XenTegra - The Citrix Session

The Citrix Session: Announcing Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365

July 26, 2022 XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton Season 1 Episode 111
The Citrix Session: Announcing Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365
XenTegra - The Citrix Session
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XenTegra - The Citrix Session
The Citrix Session: Announcing Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365
Jul 26, 2022 Season 1 Episode 111
XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton

Citrix and Microsoft have been innovating and collaborating for more than 30 years, helping companies accelerate their digital transformations and power better ways to work. We recently announced that this collaboration now extends to Windows 365, in the form of a powerful new integration that will enable organizations to simplify IT management while supporting hybrid work initiatives by bringing key Citrix technologies to this new era of Cloud PC computing.

At Microsoft Inspire 2022, Citrix is excited to introduce our new offering — Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365 — targeted for release later this year. Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365 will enhance the Cloud PC experience with an exceptional high-definition user experience, and integration across a broad range of industry-leading IT solutions.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Bill Sutton
Co-host: Todd Smith

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Citrix and Microsoft have been innovating and collaborating for more than 30 years, helping companies accelerate their digital transformations and power better ways to work. We recently announced that this collaboration now extends to Windows 365, in the form of a powerful new integration that will enable organizations to simplify IT management while supporting hybrid work initiatives by bringing key Citrix technologies to this new era of Cloud PC computing.

At Microsoft Inspire 2022, Citrix is excited to introduce our new offering — Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365 — targeted for release later this year. Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365 will enhance the Cloud PC experience with an exceptional high-definition user experience, and integration across a broad range of industry-leading IT solutions.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Bill Sutton
Co-host: Todd Smith


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free to.

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Andy Whiteside: Everyone and welcome to episode 111 of the citrix session i'm host Andy whiteside got bill sudden back with us bill.

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Andy Whiteside: It all runs together, you were here last week or not here last week.

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Bill Sutton: I was not here last week.

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Andy Whiteside: Okay, then i'm not making it up.

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Bill Sutton: Welcome back, making it up, thank you yep and away for a little while but nice to be back.

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Andy Whiteside: yeah little vacation little family stuff good to good to have you back Todd Smith, the Director of sales engineering for citrix in Canada, a as of.

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Sometime last week.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: Last week, yes.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: Yes, so I need to pull out the long Johns and start start getting figured out how to keep warm and cold of Canada, but it's summer now up there, so i'm looking forward to it.

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Andy Whiteside: So as a Southerner who's only been at least for work to Canada once and that was right before the pandemic which i've got to start going back, but it was a it was cold in early December, then I guess do bostonians think that canada's cold, because you kind of cold.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: it's cold but it's a different type of gold right it's the it's the call that comes in, with with when you don't have a lot of mountains to block the wind, the wind chill really kind of kicks in.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: Although I will tell you i've been prepared to go to Canada i've.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: spent some time up there and prior prior jobs, one of them was going up to yellowknife, which is the beginning of the ice road truckers if you're familiar with that show.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: discovery channel that's where they start off and that's where they do things like you have to plug your vehicle in overnight.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: To keep the engine block from freezing solid in the oil to from freezing solid, so, if not, they basically came out with a giant propane torch and in he the engine block that way.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: in hoping that the engine block will heat up before the gas tank explodes but looking forward to to return up there, you know i've already got my first first big trip scheduled so hidden Calgary Montreal and Toronto week.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: It all in one week.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: schedule for later in August, but looking forward to it great group of folks i'm going to be working with, as well as you know, some great customers to get reacquainted with yeah.

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Andy Whiteside: that's great We look forward to working with you there with integrity, Canada, it is kind of my shining star means integrity us.

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Andy Whiteside: Is what it is and we're been wildly successful beyond dreams, but I love what the Canadian guys are doing in the way they're going to market so will often will be a great partner for you up there.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: Looking forward to.

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Andy Whiteside: Okay well uh coming into today we've had some discussion around what to cover today, and I think what we decided, and it was a no brainer really is to talk about the announcement around well first off the blog but Adam lots.

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Andy Whiteside: Adam I and you go a long way, but Adams a super valuable resource on the technical and business side over at citrix and he wrote a blog called announcing citrix hd X plus for windows 365.

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Andy Whiteside: You know I guess you can't really talk about hdfs or what us older gentleman would call ICA independent computing architecture which has been replaced with a marketing concepts.

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Andy Whiteside: At citrix and others have done it as well called hdfs high definition experience, which includes that beautiful protocol.

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Andy Whiteside: Which is kind of somewhat called the hdfs protocol, these days, but he acts as the marketing term but Todd i'll let you do it, since you work for the vendor what does he mean in general, and what does it mean in the context of what we're talking about here.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: Sure, so so hd X is kind of a catch all for a bunch of different technologies that have been designed Well, first of all they've been around for almost 20 plus years.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: designed to improve the user experience that high def experience right so think of it.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: You know some of the things could be audio video improvements, some of it could be file transfer speeding that up making it simpler.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: optimizing some of the user experience overall right so being able to do multi monitor support leveraging those high end graphics works look workloads optimizing some of the the Channel, you know the The sub channels within within the citrix protocols.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: And ironically it's one of those it's one of those areas when you think about that high def experience you think of going from a single.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: You know single speaker in your car stereo or your car radio to now all of a sudden you've got your wolfers and your sub wolfers and it really gives you that great.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: High fidelity experience, but you know, at the same time you're doing it on the computer your windows desktop or your windows experience.

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Andy Whiteside: So you probably saw what I put on the screen i'll do it again now so bill left the when the when this first happened the hdfs rebranding thing.

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Andy Whiteside: I heard somebody in a in a conference say beside me, the how bad it was at citrix didn't trade market or what have you.

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Andy Whiteside: Now the home depot guys have it and I had a quick moment of oh yeah that does kind of suck and then I went to home depot one time and I started seeing all the hdmi brand stuff I don't know he stands for in home depot do you guys know.

00:05:26.430 --> 00:05:28.680
Todd Smith - Citrix: It zero their home depot store brand.

00:05:29.640 --> 00:05:34.950
Andy Whiteside: it's their store brand but I don't know what the acronym stands for you home depot everything is home depot everything right.

00:05:35.220 --> 00:05:35.850
Todd Smith - Citrix: Maybe could be.

00:05:36.420 --> 00:05:48.540
Andy Whiteside: But my point there's I heard somebody say that as a goal that's too bad and then I went to home depot and saw that it was like the some really good but essential must have kind of stuff like the hdfs toilet paper here I mean it's actually pretty good Phillip bedroom.

00:05:49.710 --> 00:05:58.320
Andy Whiteside: And the reason why I think that is important to bring up is because it it really does when you start talking about like windows 365, how can you use windows 365.

00:05:58.590 --> 00:06:04.080
Andy Whiteside: Without the essential things that you've always had from citrix that you still need in that world, and so I don't.

00:06:04.560 --> 00:06:14.670
Andy Whiteside: I use this jokingly to bring it up, but hdfs needs to be everywhere, if you're doing you know if you're doing vmware horizon on Amazon having the hdfs stuff go on top of that.

00:06:15.120 --> 00:06:19.800
Andy Whiteside: kind of always thought like I thought it'd be a good idea, having a windows virtual desktop but, having the.

00:06:20.310 --> 00:06:31.650
Andy Whiteside: hdfs from citrix stuff On top of that is like okay that takes good stuff and makes it where I really needed to be better so i'm Okay, with the H dx concept at home depot and at citrix.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: yeah if you could really solve some of those basic questions that everyone has nowadays right you go to you unbox your your newest laptop.

00:06:44.190 --> 00:06:50.490
Todd Smith - Citrix: and the first thing is yeah it's got windows 11 loaded on it right, but there's a whole bunch of other things that you may or may not be.

00:06:51.060 --> 00:06:59.460
Todd Smith - Citrix: But then there's some critical things that you do need that aren't included right So how do I, how do I make sure that this device.

00:06:59.970 --> 00:07:17.220
Todd Smith - Citrix: With the operating system is running at optimal efficiency right, how do I get how do I make sure that my login experience is not slow, how do I make sure that my application performance it's not slow and it actually is better than when I you know when I run it.

00:07:18.450 --> 00:07:26.550
Todd Smith - Citrix: run it on my prior machine which has been optimized right same thing goes with running on a virtual operating system, whether it be you know, a.

00:07:27.240 --> 00:07:36.360
Todd Smith - Citrix: citrix virtual Apps and desktop or dad's solution or whether it be something as simple as running it on the cloud PC offering for Microsoft windows 365.

00:07:36.960 --> 00:07:43.710
Todd Smith - Citrix: How do I do that optimization so that it happens every single time I log in every single time I interact with it almost like.

00:07:44.070 --> 00:07:49.890
Todd Smith - Citrix: it's automatically optimizing the background and I don't have to worry about it it's a it's a true set it and forget it.

00:07:50.370 --> 00:08:02.160
Todd Smith - Citrix: And I get a chance to see hey you know what you've got to slow network we're going to optimize the network connectivity to improve upon that we're going to change, you know when you go to us a different device with different.

00:08:02.550 --> 00:08:15.150
Todd Smith - Citrix: Video capabilities that automatically renders in readjust your screen experience to match what the hardware is a lot of those capabilities are built into hdfs and a lot of those are built into this hdfs.

00:08:17.130 --> 00:08:20.580
Todd Smith - Citrix: A Buddha citrix he X plus for windows 365.

00:08:21.360 --> 00:08:26.970
Andy Whiteside: And you guys can see me doing a couple things on my screen here I just lost the X dx monitor from citrix i've got i'm.

00:08:27.240 --> 00:08:32.190
Andy Whiteside: I meant to do this for you guys going into the call here i'm gonna start doing it everybody on these like citrix and other calls.

00:08:32.700 --> 00:08:47.010
Andy Whiteside: i'm using zoom all floating on I jail, all in one thing client in my citrix virtual desktop i'm literally doing these podcasts recordings from this scenario that we talked about all the time to prove that it does work, and it can be a high fidelity experience.

00:08:48.120 --> 00:08:51.930
Andy Whiteside: You know I I think a lot well, let me say this kind of handed over to bill.

00:08:52.590 --> 00:09:03.990
Andy Whiteside: I struggle, a lot going into customers like a bank we're building our with last week going, yes, Sir, it will absolutely hundred percent work man, if I don't have citrix in my back pocket when I make that comment I don't know how I make that comment ability thing.

00:09:04.500 --> 00:09:08.520
Bill Sutton: Now, I completely agree yeah I mean it's really all about living they live in the.

00:09:09.750 --> 00:09:20.130
Bill Sutton: You know, living the experience that we are that we are, we are selling and, to some degree we a lot of us do, and we do you know I do frequently but not every time.

00:09:20.610 --> 00:09:29.250
Bill Sutton: and part of that is is a couple of things that have been corrected, I mean you asked a question this morning, I think it was this morning on our management call how many of you all, are doing this from a virtual desktop.

00:09:29.670 --> 00:09:40.800
Bill Sutton: I think you might have been the only one, there may have been one other person, and the reason I haven't done it until now is I couldn't blur the background in a in a vdi environment that's changed or it's changing.

00:09:41.490 --> 00:09:44.130
Bill Sutton: So you know it's it's about making the experience to your point.

00:09:44.130 --> 00:09:52.950
Bill Sutton: Todd kind of like for like from an important from a physical point to a virtual endpoint and it's you know, over time, we've gotten we've gotten to that point, and then the.

00:09:53.280 --> 00:09:58.830
Bill Sutton: The end of the fiscal employment has moved on and then we move on with it and it's kind of a stair step type game, you know.

00:10:01.410 --> 00:10:03.540
Todd Smith - Citrix: yeah in a feature parity is so.

00:10:03.540 --> 00:10:14.070
Todd Smith - Citrix: Critical right as you're as you're bouncing between devices or networks or you know even applications, they want that they want that experience to be the same.

00:10:14.880 --> 00:10:27.990
Todd Smith - Citrix: Regardless and the critical thing there in the got you've got to think about it is you know the days of it being limited development being limited to specific hardware platforms.

00:10:28.560 --> 00:10:36.480
Todd Smith - Citrix: it's really over I mean there are there are developers that are writing code, without ever touching hardware they're doing it all in a virtual development environment.

00:10:37.110 --> 00:10:45.960
Todd Smith - Citrix: And they need to they need to take an extrapolate the hardware layer out of it right, so that means you need to have optimization tools that are built towards.

00:10:47.160 --> 00:10:57.240
Todd Smith - Citrix: going in and detecting what it has for physical hardware what graphics cards are there, what the audio performance is like what's the network performance like in adapt on the flop.

00:10:58.080 --> 00:11:11.760
Todd Smith - Citrix: and be able to have it be done intelligently, so that when I am switching from one wi fi network to another I don't want to have to completely reboot or restart my session, to be able to pick up those capabilities.

00:11:13.830 --> 00:11:20.340
Andy Whiteside: And as crazy as it sounds and i'm a little bit of a strange use case i've moved this virtual desktop to four different machines this morning.

00:11:21.480 --> 00:11:29.850
Andy Whiteside: For different places have access to it, and sometimes traversing from one network to another, and you know I had a moment of pause but then after that keep writing and kept working.

00:11:31.890 --> 00:11:36.960
Andy Whiteside: um Okay, so we have to kind of get through this blog and make sure we cover what's in it.

00:11:38.040 --> 00:11:45.450
Andy Whiteside: So Todd This is specifically calling out that citrix is continuing to advance what it's doing in native.

00:11:45.840 --> 00:11:52.890
Andy Whiteside: windows specifically windows 365 which would be azure active directory, excuse me as your virtual desktop add.

00:11:53.340 --> 00:11:59.490
Andy Whiteside: This is the data offering from Microsoft, which in theory citrix kind of competed with or does compete with.

00:11:59.790 --> 00:12:13.170
Andy Whiteside: But at the same time, if you want to bring some of those citrix capabilities into that native w 365 world, this is the path to do it citrix hd X plus four Is there more than just as one, what are the different options.

00:12:13.800 --> 00:12:23.400
Todd Smith - Citrix: So, so a lot of the options Andy is to really kind of take take the capabilities that we have provided with our windows environment manager manager, or when.

00:12:24.210 --> 00:12:34.050
Todd Smith - Citrix: In really kind of apply that towards a Microsoft or windows 365 vironment as well right so when does a really, really great job of.

00:12:35.190 --> 00:12:51.150
Todd Smith - Citrix: Checking for optimization opportunities within the citrix were within the user session rather be on a physical device or virtual device and kind of making those adjustments and if or improvements and optimizations kind of on the fly.

00:12:52.650 --> 00:13:09.060
Todd Smith - Citrix: and completely kind of without the user ever having to do anything right so it's just monitoring the background and it's checking and seeing you know what the network latency looks like what the you know, has your graphics capabilities changed.

00:13:10.950 --> 00:13:21.960
Todd Smith - Citrix: What what type of audio track you sending back and forth through what is the you know, in a day of everyone, using zoom and webex and teams and things like that.

00:13:22.950 --> 00:13:34.380
Todd Smith - Citrix: You know where it's replacing an entire phone system, you know there's there's a whole concept until f&e around Jupiter, and that is the you know the rearrangement of packets, and the beano people's voices.

00:13:34.920 --> 00:13:46.440
Todd Smith - Citrix: are really impacted you know what you hear someone saying can be incredibly impacted by this jet or this loss this this temporary loss or temporary.

00:13:48.030 --> 00:13:55.740
Todd Smith - Citrix: kind of confusion that gets occurred when you're passing packets across the across the Internet right people people tend to.

00:13:56.670 --> 00:14:05.490
Todd Smith - Citrix: adapt easily to if it's a video signal it's a little bit wonky, but when you start being audio you start running into a lot of problems people abandon.

00:14:05.820 --> 00:14:13.320
Todd Smith - Citrix: Some of these virtual technologies and virtual meeting sessions in revert back to things like cell phones or landline try to find a landline nowadays.

00:14:13.800 --> 00:14:26.220
Todd Smith - Citrix: But what happens is because you do suffer some packet loss you do so for these this chatter you want to be able to have a solution running in the background that can automatically detect it off to my face.

00:14:27.630 --> 00:14:30.390
Andy Whiteside: So Todd is this, let me make sure I understand.

00:14:31.620 --> 00:14:38.310
Andy Whiteside: Okay, so citrix a cx marketing terms for all things six or 10 user experience.

00:14:39.390 --> 00:14:44.010
Andy Whiteside: related so a month or so ago we did a podcast on whim.

00:14:46.500 --> 00:14:50.100
Andy Whiteside: Environment manager windows windows environment manager right.

00:14:51.630 --> 00:15:05.640
Andy Whiteside: So we did a podcast that and now citrix in this announcement what what specific hd X items are we going to see in the ability to show up in windows 365 if we go to the Microsoft store and add it.

00:15:06.030 --> 00:15:10.890
Todd Smith - Citrix: Yes, I think the three big ticket items here Andy is you know around graphics right.

00:15:11.790 --> 00:15:23.310
Todd Smith - Citrix: Second, one is around audio right we just talked about, and then the third one is around supporting those collaboration tools right and the collaboration tools can be as simple as kind of all all fit together.

00:15:24.180 --> 00:15:30.840
Todd Smith - Citrix: Because what we're really talking about it's things like like bill mentioned the ability to blur your background your team or the ability to.

00:15:31.140 --> 00:15:42.390
Todd Smith - Citrix: inject a corporate image behind people when they're using teams or being able to optimize the audio quality right delivered through.

00:15:42.750 --> 00:15:51.090
Todd Smith - Citrix: You know, when you get a lot of people on a phone call or on a team's call you want to be able to have the better, you want to have the audio adjust as needed.

00:15:52.680 --> 00:15:56.670
Todd Smith - Citrix: And there's a lot of things that are that are capable, to be able to be shown here.

00:15:58.770 --> 00:16:03.600
Andy Whiteside: I just put up my task manager God I didn't know this is my persistent virtual desktop that we're in right now.

00:16:04.290 --> 00:16:11.850
Andy Whiteside: My non persistent as a different one I use most of the time, and I want to see if zte INTEGRA our company had put a gpu and here we have.

00:16:12.600 --> 00:16:25.470
Andy Whiteside: Because there is all floating there's optimization there's also smart back in infrastructure to take all that, together, and a decent network, I like that a decent network and all of a sudden, all this becomes very doable.

00:16:29.400 --> 00:16:38.730
Andy Whiteside: Building um any thoughts on the three elements that Todd called out that you should be able to get a little layer of citrix into your w 365 going forward sometime this year.

00:16:39.060 --> 00:16:54.360
Bill Sutton: yeah I mean this is really cool stuff I think and it's interesting I mean is this is the expectation and maybe you can't answer this time that this will kind of supplement the Microsoft capabilities, or are we going to be replacing some of the Microsoft capabilities.

00:16:54.900 --> 00:17:00.570
Todd Smith - Citrix: Yes, so I think it's more geared towards supplementing off capabilities right so.

00:17:01.170 --> 00:17:09.600
Todd Smith - Citrix: You know if you if you listen to the announcements and there's a video embedded in the blog that talks about the the announcement that was made it inspired with Scott Manchester.

00:17:10.380 --> 00:17:15.510
Todd Smith - Citrix: From Microsoft kind of talking about you know the partnership that citrix has had with Microsoft.

00:17:16.470 --> 00:17:34.590
Todd Smith - Citrix: 30 plus years of having a partnership with them and having developers, you know citrix developers sit in Microsoft development offices and likewise there's Microsoft developers and sit in our central offices and that's been in sitting in offices as kind of a virtual.

00:17:35.730 --> 00:17:37.350
Todd Smith - Citrix: putting up my quotation fingers there.

00:17:38.760 --> 00:17:48.210
Todd Smith - Citrix: Because, in this day and age there's a lot of lot more sharing of intellectual property, and you know working down this path together.

00:17:49.200 --> 00:18:00.210
Todd Smith - Citrix: The cool thing is, is that you know we're we're announcing ahead of time that we're we're doing these things we haven't announced a release date yet for this, we know it's coming soon.

00:18:01.440 --> 00:18:22.560
Todd Smith - Citrix: But I think the big thing is that for customers who really want to improve their their users experience, whether it be you know, on Prem or in the cloud on any of the the platform providers, you know you want to be able to use these optimization packs as much as possible.

00:18:23.910 --> 00:18:36.090
Andy Whiteside: So guys, let me ask you a business question does this if it works justify the $16 billion price tag that somebody just paid for citrix is this that big of an opportunity, what do you think.

00:18:38.550 --> 00:18:55.950
Todd Smith - Citrix: It could be in a little bit of a vague answer here, but it certainly could justify some of the investment I think there's some other products that we have that that would also help justify that yeah but it's one of those things where the sum of the parts.

00:18:56.970 --> 00:19:06.060
Todd Smith - Citrix: Certainly exceed the the whole investment right so it's the partnerships that we have with some of our development.

00:19:07.260 --> 00:19:13.560
Todd Smith - Citrix: ecosystem partners that are out there, as well as the fact that we can always optimize you know, the goal here is that.

00:19:14.670 --> 00:19:17.760
Todd Smith - Citrix: it's not always replacing it's more improvement.

00:19:19.020 --> 00:19:20.070
Andy Whiteside: yeah, what do you think.

00:19:22.140 --> 00:19:31.350
Bill Sutton: I think the jury's out on that whether it's going to investments there, I am one of the questions that I had when I first read this even going back a month or so ago when they first kind of.

00:19:32.100 --> 00:19:45.930
Bill Sutton: dropped the teaser about this is is this ICA on windows 365 or is it more about optimizing virtual channels up or not virtual channels, but optimizing delivery a tour is that still an open question.

00:19:47.010 --> 00:19:59.280
Todd Smith - Citrix: yeah I think bill it's kind of both right So if you look at it, you know when we took came out with hga acts as a brand name right or as a feature set.

00:19:59.580 --> 00:20:07.830
Todd Smith - Citrix: Right it really was a conglomeration of about 80 different technologies that went in there, some of them were specific to ICA.

00:20:08.910 --> 00:20:15.090
Todd Smith - Citrix: and improving the ICA protocol, and some of them were standalone features that just it made sense to bundle them together.

00:20:16.140 --> 00:20:28.830
Todd Smith - Citrix: If you think back, I mean this was, at the same roughly about the same time we introduce the citrix receiver which was that one universal client that could do kind of everything, and you had little drop ins that you could.

00:20:29.880 --> 00:20:39.840
Todd Smith - Citrix: That you could turn on within the citrix receiver because of the past, I mean you know, going back to my early days and citrix when you when you look at the CES tray.

00:20:40.410 --> 00:20:46.110
Todd Smith - Citrix: And there would be eight or nine different citrix agents that would run on their.

00:20:46.830 --> 00:21:03.570
Todd Smith - Citrix: know some of those were doing optimization some of them were focused on the ICA protocol certainly some of those features capabilities were just literally agents that would allow me to connect to a fetus if i'm if i'm delivering my desktop through artists, as an example.

00:21:04.680 --> 00:21:13.440
Todd Smith - Citrix: Some of them were multiple network connections right so you'd have the vpn client, you would have the single sign on agent, that would be there.

00:21:13.890 --> 00:21:23.310
Todd Smith - Citrix: Your password manager agent that was sitting on their edge site collection agent that was sitting there, I mean all of a sudden, you look at your SIS trade in three quarters of the of.

00:21:23.640 --> 00:21:31.230
Todd Smith - Citrix: The icons that we're sitting here we're all related to the same product, and so it made sense to kind of condense that into together.

00:21:32.610 --> 00:21:48.180
Todd Smith - Citrix: And unfortunately it was you know, unfortunately we yeah we collapse that space, but at the same time, from an improvement efficiency perspective, we only have to go and upgrade that receiver once we didn't have to go and upgrade individual agents anymore.

00:21:49.470 --> 00:21:56.820
Todd Smith - Citrix: So it made it made it easier for the administrators, but it also made it a lot easier and more more beneficial to the user so.

00:21:56.910 --> 00:21:59.880
Andy Whiteside: Let me do a latest bill unbiased answer you ready.

00:22:01.170 --> 00:22:01.530
Bill Sutton: sure.

00:22:01.830 --> 00:22:11.100
Andy Whiteside: If I were to say windows 365 desktop as a service from Microsoft is a solid strategy all by itself, what would you say.

00:22:13.260 --> 00:22:15.480
Bill Sutton: A solid strategy it's a good strategy.

00:22:16.560 --> 00:22:24.420
Andy Whiteside: Good stroke so guess what if I said, taking the history and the power and the abilities of citrix On top of that, how did that improve.

00:22:24.450 --> 00:22:26.580
Bill Sutton: And would it would improve you i'd be more inclined to say.

00:22:26.580 --> 00:22:28.650
Bill Sutton: Solid enterprise ready.

00:22:30.120 --> 00:22:33.420
Andy Whiteside: For the known and, more importantly, for the unknown.

00:22:33.690 --> 00:22:37.890
Bill Sutton: The unknown, as we continue to develop, I mean to todd's point you know the.

00:22:38.340 --> 00:22:46.380
Bill Sutton: The evolution of the of the quote unquote receiver to workspace APP and now includes a lot of a lot more things than we ever imagined like an embedded browser like the Web agent.

00:22:47.010 --> 00:22:55.890
Bill Sutton: It has continued to evolve and to the extent that that evolution will make its way into this this hd X plus then it certainly does position.

00:22:56.250 --> 00:23:10.950
Bill Sutton: Both citrix and Microsoft solutions as more enterprise ready, particularly the Microsoft, I mean since was already enterprise ready, but the Microsoft piece really being being used as a more enterprise technology, then perhaps when this 365 has been positioned yeah.

00:23:12.180 --> 00:23:19.740
Andy Whiteside: yeah Todd have a question on this topic, this is really focused on windows 365 aka the Microsoft DAS solution.

00:23:20.970 --> 00:23:26.370
Andy Whiteside: Where does this, if at all, fit into the add native stack of capability.

00:23:26.430 --> 00:23:27.330
Bill Sutton: Under the same thing.

00:23:28.110 --> 00:23:29.850
Todd Smith - Citrix: falls into the same thing pretty much.

00:23:30.390 --> 00:23:33.690
Andy Whiteside: So you can use this with native add not you don't have to be w 365.

00:23:35.970 --> 00:23:42.630
Todd Smith - Citrix: i'm not 100% positive on that one, but I would assume that since abt is really part of windows 765.

00:23:43.950 --> 00:23:55.500
Andy Whiteside: see my assumption from a business perspective citrix wants this with w 365 but doesn't want to erode the add native conversation making that better with citrix daz so.

00:23:55.620 --> 00:23:56.910
Andy Whiteside: yeah it's not but.

00:23:57.450 --> 00:23:58.710
Todd Smith - Citrix: I think on yeah.

00:23:58.920 --> 00:24:08.490
Todd Smith - Citrix: I think, on top of that end, you know it really comes down to what are the applications your these users they're going to be actually running inside of windows.

00:24:09.090 --> 00:24:13.470
Todd Smith - Citrix: Regardless of where windows product right so whether it's on a DVD or windows.

00:24:14.460 --> 00:24:21.930
Todd Smith - Citrix: or on Prem it all comes down to the applications right What are those applications, what do they need to have optimized what are their.

00:24:22.350 --> 00:24:28.920
Todd Smith - Citrix: What is the expectation of the user right, so if i'm a if i'm a power user out of financial trading firm.

00:24:29.640 --> 00:24:43.830
Todd Smith - Citrix: i'm going to have a different set of expectations with all, then the user who all they're doing is connecting into a browser and connecting out to a couple of SAS Apps or web based Apps those are different use cases.

00:24:44.910 --> 00:24:56.160
Todd Smith - Citrix: what's changing now is a lot of those users, that are connecting out to SAS Apps or web based Apps have a lot more requirements for performance.

00:24:57.330 --> 00:25:04.260
Todd Smith - Citrix: than they ever have in the past yeah it's no longer good enough to just connect to a contextual SAS based APP with a the browser.

00:25:04.650 --> 00:25:14.040
Todd Smith - Citrix: they're going to expect certain things to those application publishers are going to expect certain capabilities in the browser or in the end point that's going to help improve that performance.

00:25:14.430 --> 00:25:18.150
Andy Whiteside: And I just did it while you were talking I just give an example right so.

00:25:18.510 --> 00:25:30.510
Andy Whiteside: If you're just if you're digital workspace strategy is just a virtual desktop with the citrix the power of citrix to make it a more usable virtual desktop then find windows 365 plus eight X plus great you got it.

00:25:30.780 --> 00:25:43.080
Andy Whiteside: If you're looking for a true digital workspace strategy that includes SAS Apps and the analytics hosted published Apps x86 legacy Apps if you want call that now the sudden you're back in the daz integration with a vd world.

00:25:45.150 --> 00:25:52.260
Bill Sutton: But I think if you look if you minimize that and and you look at the last paragraph that's on your screen there, the ability to launch the.

00:25:52.740 --> 00:26:02.970
Bill Sutton: To the launch the cloud PC via windows 365 dot microsoft.com or via the workspace APP itself, along with other content, now we have the Cape we.

00:26:03.780 --> 00:26:15.660
Bill Sutton: Theoretically, will have the capability to be able to leverage the goodness that you just showed them the ability to create a digital workspace for Apps as well as that that witness 365 desktop all from the same place.

00:26:16.950 --> 00:26:23.790
Andy Whiteside: But, at the very least you take two vendors that you trust it no conflicts, they help each other and you least know you're going to one vendor for us.

00:26:24.150 --> 00:26:40.890
Andy Whiteside: One team of two very tightly related vendors for 30 years for a solution that goes back to my question bill asked you have Okay, what is this one, a good strategy or this one, a good strategy clearly the two together make for a winnable game winnable season i'll put it that way.

00:26:41.400 --> 00:26:53.310
Andy Whiteside: yeah if you told me Andy you can take your little toolbox, or you can take your two utility truck full of tools on the next job site i'm gonna take my truck my utility truck which by the way, i've always wanted to have one of those I don't have one, but I want.

00:26:55.170 --> 00:27:00.690
Andy Whiteside: All my entire garage to be the utility truck that I drive around, and when I go to when I go to do something it's all right there.

00:27:02.520 --> 00:27:14.130
Todd Smith - Citrix: By the way, there's a there's a whole string of YouTube videos that will do walk around of the way guys the way service technicians set up your utility dress yeah, it is the most.

00:27:14.760 --> 00:27:31.500
Todd Smith - Citrix: Incredible and enlightening walk around that i've seen yeah you know because because you don't realize what the important tools are to a mechanic until you actually see how they lay them out and then take them with a prayer and you can take an entire garage with.

00:27:32.520 --> 00:27:35.610
Todd Smith - Citrix: You can take a good, you can take what you need yeah.

00:27:35.790 --> 00:27:42.270
Andy Whiteside: Most of the time, and if you if i'm going to get into a vdi fight I want I want my citrix baseball BAT in my truck.

00:27:45.240 --> 00:27:50.100
Andy Whiteside: Alright guys well, I appreciate you jumping on and going over this Todd will look for more from you guys on.

00:27:51.300 --> 00:27:57.960
Andy Whiteside: elements as you guys, I do have a question, where do you think the other vendors, in the space, the main citrus competitors do you think they'll follow suit.

00:28:01.110 --> 00:28:17.880
Todd Smith - Citrix: I think they will it's a matter of how how well they're going to be able to follow suit right, so the other vendors, in the space don't have the secret sauce which is ICA in hdfs right they're trying to reverse engineer a lot of the things that we do.

00:28:20.490 --> 00:28:28.230
Todd Smith - Citrix: And the other thing is I don't think the I don't think those other vendors have the same relationship levels that we have with Microsoft yeah.

00:28:29.220 --> 00:28:31.170
Bill Sutton: I would agree with that yeah absolutely.

00:28:31.410 --> 00:28:36.180
Andy Whiteside: Well, and i'll add one other thing to get your take on this I don't know the other vendors have the need.

00:28:36.810 --> 00:28:48.810
Andy Whiteside: to survive and thrive underscore the word thrive without Microsoft right you guys are so tied to them and your your your Ying and Yang your future is your past and your future is so tied to them.

00:28:49.200 --> 00:28:55.890
Andy Whiteside: I think citrix has to and rightfully so play along seriously in this place the space, you know.

00:28:56.940 --> 00:29:00.450
Andy Whiteside: it's I mean that's not a necessity is not a bad thing, as long as you do the right things about it.

00:29:00.630 --> 00:29:02.100
Bill Sutton: Right now.

00:29:03.030 --> 00:29:09.600
Andy Whiteside: Well guys, I appreciate it that'll wrap up next episode a 111 hard to believe there were 111 at this point, but.

00:29:10.200 --> 00:29:22.920
Andy Whiteside: appreciate you guys jumping on up with Jeremy and join us again next week and i'll get this posted sometime this week oh Todd you're going to be at the vmware vmware whoa excel in New York.

00:29:23.190 --> 00:29:32.460
Todd Smith - Citrix: This week, I will I will be at the CDC XL event which is happening on Wednesday at Yankee stadium, so you get a chance to.

00:29:33.930 --> 00:29:40.830
Todd Smith - Citrix: See the stadium and we're going to be doing some raffles for some great prizes as well as being able to.

00:29:41.550 --> 00:29:47.430
Todd Smith - Citrix: To raffle off of behind the scenes tour of Yankee stadium so who's going to be a 30 person to work.

00:29:48.060 --> 00:29:56.790
Todd Smith - Citrix: To do that you're going to get a chance to hear from some of our citrix industry thought leaders meeting folks like Christian Riley Joe Kim.

00:29:57.720 --> 00:30:09.240
Todd Smith - Citrix: A couple of other that are going to be talking as well as as well as hanging out a great location and looking forward to joining us integrity or happy hour after which.

00:30:09.600 --> 00:30:15.600
Andy Whiteside: You beat me too i'm gonna put you on the spot, make sure you come to the happy, are you happy hour at four o'clock.

00:30:18.450 --> 00:30:23.010
Andy Whiteside: So looking forward to that Todd thanks a lot bill thanks as always we'll see yep.

00:30:23.100 --> 00:30:24.120
Todd Smith - Citrix: Okay, thank you guys.