud console there's so many more streamlined management for whim for.

00:18:53.550 --> 00:19:02.040
Monica Griesemer: session recording we're working on we've got other things on the horizon there's a new homepage in citrix studio or web studio so.

00:19:02.460 --> 00:19:11.700
Monica Griesemer: The ui enhancements that we've been making I don't know what's in the water here at citrix but they've been really, really going off so not to go on a tangent but did want to mention that.

00:19:12.900 --> 00:19:16.800
Geremy Meyers: wasn't silverlight when silverlight went into like one point 21 October.

00:19:16.890 --> 00:19:17.790
Geremy Meyers: Last year yeah.

00:19:18.750 --> 00:19:19.650
Monica Griesemer: And I go yep.

00:19:20.520 --> 00:19:21.630
Geremy Meyers: yep all right.

00:19:21.870 --> 00:19:28.590
Andy Whiteside: Well kudos to citrix for understanding, yes, quality products, but with a good user interface makes it better.

00:19:29.100 --> 00:19:29.850
Andy Whiteside: See better.

00:19:29.940 --> 00:19:35.340
Andy Whiteside: Real realistically better kind of like new tannic from day one, have known that that was.

00:19:36.120 --> 00:19:50.880
Andy Whiteside: That was paramount now citrix has a little challenge right you guys have a very, very long tail and a legacy product set that's had to evolve evolve evolve, but you know you guys have done a really good job getting from that code base to the modern code base and keeping.

00:19:51.630 --> 00:20:01.500
Todd Smith - Citrix: It and, if I can add into here, you know some of these products, especially the application layering came through an acquisition, we did have unit desk.

00:20:02.070 --> 00:20:12.480
Todd Smith - Citrix: And every time you have an acquisition, they have different user interface that different admin interface, and sometimes that's almost the afterthought to start integrating those.

00:20:12.960 --> 00:20:29.550
Todd Smith - Citrix: into a common framework, and I think that's one thing that we've we've done over the past couple of years is try to try to consolidate our style pages, for all of our admin console so they have the same look and feel and being able to consolidate that down.

00:20:31.050 --> 00:20:44.370
Todd Smith - Citrix: I think if you remember back in the days that was probably about a dozen or so different consoles you would have to touch to fully deploy and manage it a citrix environment between the provisioning server console the.

00:20:45.660 --> 00:20:53.340
Todd Smith - Citrix: You know presentation server had a different console as well as edge site right, so you had a variety of different consoles you have to.

00:20:53.970 --> 00:21:09.930
Todd Smith - Citrix: pop back and forth between and sometimes the data you'd have to replicate some of the data across console so this this whole user experience and admin experience in really making it look and feel very similar to each other is huge.

00:21:10.380 --> 00:21:19.710
Andy Whiteside: And it's one thing to sit there and complain about it and say why don't they just do this do that you're a for profit company you don't directly make money out of changing those ui is it's a long term play.

00:21:20.220 --> 00:21:25.470
Andy Whiteside: That happy users you can't tie that to an extra dollar coming in next quarter you don't have to happen.

00:21:28.050 --> 00:21:29.400
Andy Whiteside: Alright, the.

00:21:29.460 --> 00:21:38.850
Andy Whiteside: Next, one is a does service continuity work with web browser so Monica Can you help us with service continuity and then explain the answer to this question.

00:21:39.900 --> 00:21:50.880
Monica Griesemer: yeah so service continuity is really offering that availability in case of a cloud outage or maybe just a miss configuration makes a malfunction so.

00:21:51.180 --> 00:22:01.470
Monica Griesemer: If there's something that makes the cloud go down or make sure environment go down users can still access their resources so that is the basis behind service continuity.

00:22:01.830 --> 00:22:15.300
Monica Griesemer: And it does work from web browsers so on chrome and edge from windows browsers that works and then from grow chrome on MAC I believe you need a chrome plugin to get it to work as well and.

00:22:15.930 --> 00:22:25.260
Monica Griesemer: But I know a huge amount of users login from web browser so I was excited to see this question because that's a very, very common use case and it does work.

00:22:25.950 --> 00:22:38.190
Geremy Meyers: yeah so the service continuity, the way this piece works is it's connection places right so you've got workspace APP so not talking about the browsers for a second, but you got workspace APP you know running on your local machine.

00:22:39.270 --> 00:22:48.630
Geremy Meyers: there's actually a configuration option to enable service continuity, you know, out of the cloud and your workspace that just starts enumerating those resources.

00:22:49.290 --> 00:22:56.160
Geremy Meyers: So you've got these connection leases so if whatever reason, you lose access to that management plane, you can still connect but.

00:22:56.820 --> 00:23:01.950
Geremy Meyers: What this does is extend that same functionality to the web browser so now your web browser with the plugin.

00:23:02.910 --> 00:23:11.490
Geremy Meyers: can start cashing the same connection, he says, which you know, for a large portion of our you know user population i'm either doing it with the browser right, so this is a pretty big deal.

00:23:13.260 --> 00:23:17.550
Andy Whiteside: that's been a long term struggle for my me is to try to help people understand the difference between.

00:23:17.850 --> 00:23:23.970
Andy Whiteside: Using a web browser to get connected through the workspace APP using the workspace APP to get connected through the workspace APP.

00:23:24.390 --> 00:23:35.730
Andy Whiteside: or getting connected through the browser and connecting to it via the browser and i'm it's amazing that all that's available it's also amazing the number of people that don't really know how to articulate which one they're actually using.

00:23:37.170 --> 00:23:42.450
Geremy Meyers: that's true, and you know, to go back to what you said earlier around it was Dell world and just that user experience.

00:23:43.200 --> 00:23:49.500
Geremy Meyers: what's really important to note here is you gotta you gotta think through this from the perspective of how are your users going to connect right what's that user experience, going to be.

00:23:49.740 --> 00:23:57.000
Geremy Meyers: and trying to select whether or not you're going to use workspace APP or you're going to use the Web browser there are there are feature delta's.

00:23:57.540 --> 00:24:03.300
Geremy Meyers: Sometimes intentional between the two, but when you think about things like the embedded browser I mean that's a workspace have that feature.

00:24:03.630 --> 00:24:11.610
Geremy Meyers: When you think about like the hosted secure browser I mean that's a little bit different right, so you got to think through that end user experience like what do you get these where you get your users doing.

00:24:12.090 --> 00:24:19.050
Geremy Meyers: And then you can serve that up and if you're doing this from a thin client maybe you do a lot with I gel you know, the one thing that I don't see here is.

00:24:19.740 --> 00:24:29.310
Geremy Meyers: The Linux workspace APP is not supported for the Web browser yet right so depending on what browser you have on your eye gel thin client you're going to be using workspace out if you need to do that.

00:24:30.390 --> 00:24:35.850
Geremy Meyers: If that's supported right so again it's some of the design decisions, you have to make from an architect perspective.

00:24:36.360 --> 00:24:48.150
Andy Whiteside: Well, and all that comes down to a consulting opportunity and making sure whatever partner you're working with or sisters directly that they're advising first of all, educating you, and then it buys you know what they think and then getting your take on on how what direction to go.

00:24:49.890 --> 00:24:57.690
Andy Whiteside: yep alright next question here is is the Health Check feature, the same as the probing feature within studio.

00:24:59.070 --> 00:25:01.950
Monica Griesemer: And the answer to that is no I see Todd shaking I said no.

00:25:02.550 --> 00:25:03.510
Monica Griesemer: Good good work now.

00:25:04.830 --> 00:25:11.490
Monica Griesemer: The answer is no, so the Health Check feature more runs diagnostics on the health of your studio environment.

00:25:11.820 --> 00:25:28.560
Monica Griesemer: And the probing feature does session and desktop pre launching so it it simulates that it's going to work before the users, try to access it so you can go into more detail, we linked to product docs and the answer, but the answer is they're not the same.

00:25:28.980 --> 00:25:33.690
Andy Whiteside: Are these features see that citrix virtual APP and desktop or dad or both.

00:25:35.430 --> 00:25:38.490
Monica Griesemer: I believe they are, I believe you can do.

00:25:39.600 --> 00:25:47.130
Monica Griesemer: probing both on Prem the Health Check feature, I believe, is a cloud feature I could be wrong, though.

00:25:48.900 --> 00:25:49.170
Andy Whiteside: Todd.

00:25:51.390 --> 00:25:57.390
Geremy Meyers: that's that's a good question i'm not entirely sure, the one thing I was going to ask about this feature Monica is there is.

00:25:57.870 --> 00:26:06.720
Geremy Meyers: I know you're not the product manager for the product marketing manager for like analytics but there's a new feature and analytics which will identify black hole vda right.

00:26:07.290 --> 00:26:11.220
Geremy Meyers: And I wonder if this is what's feeding that information and analytics right so.

00:26:11.880 --> 00:26:19.800
Geremy Meyers: You know, again I don't wanna I don't want to send folks to a vda that could be the black hole right so i'm going to send those to a PDA and that session is not going to launch, for whatever reason.

00:26:20.220 --> 00:26:26.670
Geremy Meyers: You know, I wonder if the Health Check feature is feeding that data and analytics so you know becomes pretty apparent which machines.

00:26:28.200 --> 00:26:31.140
Geremy Meyers: Are up the register, but they're not accepting connections that make sense.

00:26:31.860 --> 00:26:39.030
Monica Griesemer: It does yeah i'm not sure how and when they talk to each other, but that would make sense, I have to do some more digging on analytics.

00:26:40.110 --> 00:26:50.010
Todd Smith - Citrix: And I think the probing the probing capabilities, is something that we've sorely needed for for a while there was a there was a couple of the third party products out there that used to do.

00:26:50.970 --> 00:26:59.880
Todd Smith - Citrix: Synthetic transactions right, so you go and create a couple of recorded transactions that you could actually.

00:27:00.780 --> 00:27:11.580
Todd Smith - Citrix: execute from an endpoint or execute from inside a virtual session, and it would provide you with some some really good diagnostic information that would that would then feed into a health check.

00:27:12.090 --> 00:27:24.090
Todd Smith - Citrix: In really kind of keep you from not only going to the black hole vas, but it would also kind of give you some good information on what the user experience may be at a remote location.

00:27:25.620 --> 00:27:31.470
Todd Smith - Citrix: And you know, we had we had our own internal product edge site for load testing that could do some of that.

00:27:32.940 --> 00:27:42.420
Todd Smith - Citrix: But it really comes down to you know every single citrix administrator out there keeps getting questioned on what does the user performance really look like.

00:27:42.990 --> 00:27:57.150
Todd Smith - Citrix: Right, we can see the back end, we can see what the what the systems are telling us through diagnostics and the analytics but really understanding what that user transactions like without having to send someone out there to watch what the users doing.

00:27:58.860 --> 00:28:09.150
Todd Smith - Citrix: gauge it that way right so being able to have some way to to come up with some synthetic transaction for some probing to really get that information would be extremely helpful.

00:28:09.240 --> 00:28:17.460
Andy Whiteside: We should probably do a whole podcast just on this topic i'm looking at bills face well Todd answer that question when you first started I didn't know you guys even had this and I do this for a living.

00:28:19.740 --> 00:28:23.100
Geremy Meyers: This is like your top you said edge tied to something tells me, you were a fan you.

00:28:24.510 --> 00:28:26.820
Todd Smith - Citrix: know we got acquired right around the same time.

00:28:29.100 --> 00:28:32.730
Andy Whiteside: Still were you aware of the probing feature is something citrus had their stack.

00:28:33.180 --> 00:28:36.210
Bill Sutton: I was not been looking at it, while y'all been talking and.

00:28:37.080 --> 00:28:43.200
Bill Sutton: I think I absolutely agree with what Monica answered here they are different, I mean the health check is really more of an overarching.

00:28:43.500 --> 00:28:52.800
Bill Sutton: check of the entire environment various components like storefront servers and bd a's and and the probing it looks to me like is more real time is is this.

00:28:53.340 --> 00:29:07.950
Bill Sutton: You know available to me, do I want to send a connection to this vda or this this delivery group etc so it's like one is more a point in time, and the other is more more you know active all the time, but I was not aware of these features.

00:29:09.090 --> 00:29:12.750
Bill Sutton: And we'll definitely be digging into them very soon and.

00:29:13.500 --> 00:29:22.890
Andy Whiteside: Make sure our team does, and this goes back to the conversation while ago just yet another feature that when you lay on top of what the hyper scale is bringing for infrastructure to run all this in and with.

00:29:23.790 --> 00:29:32.610
Andy Whiteside: Now you see the value of of having a partner like citrix that that understands the entire landscape, not just a bunch of desktops running in the cloud somewhere.

00:29:33.570 --> 00:29:41.550
Bill Sutton: yeah i'm fairly certain my team is aware of them, but i'm going to bring them up bring this up on the next meeting just to make sure yeah so.

00:29:41.580 --> 00:29:49.170
Andy Whiteside: Monica next question that was asked, with the new hybrid model for subscription flash licensing i'm not I need to understand why there's a slash in there.

00:29:49.590 --> 00:30:00.840
Andy Whiteside: Can on premises site controllers use the citrix it sm adapter for service now near dear talk to us and we're trying to integrate service now with everything we possibly can.

00:30:01.860 --> 00:30:06.840
Andy Whiteside: Previously, it was only available for cloud to cloud, as I recall that's the question.

00:30:07.500 --> 00:30:18.180
Monica Griesemer: mm hmm so the itm service is for citrix daz premium only or premium plus so the higher levels of the cloud additions.

00:30:18.570 --> 00:30:26.190
Monica Griesemer: it's not applicable to just on premises, but this question reiterate or the answer rather says that if you have an active subscription.

00:30:26.730 --> 00:30:39.120
Monica Griesemer: High Level subscription to citrix does premium and the cloud your on Prem Apps and desktops can leverage the ips and service if you aggregate your on premises sites to citrix cloud.

00:30:39.600 --> 00:30:47.430
Monica Griesemer: So Andy to your point I know so you're not the only organization that has movement it sm are moving the service now rather.

00:30:48.300 --> 00:30:54.000
Monica Griesemer: So many are doing that and there's so many actions that you can take in real time.

00:30:54.840 --> 00:31:08.880
Monica Griesemer: And that users can do themselves restarting their desktops they can use the virtual agent for that, but yeah this is it's a specific cloud feature, but if you're in that hybrid mode mode moving to cloud, you can also get it to work okay.

00:31:09.060 --> 00:31:09.870
Andy Whiteside: good to know so.

00:31:10.110 --> 00:31:19.650
Geremy Meyers: So in this case i'm using workspace to access my on Prem desktops right and that's how a piece of work, because i'm aggregating got it.

00:31:21.090 --> 00:31:36.120
Andy Whiteside: And then, where would the service now piece could be the support desk then use service now to get the information they need to go in and support that user where's this the end user themselves would have the ability to use service now to support themselves.

00:31:37.230 --> 00:31:43.680
Monica Griesemer: I think it's both so the admin can see through service now and do the help desk through that console.

00:31:44.040 --> 00:31:50.460
Monica Griesemer: But the virtual agent is what I was getting into in a minute there's a chat Bot, where you can pre configure.

00:31:50.730 --> 00:31:58.980
Monica Griesemer: Things that the user can do themselves, so I believe they have to have like a service now account to be able to go in there and do that, but they can chat and say.

00:31:59.340 --> 00:32:06.720
Monica Griesemer: I want to restart my virtual desktop and it can auto automatically do that for them via the virtual agent so we're really growing our.

00:32:06.960 --> 00:32:07.800

00:32:09.060 --> 00:32:10.920
Monica Griesemer: i'm Sorry, I think I lost you what was that Andy.

00:32:11.430 --> 00:32:16.410
Andy Whiteside: No, I was gonna I was saying, this is a, this is a technology and support conversation yes it's also a business conversation right.

00:32:16.680 --> 00:32:24.870
Andy Whiteside: But we're finding is those people that are investing in building out service now platforms which we internally, are doing right now to support ourselves as well as the host as a managed.

00:32:25.410 --> 00:32:33.780
Andy Whiteside: service for service now if you're going to make that level of commitment it's a big commitment you need to find every way possible to get benefit out of the integration.

00:32:34.170 --> 00:32:41.760
Andy Whiteside: And this is just an example where if you're willing to go hybrid or cloud in the citrix world you now can get more value out of that service now investment.

00:32:45.840 --> 00:32:47.610
Andy Whiteside: Good good know how to bring this up to my.

00:32:49.020 --> 00:33:01.110
Andy Whiteside: next question is the gateway callback URL issue with storefront going to be addressed with a cumulative up day, what is this gateway callback URL issue that's been alluded to here.

00:33:01.830 --> 00:33:02.430

00:33:03.660 --> 00:33:16.740
Monica Griesemer: There was an issue i'm trying to remember, because I was we linked to a support Article So this was fixed with a hot fix and we'll roll up into the first cumulative update for.

00:33:18.630 --> 00:33:23.820
Monica Griesemer: I am trying to remember it's been a minute since i've read this on what the issue exactly was.

00:33:24.420 --> 00:33:29.550
Andy Whiteside: You guys JEREMY Todd bill you guys familiar with what the callback URL issue is.

00:33:30.690 --> 00:33:43.500
Geremy Meyers: I don't know what the specific issue is um I mean listen to call back to general user related to start access and you've got to call back to the gateway is a part of that process but i'll be honest i'm a little entrepreneur with this specific issue.

00:33:44.610 --> 00:33:50.460
Bill Sutton: It had to do with pls being disabled pls one dot O being disabled on the adc.

00:33:51.420 --> 00:34:01.590
Bill Sutton: There was an issue with the storefront sending it properly or being able to establish a secure channel I don't know all the underlying of it, but it had something to do with pls one dot O being disabled on the adc.

00:34:04.800 --> 00:34:09.780
Andy Whiteside: Okay, and the Nice part of this question and answer is the answer was yes.

00:34:11.070 --> 00:34:11.760
Monica Griesemer: Exactly.

00:34:13.110 --> 00:34:14.160
Geremy Meyers: Yes, period.

00:34:15.840 --> 00:34:21.300
Monica Griesemer: So, for some of these I just kind of wanted to type that in and move on with my life, but you gotta give a little context.

00:34:21.720 --> 00:34:24.690
Andy Whiteside: anytime you get a technical guy or Gal to say yes and.

00:34:24.690 --> 00:34:26.010
Andy Whiteside: Give like a clear succinct answer.

00:34:26.010 --> 00:34:26.460
Andy Whiteside: you're winning.

00:34:26.820 --> 00:34:27.210

00:34:29.370 --> 00:34:30.150
Geremy Meyers: It depends me.

00:34:30.180 --> 00:34:39.540
Monica Griesemer: yeah I about said i'm like I could have written it depends, and you know it would have been one call that we had to have me like it depends, we move on, but obviously that's not the answer we all see.

00:34:40.020 --> 00:34:47.430
Andy Whiteside: My normal conversational way is to ask leading questions that lead to the second part of the question and I find that when I talk to you.

00:34:48.000 --> 00:34:55.890
Andy Whiteside: Well, sales guys, for one thing and then 10 guys for another, I asked the first part of the question and I get a five minute answer and there's no time left for what what I was really.

00:34:56.040 --> 00:34:56.310

00:34:58.860 --> 00:35:06.060
Andy Whiteside: All right, um next question here will there be a vdi option for MAC os man this thing's been around forever hasn't taught.

00:35:07.260 --> 00:35:07.680
Monica Griesemer: me this.

00:35:10.650 --> 00:35:13.230
Todd Smith - Citrix: seems to come up every year it's like an anniversary.

00:35:13.830 --> 00:35:21.330
Geremy Meyers: And then we find the video there's a YouTube video, I think that synergy session from like 10 years ago where market a DEMO mark templeton did a DEMO.

00:35:21.960 --> 00:35:28.170
Geremy Meyers: And every so often i'll get that question for sure what are we going to see you know, be able to remote to a MAC is really what this question is.

00:35:28.680 --> 00:35:35.910
Andy Whiteside: And I was in that audience JEREMY you might build an audience and I literally said to myself yeah but why.

00:35:37.560 --> 00:35:39.660
Andy Whiteside: Is this just a gimmick to see who's interested.

00:35:39.780 --> 00:35:40.800
Andy Whiteside: And what comes next.

00:35:41.580 --> 00:35:54.150
Monica Griesemer: that's I mean kind of the the answer as well right it's that apple historically didn't said that MAC os needs to run on apple hardware, there are some instances in public cloud like aws.

00:35:54.690 --> 00:36:17.310
Monica Griesemer: And we know that a lot of people use MAC os i'm i'm operating on a MAC right now, but we support MAC os obviously be the vda I do my work just fine on my macbook pro and we welcome to use cases but it's not in our roadmap right now to virtualize MAC os and.

00:36:18.390 --> 00:36:25.080
Monica Griesemer: We said additionally keep in mind that many Apps run on MAC os will also run on windows or Linux which we fully support so.

00:36:26.130 --> 00:36:26.520
Monica Griesemer: kind of.

00:36:26.640 --> 00:36:28.080
Monica Griesemer: sharing the same sentiment.

00:36:28.320 --> 00:36:41.010
Andy Whiteside: We occasionally run into that marketing department that there is possibly a use case, but at the same time you're like guys you you bought a $3,000 back to run this powerful software for a reason not really sure you want to virtualize that at scale just doesn't quite make sense.

00:36:44.280 --> 00:36:46.440
Todd Smith - Citrix: It was a pop up in education.

00:36:46.590 --> 00:36:46.950

00:36:48.180 --> 00:36:48.450
Todd Smith - Citrix: we're.

00:36:48.630 --> 00:36:49.170
Geremy Meyers: A big time.

00:36:49.230 --> 00:36:50.760
Geremy Meyers: I don't mean big time time, but it does.

00:36:51.660 --> 00:37:04.530
Todd Smith - Citrix: In a lot of times is because they've they've bought MAC books in the prior cycle and now they're looking to move over to chromebooks but they still want to run the applications that run natively on MAC.

00:37:05.370 --> 00:37:14.100
Todd Smith - Citrix: And the the solution that they're looking for is to virtualize the Max and connect to it from a chromebook or from a from another edge device.

00:37:15.240 --> 00:37:16.770
Geremy Meyers: We got to start I forgot about.

00:37:17.070 --> 00:37:27.630
Geremy Meyers: This ask until code started when a lot of universities, who had a MAC os footprint and like they're learning labs you know some of their their labs they were looking for a way to remote into it.

00:37:28.200 --> 00:37:37.080
Geremy Meyers: And so, that was a frequent question, I will take was a big question right, so it was you know every so often um but I haven't heard much in the last six months right yeah.

00:37:37.560 --> 00:37:48.990
Monica Griesemer: yeah I think there's also point use cases right to your point JEREMY there's definitely MAC labs, for example, and college, I took a digital art class right and we would go into the MAC labs for the adobe.

00:37:48.990 --> 00:37:49.350
Bill Sutton: suite.

00:37:49.890 --> 00:38:06.360
Monica Griesemer: But I also know other universities that fully virtualized the adobe suite via windows ios right, so I think there's probably just other ways of getting around it, I think it's an interesting ask but yeah not not 100% on our roadmap at this point.

00:38:07.110 --> 00:38:10.410
Todd Smith - Citrix: In adobe solve that by creating it all as a cloud server.

00:38:10.440 --> 00:38:11.850
Monica Griesemer: In the cloud yeah yep.

00:38:13.410 --> 00:38:22.530
Andy Whiteside: So guys The next question and i'll translate it a little bit because is near and dear to my business is citrix workspace APP available on ios devices.

00:38:23.130 --> 00:38:29.040
Andy Whiteside: which I Joe is really an ios operating system Linux operating system, so therefore we're talking about the citrix workspace APP for Linux.

00:38:29.550 --> 00:38:37.530
Andy Whiteside: And then it goes on whatever hardware, you want to be idle hardware, it could be any of the hardware you want can be new hardware old hardware whatever meets a minimum requirements requirements so.

00:38:37.920 --> 00:38:43.470
Andy Whiteside: i'll translate against citrix workspace APP for Linux available on ios devices.

00:38:44.010 --> 00:38:51.660
Andy Whiteside: How do we know which features these thin clients again operating system software, it says, just as thin client here support.

00:38:52.140 --> 00:38:59.100
Andy Whiteside: I spent a lot of time translating it today's world there's the software aspect of the operating system and then there's the.

00:38:59.580 --> 00:39:13.230
Andy Whiteside: dumb or thin or thick or powerful low power, whatever it is hardware, the depth things running on this is really all about Linux so Monica can you try to help answer this as it relates to idle but Linux in general yeah.

00:39:13.680 --> 00:39:26.640
Monica Griesemer: At the most basic level Andy to your point is that the workspace APP for Linux is supported on I Joel I gel ios devices, so we have our specific clients that are.

00:39:28.200 --> 00:39:39.270
Monica Griesemer: optimized for different os is so yeah the eye gel is Linux os we you can look to the I Joe website or the citrix ready website to fully understand.

00:39:39.750 --> 00:39:50.280
Monica Griesemer: What features are included and also just looking at the workspace out for Linux documentation it's the workspace so that's that's The great thing about.

00:39:50.970 --> 00:40:03.420
Monica Griesemer: Linux based ios is is that we have that one client that works across but I Joe I also hear of a lot here and citrix land and we do a lot with them and citrix ready so.

00:40:03.840 --> 00:40:13.050
Monica Griesemer: I think the vast majority of features that we introduced that are capable on Linux come to idle but have you seen it any differently Andy.

00:40:14.340 --> 00:40:14.790
Monica Griesemer: Can.

00:40:15.120 --> 00:40:23.880
Andy Whiteside: that's that's exactly right and it's intentional I Joe uses the native citrix workspace APP for Linux they don't customize it they don't.

00:40:24.660 --> 00:40:32.130
Andy Whiteside: They don't make changes to it in such a way that's hard to support and they actually embed in their layering technologies three versions of your.

00:40:32.430 --> 00:40:37.800
Andy Whiteside: Linux workspace APP so that if you need to roll forward roll back whatever you're chasing to try to solve.

00:40:38.400 --> 00:40:50.430
Andy Whiteside: it's just a matter of toggling it within within the profiles locally or in the universal management server That was the moment when I was like yeah, this is the thin client operating system on going to market with.

00:40:51.570 --> 00:41:00.990
Geremy Meyers: yeah that's pretty unique in the thin client space and, like most of the other thing client vendors will bake in a version into a version of that their their their firmware like.

00:41:02.580 --> 00:41:03.360
Andy Whiteside: That was a.

00:41:03.450 --> 00:41:15.120
Andy Whiteside: I think that was a Dominican a ploy back in the day it was kind of locked in I think it's also had a lot to do with you guys at citrix not not keeping up with feature parity, now that you've done that, and committed to it for the past five years.

00:41:15.570 --> 00:41:16.410
Andy Whiteside: there's really no need.

00:41:16.650 --> 00:41:29.250
Andy Whiteside: there's really no need to go out and make your own unless you're just trying to create some type of vendor lock in which I see a ton and it's usually, when the customer realizes that they've been locked in by a vendor that's when they decide it's time to make change yeah.

00:41:32.610 --> 00:41:44.940
Andy Whiteside: Okay i'm love those last two topics next one is, do we have a function to recover persistent desktops if they have lost domain membership or network details.

00:41:45.420 --> 00:41:53.400
Andy Whiteside: A Monica try to answer that from a citrix perspective, and then the rest of us can jump in on how you might do that from just overall it methodology perspective.

00:41:53.760 --> 00:42:02.220
Monica Griesemer: Right, I think the answer is it in general, as we put it there's no specific recommendation here, aside from using your local admin credentials.

00:42:02.490 --> 00:42:13.050
Monica Griesemer: to log in and rejoin the domain so citrix provisioning has an as an out of band method to reset machine passwords and you can use scripting and or third party solutions.

00:42:14.220 --> 00:42:16.230
Andy Whiteside: So bill if you're devising a customer if they had.

00:42:17.250 --> 00:42:20.730
Andy Whiteside: They had persistent desktops and what are a couple things you would.

00:42:20.820 --> 00:42:21.960
Bill Sutton: Tell them to make sure they.

00:42:22.050 --> 00:42:37.500
Bill Sutton: Were protecting themselves well if you are using provisioning to monica's point, although I don't know why you would use provisioning for a persistent desktop though I have actually seen customers do that, believe it or not big university, I know I did it back in the day and anyways.

00:42:38.580 --> 00:42:50.550
Bill Sutton: You could leverage the tool that's in the provisioning server console where you can reset the domain membership or reset the net with a computer account in ad as far as on a non provisional machine with.

00:42:52.200 --> 00:42:58.620
Bill Sutton: that's persistent I is just standard IT tools, just like if you had a desktop that lost its domain membership and.

00:42:59.010 --> 00:43:12.120
Bill Sutton: Basically, just go through and rejoin it or use a script or there's also some some some command line utility is you can use to try to reset the machine account so there's lots of ways, you can you can attack this but it becomes a troubleshooting exercise largely.

00:43:12.780 --> 00:43:23.430
Geremy Meyers: I mean i'm bill you hit the nail on the head right, so I mean a persistent desktop is like just a physical desktop right what tool, do you use their you're probably gonna do the same thing if it was a virtual desktop right yeah.

00:43:23.490 --> 00:43:34.200
Andy Whiteside: The only the only differences in the virtual world yeah you have snapshots and things where it's in a nice safe place in the data Center and ideally you're running it on some type of shared storage or some type of hyper converges where.

00:43:34.590 --> 00:43:37.200
Andy Whiteside: You know the redundancy is infinitely more than it is with that.

00:43:37.260 --> 00:43:46.920
Andy Whiteside: person running around or with a laptop or a desktop locally, you know if you say hey Daddy my desktop back to exactly how it was three weeks ago i'm like okay here hold my beer i'll go make that happen.

00:43:48.090 --> 00:43:59.550
Todd Smith - Citrix: So we would see this in the past with customers that didn't have any snapshot of buildings right, so they would build a persistent and we see it more on the server side than on the desktop yeah.

00:44:00.660 --> 00:44:00.870

00:44:03.240 --> 00:44:14.670
Andy Whiteside: yeah yeah loved up in that deeper, but just talk to your consulting partner talk to citrix talk to your IT staff, and this, that this is a super simple problem to solve these days.

00:44:16.950 --> 00:44:23.070
Andy Whiteside: next question is is the support for the Linux vda on par with the windows vda wow that sounds like a familiar topic.

00:44:23.670 --> 00:44:35.730
Monica Griesemer: yeah i'm having deja vu right now, the answer to this is yes, and we mentioned that support for the Linux vda is on par with windows, so at a support level.

00:44:36.630 --> 00:44:42.600
Monica Griesemer: citrix across the board, you can you can bring your issues and to support, but then also wanted to mention here that.

00:44:42.990 --> 00:44:49.980
Monica Griesemer: Obviously, they are two different os is so there's two different work streams within citrix on the Linux vda vs windows, but.

00:44:50.460 --> 00:45:03.300
Monica Griesemer: We we wrote that we are always working to create feature parity between the two s's So this is the conversation that we were just having with the workspace APP for Linux but talking about the Linux vda as well.

00:45:03.690 --> 00:45:08.460
Monica Griesemer: And I work closely with both the workspace APP team and the Linux vda team and.

00:45:09.240 --> 00:45:24.030
Monica Griesemer: yeah just over the the four years that i've been here they've been really on the ball so obviously there are some some gaps and some things that windows can do that Linux can't just by nature, but we're always working to keep in lockstep with one another.

00:45:25.200 --> 00:45:30.870
Andy Whiteside: So the things that you can control are going to be if they're not there immediately they're in a short order yep.

00:45:32.430 --> 00:45:37.560
Andy Whiteside: And that's huge I mean I was with some I was with a guy from the UK and a guy from Germany, literally.

00:45:38.040 --> 00:45:46.950
Andy Whiteside: midnight last night hanging out a bar and and they were pretty much asking me why the world would anybody run a thin client operating system, I gel specifically, especially the German guy.

00:45:47.610 --> 00:45:55.350
Andy Whiteside: When you have to run windows on the endpoint and middle one on just run windows everywhere, and I think I convinced them, but I was like man, if you have an.

00:45:55.350 --> 00:45:58.260
Geremy Meyers: answer that question obviously you don't manage windows on daily basis.

00:46:00.450 --> 00:46:10.200
Andy Whiteside: and understand the attack vector to me I love window don't get me wrong it's my career wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Microsoft windows, at the same point if I don't need it on the endpoint I sure as heck don't want to have it out there.

00:46:11.250 --> 00:46:11.490
Geremy Meyers: yeah.

00:46:12.540 --> 00:46:17.310
Geremy Meyers: I mean a common security conversation is what's your attack surface right and that's the whole point.

00:46:17.760 --> 00:46:18.000

00:46:19.350 --> 00:46:25.770
Andy Whiteside: So guys were at the last question I think it's an interesting one, to finish on, and I think it's going to be a and it depends kind of thing and.

00:46:25.830 --> 00:46:32.190
Andy Whiteside: limitless but Monica the last one, is where can I get more content and training on the latest features.

00:46:32.970 --> 00:46:33.240
Andy Whiteside: yeah.

00:46:34.020 --> 00:46:34.950
Go everywhere.

00:46:35.970 --> 00:46:37.140
Monica Griesemer: Everywhere, all at once.

00:46:38.970 --> 00:46:41.100
Monica Griesemer: So we mentioned a few things here and I hope you.

00:46:41.100 --> 00:46:44.130
Monica Griesemer: Caught that you know as marketers put this really pretty shiny.

00:46:44.130 --> 00:46:50.250
Monica Griesemer: question at the end just by by nature of how beautifully it worked out, it was totally coincidental.

00:46:50.700 --> 00:46:55.890
Monica Griesemer: But we mentioned a few things here that you know the listeners may not be as familiar with, or hopefully you are.

00:46:56.220 --> 00:47:01.800
Monica Griesemer: citrix tech tech zone is what we started off this answer with and that's a great place to find.

00:47:02.190 --> 00:47:14.880
Monica Griesemer: architectures use cases that they've the technical marketing team has really built out that area, to help you answer pretty specific questions about different features and capabilities.

00:47:15.330 --> 00:47:28.800
Monica Griesemer: Also, if your CSS and Title customer success services, you have access to citrix education and then Lastly, the citrix blog that's what we're chatting to right now reading off of and then.

00:47:29.370 --> 00:47:39.780
Monica Griesemer: places like this podcast maybe are a great place to go as well, so if you're looking for information there's probably somewhere to find it, but those are some consolidated areas.

00:47:39.990 --> 00:47:49.170
Andy Whiteside: Well that's the key term if you're looking there's plenty I mean kudos to citrix and kind of leading the way in the industry limitless amount of opportunity to go, learn and read about this stuff.

00:47:49.680 --> 00:48:05.520
Andy Whiteside: If you're looking a lot of people just aren't looking or it's like one of the reasons why we started this podcast I am bill, then you guys I bet Jeremy and Todd you just don't have enough time to consume it all, this is a kind of a cheat sheet shortcut fast way to get some of it in.

00:48:06.450 --> 00:48:12.930
Geremy Meyers: yeah This is great, and I would argue, most customers don't realize they have some kind of access to training down citrix COM.

00:48:13.290 --> 00:48:18.870
Geremy Meyers: So the citrix education piece if you're paying if you've got active maintenance on any product whether it's on Prem in the cloud and matter.

00:48:19.320 --> 00:48:23.250
Geremy Meyers: you've got access to the website you log in and you've got some level of access to that.

00:48:23.850 --> 00:48:30.420
Geremy Meyers: To that site and there's learning videos how things work it's very structured right what products you use and what are you trying to do boom there you go.

00:48:31.290 --> 00:48:37.500
Geremy Meyers: So it's a great place to start in depending on your level of access, you might even have some labs available to you, so the way to just get hands on.

00:48:38.190 --> 00:48:46.260
Andy Whiteside: So i'd be curious from Jeremy and todd's perspective I meet new really intelligent people all the time that are like just tell me what I need to know about citrix i'm like.

00:48:46.320 --> 00:48:47.100
Andy Whiteside: Oh, my gosh.

00:48:47.130 --> 00:48:47.430
Andy Whiteside: Where do I.

00:48:48.720 --> 00:48:55.500
Andy Whiteside: same time decided that they they want to know, but I feel like I need to go back to 1999 and started there.

00:48:56.490 --> 00:48:57.300
Andy Whiteside: that's not reality.

00:48:59.190 --> 00:49:05.430
Geremy Meyers: it's so true, and you know citrix touches so many things as well that you know some of our some of our configuration.

00:49:05.790 --> 00:49:18.150
Geremy Meyers: Issues end up being you know how do you manage windows in a virtual environment right, how do you manage the GP or how you locked out a desktop you know some of the policies it's when you say you want to know everything you need to know what, what do you now.

00:49:18.450 --> 00:49:22.380
Andy Whiteside: let's start there well and, as I said he thought about using provisioning services and.

00:49:22.380 --> 00:49:23.670
Andy Whiteside: Enabling you know the account.

00:49:23.670 --> 00:49:31.140
Andy Whiteside: password reset for the machine account while ago i'm like Oh, my goodness, I hope, somebody told him to turn off automatic machine password changes within active directory first.

00:49:31.530 --> 00:49:32.100
Andy Whiteside: Right i'm like.

00:49:32.160 --> 00:49:46.680
Andy Whiteside: Oh, do I have time to stop and explain what that is and then get a blank look at Okay, what is that Okay, let me back up and explain what that is a lot of its the windows in the infrastructure pieces that are under the citrix is that's a massive amount of education, to begin with.

00:49:47.340 --> 00:49:51.900
Geremy Meyers: Listen, and you said something many years ago that has always stuck with me and.

00:49:52.050 --> 00:50:01.230
Geremy Meyers: It was back when we introduced mcs right and so customers would go hey listen i'm a provisioning servers i'm trying to decide between mcs and provisioning server and the first question you asked was not.

00:50:01.980 --> 00:50:08.490
Geremy Meyers: Well, you know, but how comfortable, are you with either technology, it was who owns the network and what's your relationship with that person because.

00:50:08.820 --> 00:50:15.270
Geremy Meyers: You know PBS provisioning citrix provisioning runs across the network, and if you have very little insight and access, I mean that's a.

00:50:16.140 --> 00:50:25.890
Geremy Meyers: that's something that's gonna be difficult for you to troubleshoot right, so you know there's so many parts and pieces that touch and you know where you said, I mean Monica it's and it depends right so.

00:50:28.650 --> 00:50:34.020
Andy Whiteside: Now i'll tell that story real quick, we had a awesome provisioning services to physical and virtual desktop deployment.

00:50:34.350 --> 00:50:40.680
Andy Whiteside: I was so proud of this thing came in on a Monday morning it didn't work anymore turns out the network team had changed the dh CP.

00:50:41.250 --> 00:50:53.160
Andy Whiteside: provider they went from using windows so using a third party that third party during the shutdown process had a flag in the registry to release the the http address which, in a provisioning server world that's like ripping the hard drive or out.

00:50:53.460 --> 00:50:55.560
Andy Whiteside: 75% of the way through the shutdown.

00:50:56.040 --> 00:51:02.340
Andy Whiteside: And it took two weeks for us to go find that problem and prove that they did it, but I knew it had to be done because that's, the only thing that changed over the weekend.

00:51:04.860 --> 00:51:05.580
Geremy Meyers: Over the network.

00:51:06.840 --> 00:51:24.870
Todd Smith - Citrix: provisioning server used to be the way to find all kinds of problems on your network, you can identify any other service that was running pixie or any other like you said, the http issues or DNS issues could all be colby identify but but turning on feedback.

00:51:25.290 --> 00:51:34.680
Bill Sutton: Even just general network errors we I had one just tell quickly we built the environment in probably a day and a half and everything was going swimmingly and.

00:51:35.520 --> 00:51:40.800
Bill Sutton: next day, I came in and had like 75,003 tries or something on the on the desk.

00:51:41.400 --> 00:51:53.850
Bill Sutton: And turned out after a lot of investigation and bringing in network resources that somebody sometime in the past that installed a run a cable from the core and basically created a network loop then they've been running with this network live for years, and never knew it.

00:51:54.300 --> 00:51:55.230
Geremy Meyers: I had no idea yeah.

00:51:56.760 --> 00:52:06.030
Andy Whiteside: hey guys i'm late for my next call this has been awesome this has been a great three part series Monica Thank you very much and Todd JEREMY, thank you for joining and bill always always good to have your insight.

00:52:07.350 --> 00:52:07.500
Bill Sutton: Thank.

00:52:07.800 --> 00:52:07.920
Geremy Meyers: You.

00:52:07.950 --> 00:52:08.340
Thanks a.

00:52:10.560 --> 00:52:11.400
Andy Whiteside: lot again thanks.