XenTegra - The Citrix Session

The Citrix Session: What’s new with Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops – September 2022 - Part 2

October 18, 2022 XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton Season 1 Episode 117
The Citrix Session: What’s new with Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops – September 2022 - Part 2
XenTegra - The Citrix Session
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XenTegra - The Citrix Session
The Citrix Session: What’s new with Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops – September 2022 - Part 2
Oct 18, 2022 Season 1 Episode 117
XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton

In the evolving world of hybrid work, Citrix is focused on delivering technologies that support organizations with streamlined maintenance and enhanced security, while ensuring users stay productive with high-performing access to corporate resources. Whether you decide to adopt on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or modernize your infrastructure with desktop as a service (DaaS), Citrix solutions can support your business however you choose to deploy.

Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deliver new features and enhancements that make it easier than ever for organizations to create agile work environments with apps and desktops delivered securely anywhere, on any device.

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Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Bill Sutton
Co-host: Todd Smith

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In the evolving world of hybrid work, Citrix is focused on delivering technologies that support organizations with streamlined maintenance and enhanced security, while ensuring users stay productive with high-performing access to corporate resources. Whether you decide to adopt on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or modernize your infrastructure with desktop as a service (DaaS), Citrix solutions can support your business however you choose to deploy.

Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deliver new features and enhancements that make it easier than ever for organizations to create agile work environments with apps and desktops delivered securely anywhere, on any device.

Please use the following links to help you quickly navigate between sections in this announcement:

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Bill Sutton
Co-host: Todd Smith


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Andy Whiteside: Everyone Welcome to episode One hundred and seventeen of the Citric session. I'm your host again. Andy White Side got the Bill sudden Director of services. Bill asked you a question in today's management. Call it um. This bump in the service needs consulting services, professional services was a bump, or was this the future. And you said the future. Why is that

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Bill Sutton: as well? I think a lot of it has to do with our presence in the market, and the fact that we are, we do such a good job for customers. Um! That more customers are coming to us. We have a I mean. Obviously we have a very strong sales and marketing force, and I think that's driving a lot of the demand. Um, Obviously, I think another part of the demand is simply the way the market's moving

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Bill Sutton: more towards jazz desktop as a service virtualization. Um. So we're seeing more interest in that concept as an outgrowth of the pandemic. So I think it's a it's a hybrid of those two things primarily.

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Andy Whiteside: Yeah. And and I want to highlight something in our world, right? We know who every project, every implementation, is not perfect. But we we come ahead with that idea that we're going to do the best we can, and we're going to make it right, and I think that's really started to resonate with our customers. Todd. You see in the in demand for desktop virtualization that's outpacing what it used to be. Yeah, and and yeah, we we are. And a couple of things are driving that right? So number one is,

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Todd Smith - Citrix: you know, some of our products have gone end of life, especially some of our older products. Um!

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Todd Smith - Citrix: And people are following, you know, people who had fallen behind, and you know it kind of came up and bit them. Um. But the second thing is is that

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Todd Smith - Citrix: there's a gap out there for resources uh that are available. Um, you know Citrix engineers, uh who are capable of going out and doing upgrades and things like that. Um, you know we're having. We're seeing customers having to rely on awful lot more on partners like yourselves to uh, to really kind of

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Todd Smith - Citrix: still bridge that gap and fill those needs.

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Andy Whiteside: You You think that's because the guys our age kind of did. It moved on to the next thing and the the generations behind Hasn't Hasn't filled in the need uh maybe the need wasn't there. And all of a sudden, you know this pandemic and and Microsoft, moving forward to deploy, to deliver deliver world. All of a sudden

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Andy Whiteside: came full service, kind of like the airlines, right where they didn't have enough. They had plenty of pilots, and then they all of a sudden needed a new P. The demands showed up right when the uh the bomb right when it bottomed out on the pilots.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: Yeah, I think that was driving a lot of it is the you know, the fact that a lot of the folks that were responsible for maintaining and managing citrix environments at the customers were also responsible for doing a whole bunch of other things as well, and they got a they get kind of re-tasked and repurposed over to doing office three hundred and sixty-five migrations, and doing sql server migrations, and doing all the other stuff

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Todd Smith - Citrix: uh that they would normally just get inserted into their daily routine um and they kind of push the citrix components off, and you know

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Todd Smith - Citrix: you're You're You're kicking the can down the road, for only so long

00:02:59.890 --> 00:03:01.480
Todd Smith - Citrix: before you run out of road,

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Andy Whiteside: and then the need comes and goes, and I think it's like right now. I've got a twenty year old soon, and i'm i'm teaching him. You know modern apps and Sas things the future. And then I'm sitting there going. But there's going to be a demand for this stuff that's going to be around for another, maybe two years.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: I mean how long, you know. For for years we always heard that the mainframes were going away, but yet you go into a bank or an insurance company, and they still got those things up and running, and they were supposed to be. They were supposed to be uh taken out fifty years ago, and yet they're still in purpose, right? So these legacy applications and legacy systems

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Todd Smith - Citrix: are still going to be out there, and I I think one of the big gaps we've got in our in our education system is not training folks on the basics of windows and troubleshooting, and even even going back to the hardware components of it, you know. Take some folks that have

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Todd Smith - Citrix: recently graduated out of college and show them what a what a actually server. Looks like, you know, there's hardware behind that Ip address.

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Andy Whiteside: I've got a couple of stories there, One I had a two computers that said, hey network. These together had no idea, no idea what I was talking about uh or Couldn't had no idea how it was to come together, and recently I had a conversation with a a kid about, you know, application, development, and infrastructure, and and all they wanted to talk about was containers like

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Andy Whiteside: in everything containers like No, everything's not containers.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: We'll see underlying components of an operating system What's the underlying components? What? Why is storage? Have its own subsystem? You know they? They're not teaching those concepts in uh, in most of the college the university programs out there as well.

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Andy Whiteside: That's this good talk to um again, and ask your why? Why it's called a boot process, asked him or her why it's called a boot process.

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Andy Whiteside: Where did they come from? Your whole Bootstrap concept?

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Andy Whiteside: Oh, well, can't solve it all. We just make what's there for us? Um! So we are uh this is part two of um um a blog that we're viewing uh from heather Tat, I think, is your name. I've double checked uh todd, you know, uh, and it's called what's new with Citrix Dash desktop as a service and citrix virtual app and desktop. And you know, once

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Andy Whiteside: one's control plan in the cloud, and this blog really talks in and around both that we try to call out throughout the conversation which one to ask, and which one see that we're. We're to the point. Now we're on part two, and talks to be with us for a little bit, and we'll probably make this a abbreviated version, and we'll do it again next week and cover more. This is like so much content. But we got to the point. Now we're talking about Google. And can you just give us some insight around what Citrix is doing around the multiple aspects of Google or what people

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Andy Whiteside: you should expect to see there.

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Todd Smith - Citrix: Yeah. So so couple of things that we made some announcements recently around Google Cloud, and the fact that you can run the Citrix desktop as a service does premium, especially around on Google Cloud. So leveraging Google Cloud is your control plane as well as your resource locations uh, and things like that. So we've done on a ton with Google in terms of embracing them as as we did with uh with azure. All right. So Google's right up there now with Microsoft when it comes to uh

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Todd Smith - Citrix: supporting and delivering um

00:06:26.860 --> 00:06:35.719
Andy Whiteside: in Google as well as in azure. And that's the consumer, Do I tell you which one I wanted in?

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Todd Smith - Citrix: So so you can um by default. It still goes over to to azure, but you can certainly uh acquire it through Google. Um. As well. You can specify that you want to run it on Gcp's control plan.

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Andy Whiteside: Okay, Well, let me take a step back. So for years I've been able to make my my uh desktop hosting platform could be Gcp: but that was probably just talking to a Uh platform that was in azure, and the platform could be in Google. And then you can talk to the other clouds, including Google from that platform.

00:07:09.120 --> 00:07:37.890
Todd Smith - Citrix: Yeah, this has been something that we've been working on for the past many years. I mean, almost ten years ago we started with our hybrid multi cloud story uh of understanding that at some point in time there would be a consumerization of cloud resources, and customers really want to have that choice when it comes to uh what cloud platform they actually want to run on, and you know the days of it being all in one. Um!

00:07:37.900 --> 00:08:07.279
Todd Smith - Citrix: That may not be mail that may not always make sense, for, uh, from some some customers right. They want to have that vendor diversity. They want to have reduce their risk. Right? You put everything all your eggs in one basket. You know what what happens when there's a problem. Um! The other part of it is really coming down to the consumerization and the financial aspect of it. Um! This is a really good way of protecting your investment in protecting your cost. Model going forward is to have

00:08:07.390 --> 00:08:13.139
Todd Smith - Citrix: two different cloud vendors that are always kind of having to keep each other in checks and balances.

00:08:13.690 --> 00:08:34.820
Andy Whiteside: Yeah, I. I talk about time to customers about, hey? You should have two citrics, partners or two whatever. Insert vendor partners, and I like to work with you, I know. But you should have you know that. Of course I, if we can be head to ever going to win um. But at the same time that's my way of getting into other customers. And say, look, let us all the other guys accountable. We'll come into an assessment. What can I hurt at the end of the assessment like Well, I had no idea,

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Andy Whiteside: uh, but having that balanced approach, especially in the world of as a service, becomes very doable, and that pretty much all the services can interact with each other, and you pretty much have the same level of of uh abilities, Bill. Any any thoughts on what you've heard with Citrix and their approach to putting the platform uh the dash platform in Google.

00:08:54.520 --> 00:09:10.610
Bill Sutton: Just what I've read and what you guys have just talked about. Um, yeah, I think also correct me if i'm wrong, Todd. But isn't there a there is a a Google like a like a Google um a a almost like an avd on Google with Citrix. Right?

00:09:10.620 --> 00:09:28.429
Bill Sutton: I thought so. Yeah, like an automatic automatic setup of desktops on Google. But they've done a Google, some a few cool things like, uh you can leverage their identity, which we'll get to in a minute for some of the some of the workloads without having to go through uh directive Directory. Some other cool things. It's. It's definitely uh up and coming for sure.

00:09:28.630 --> 00:09:43.489
Andy Whiteside: Yeah. And there's more to Google. Them. Maybe what's here? We'll. We'll talk through it, and then we'll come back and circle back because the integr is a citrus and a Google partner. We're also part of their pilot program. But so, uh, Todd, can you through the address? What you guys are doing here with this seven day free trial?

00:09:43.550 --> 00:09:57.800
Todd Smith - Citrix: Yeah. So so we're offering a a seven day free trial of jazz premium uh citric Sts premium on Google Cloud. Right? So for for seven days you go and register um. It's a great way to kind of get your

00:09:57.920 --> 00:10:21.740
Todd Smith - Citrix: d dip your toes in the water um, and get a little bit of experience around what it's like to uh to manage a citrix jazz uh capability within within the Google Cloud. And it comes with all of the functionality that you get with our jazz premium offering. Um. So a lot of the features and functionalities that you would be normally using. Uh, are are e built into this trial?

00:10:21.800 --> 00:10:34.500
Todd Smith - Citrix: Um, good thing, is It's a it's a good seven day trial. Um, and it can't kind of it could eliminate the need for something like a proof of concept or some type of an evaluation. Right? It's a It's a quick way to get your

00:10:34.570 --> 00:10:40.799
Todd Smith - Citrix: get familiar with it. Um! And hopefully make a decision or improve your decision process.

00:10:40.830 --> 00:10:56.820
Andy Whiteside: And Todd, just to blow somebody's mind right. You could spin up this environment. Put some desktops into Gcp, put some desktops into aws. Put some desktops into your private data center into your partner's data center. Put some desktops in azure, and all of that would work

00:10:57.330 --> 00:10:59.940
Andy Whiteside: pretty pretty crazy when you stop thinking about it.

00:11:00.080 --> 00:11:07.790
Andy Whiteside: Uh next section here talks about the Google Cloud identity support for Citrix Workspace. Um, Todd, you want to hit that?

00:11:07.800 --> 00:11:29.619
Todd Smith - Citrix: Yeah. So. So this is kind of a as a result of a lot of folks, a lot of customers providing feedback around identity management. And you know, while Microsoft has a your active Directory, and they're going deep into the uh identity provider. Um, there's a lot of folks that are saying, Hey, we we want to have a secondary identity provider. We want to use

00:11:29.630 --> 00:11:31.660
Todd Smith - Citrix: another um

00:11:31.930 --> 00:11:39.340
Todd Smith - Citrix: identity provider to help us do deal with multi-factor authentication. Right? So uh, the Google Cloud identity

00:11:39.610 --> 00:11:52.279
Todd Smith - Citrix: uh support for Citrix workspace. Right? So this is in preview right now. Uh, but it really allows you to include the Google Idp as as part of your authentication stream.

00:11:52.670 --> 00:12:12.389
Andy Whiteside: Yeah. And and Todd, one of the things i'd see customers struggle all the time. They got to pick some identity provider, and then the rest of the Dna products can potentially play along with that or all the other offerings can play all their other offers in Sas things, or even on premises. Things are green in, but at some point you got to pick your identity provider, the master one is that is that how you see it?

00:12:12.740 --> 00:12:42.159
Todd Smith - Citrix: Yeah, and it's kind of interesting because the the market is going much towards the way the bank handles your your bank handles, your identity right? You identify yourself with your bank. Um. They, you know, give you a secret, or they give you a They give you an account right that they manage, and then they give you access to the account, and there's a shared. There's a shared trust model between you and your bank, and then you basically can then walk into any of the bank branches.

00:12:42.220 --> 00:13:05.020
Todd Smith - Citrix: Identify yourself. They have an ability to look up and see who you are. You have the ability to show and prove who you are. Um! And then there's trust relationships between the the other banks that are out there, not the not just the Internal Bank. Um. The security models are really built on around a similar approach. Right? You identify yourself, and there's some shared trust that is established.

00:13:05.030 --> 00:13:08.670
Todd Smith - Citrix: Um! And at any point in time you can reset that trust.

00:13:08.690 --> 00:13:24.760
Todd Smith - Citrix: You can change your password or your secret that you want to do. They can change the you know. The bank can then also force a uh a reset um of your identity. Um, but it's always done in collaboration together as opposed to independently.

00:13:26.330 --> 00:13:50.200
Andy Whiteside: Before we move on from the Google conversation. I want to highlight for our listeners. When I think Google in my world of End user digital workspace, I think three things I think: Gcp: um Google Cloud platform, which is their I as offering, which we're talking about here running. The Citrix has a desktop as a service or desktop as a service platform in their Google. Therefore it's a pass platform as a service.

00:13:50.210 --> 00:14:20.190
Andy Whiteside: And then I also think about the idea. You can run your desktop and app servers in that same Gcp: That's one conversation Uh: the next conversation is around uh Google Chrome Os. Which is the operating system uh which is really for chromebooks and chrome boxes, and any device you want to with the chrome flex Os converting those to a device where you want to run a Google operating system which is probably Linux under the covers there, but very uh capable and manageable. And we personally have done a ton of work with Google and a bank we work with to make

00:14:20.200 --> 00:14:46.549
Andy Whiteside: i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm i'm i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm i'm i'm i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, so i'm, i'm i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm so i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm, i'm i'm i'm i'm I'

00:14:46.930 --> 00:14:47.790

00:14:48.390 --> 00:14:57.079
Andy Whiteside: so big story there lots of talk about uh Todd. I know your unlimited time for you. I'll probably hit one or two more here. But how about this? Aws announcements? What's going on with aws?

00:14:57.110 --> 00:15:26.819
Todd Smith - Citrix: Yeah. So so one of the biggest things that we've we working with is once again it's this hybrid multi-cloud approach uh that we've been pushing for the past several years, and it really is identifying. You know how we're working with the major Cloud providers and expanding upon the services that are in one, and making sure that we have parity across all of them. Um! So we've included capabilities around, you know, scaling right? So that's one thing around aws and then the other bill. The ability to also,

00:15:26.830 --> 00:15:52.499
Todd Smith - Citrix: uh use what eighty of us refers to as throttling, which is, uh very similar to uh pre launch right. So, being able to optimizing the starting of your instance, which is your your resource. Um! What that does is it helps work with the financial numbers of your environment, right. So you don't have these devices where these resources up and running all the time.

00:15:52.510 --> 00:16:02.500
Todd Smith - Citrix: Um, you know you can scale them up and scale them down as demand increases or decreases. Um. So it really helps with the with the financial impact.

00:16:03.100 --> 00:16:19.400
Andy Whiteside: Yeah. And so, um Todd, This is really focused on aws as in infrastructure provided by on aws for your workload, that you would tie into one of those two paths providers using azure. And now, Gcp:

00:16:19.410 --> 00:16:24.460
Andy Whiteside: um Bill, any comments on what you've seen happen with citrix integrations, with aws

00:16:24.730 --> 00:16:36.889
Bill Sutton: Uh, not really. I mean, these are great uh developments here. Obviously. Um the ability to scale easily and quickly, and to be able to control costs. But, uh, uh! Beyond that I don't really have anything else.

00:16:36.900 --> 00:17:06.889
Andy Whiteside: So I will tell you that we are doing a tunnel. Aws uh in several areas uh, but specifically around customers who are trying to run citrus workloads in aws because the reality is aws is the oldest of all the is Players cloud Public cloud players, and there's a ton of companies that have the server side of their client server applications in aws. So being able to use citrix to have that high fidelity desktop as a service experience and then drop those desktop compute workloads in Aws

00:17:06.900 --> 00:17:17.159
Andy Whiteside: data centers with, uh the existing server side of the client. Server app in aws, and it just makes a lot of sense for a large segment of it shops out there.

00:17:17.180 --> 00:17:18.490
Bill Sutton: Yeah, it does

00:17:18.700 --> 00:17:36.629
Todd Smith - Citrix: so to any uh Aws stories that you would highlight as as we're covering these guys that you've been a part of it. So I think it's critical that we that we partner up with aws in in a couple of reasons for right. So number one is because they provide a lot of business intelligence services to

00:17:36.640 --> 00:17:56.439
Todd Smith - Citrix: our customers, right? So they've already got relationships in there. Uh They've also made a significant investment already in their infrastructure and their data centers as well as their delivery network. Um, And it really kind of just makes sense to make sure that we're we're playing with all of the top vendors um, and be able to

00:17:56.450 --> 00:18:01.620
Todd Smith - Citrix: also expand upon that right. So you know, as each one of these,

00:18:01.900 --> 00:18:10.999
Todd Smith - Citrix: I as vendors as they continue to to accelerate and innovate right, not tying ourselves just to one

00:18:11.190 --> 00:18:26.889
Todd Smith - Citrix: at the for the entire time right? So we need to be able to to work with each one of them, and you know, uh, some would be Switzerland

00:18:26.900 --> 00:18:56.890
Andy Whiteside: Private Data Center, semi, private public cloud. I, as you know, Gcp: Aws as your and several other options just become something that is doable. And for those customers that are holding back on going to Das or Citrix, you know, platform as a service. It's it's inevitable for most of them that they're going to have to go that route. They don't have to worry about the intellectual problem. There's nothing but metadata there but um. We're finding customers over and over again. They have been holding back that now's the time, and a lot of times i'll challenge them. Did you ever get that second citrus?

00:18:56.900 --> 00:19:12.270
Andy Whiteside: And they're they're They've been told me that five years. Let's just move to to ask. Get that done Provide you a path forward. Hey, Todd? I know you're out of time, and we're going to make this a truncated version of We'll jump into those um those dads enhancements next week.

00:19:13.850 --> 00:19:24.469
Andy Whiteside: So with that i'll let you guys go Appreciate the time today, and we'll make it a, you know. Shorten version. We don't do this often, but want to be respectful of your calendar and appreciate you jumping on.

00:19:24.560 --> 00:19:25.539
Yeah, thanks,