XenTegra - The Citrix Session

The Citrix Session: Enable mobile workstyles, empower users with Citrix Workspace App on iPad

February 09, 2023 XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton Season 1 Episode 125
The Citrix Session: Enable mobile workstyles, empower users with Citrix Workspace App on iPad
XenTegra - The Citrix Session
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XenTegra - The Citrix Session
The Citrix Session: Enable mobile workstyles, empower users with Citrix Workspace App on iPad
Feb 09, 2023 Season 1 Episode 125
XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton

The traditional 9-to-5 job looks a lot different today, and for many, there’s less sitting at a desk in an office building. Although some executives and employees in sales and customer success have always needed flexibility, many companies have adopted mobile and hybrid work styles for most if not all of their workforce.

What’s behind the change? The pandemic, the influx of a new generation in the workforce, and more employees who need to work on the go and stay productive, no matter where they are.

Users now expect to be able to access corporate applications on the move and at their desk, all while having access to an external monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, and audio devices. They also require a device powerful enough to deliver the performance necessary for accessing corporate applications, with a large display to perform business-critical work.

In recent years, tablet devices such as iPads have become more prevalent in the enterprise because of their convenience and larger screens. Apple’s newest tablets offer displays that are nearly 13-inches, and they are much lighter compared to laptops. They also come equipped with a powerful processor and memory to deliver high performance.

When combined with Citrix Workspace app, users can access their Windows-based apps and desktops on the device, providing enterprise capabilities with a great user experience. With external monitor, keyboard and mouse supported; users can truly transform their iPads with Citrix Workspace app into a full-scale workstation. Read more about it here.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Geremy Meyers 

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The traditional 9-to-5 job looks a lot different today, and for many, there’s less sitting at a desk in an office building. Although some executives and employees in sales and customer success have always needed flexibility, many companies have adopted mobile and hybrid work styles for most if not all of their workforce.

What’s behind the change? The pandemic, the influx of a new generation in the workforce, and more employees who need to work on the go and stay productive, no matter where they are.

Users now expect to be able to access corporate applications on the move and at their desk, all while having access to an external monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, and audio devices. They also require a device powerful enough to deliver the performance necessary for accessing corporate applications, with a large display to perform business-critical work.

In recent years, tablet devices such as iPads have become more prevalent in the enterprise because of their convenience and larger screens. Apple’s newest tablets offer displays that are nearly 13-inches, and they are much lighter compared to laptops. They also come equipped with a powerful processor and memory to deliver high performance.

When combined with Citrix Workspace app, users can access their Windows-based apps and desktops on the device, providing enterprise capabilities with a great user experience. With external monitor, keyboard and mouse supported; users can truly transform their iPads with Citrix Workspace app into a full-scale workstation. Read more about it here.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Geremy Meyers 


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Andy Whiteside: Hello, one! And welcome to episode 125 of the citric session. I'm your host andy Why, side today is February sixth, 2,023.

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Geremy Meyers: Yup! My January is gone. Jeremy, where to go? Oh, my gosh! That's a I was thinking about that the other day. I couldn't believe it. In. In fact, not only is February here we're already a weekend, which is pretty amazing, but

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Andy Whiteside: so I usually do. A vacation which I just came off of out skiing out West, and then we have all these company kickoffs.

00:00:28.750 --> 00:00:31.910
Andy Whiteside: and you know January just kind of disappears.

00:00:32.759 --> 00:00:41.040
Geremy Meyers: Yes, yes, it does. Yes, it does. So my kids are back in school. We are already thinking about spring break, and where we might go for that. So

00:00:41.820 --> 00:01:01.630
Geremy Meyers: it's pretty well. Maybe this is what they say. When you get old they just go by really quickly. That's what it's. It's it's all about being busy and needing to work while you're busy, which I'm gonna tell that story, you in a second, and you know Spring, break. My goodness, if you don't have that book by October these days the rest of the world is beat you to all the places you want to go, and prices have gone way up. It's

00:01:02.020 --> 00:01:06.439
Andy Whiteside: life, life, life, life is not what it used to be, in terms of

00:01:06.800 --> 00:01:10.999
Andy Whiteside: how you approached it day to day, and even in the short, to midterm.

00:01:11.650 --> 00:01:19.679
Geremy Meyers: Well, so we've we've got a standing, a standing spot that we can always go to and without fail in Florida. So main laws live in Central Florida.

00:01:19.790 --> 00:01:23.549
Geremy Meyers: Now I have to be willing to commit to spending a week with my mother in law. But

00:01:23.610 --> 00:01:26.949
Geremy Meyers: there's always an open invitation, so to speak, because who

00:01:27.130 --> 00:01:38.979
Geremy Meyers: who doesn't want to see the grand kids, all 4 of them. Yeah. And you kind of have built in babysitters. Maybe maybe not. Yeah, no, we i'm like a we play that card all the time and get away with it. Yeah.

00:01:39.110 --> 00:01:51.890
Andy Whiteside: Well, hey, the the blog we want to review today is called a enable mobile work. Styles in power users with Citrix workspace app on ipad. I can't pronounce. Can you pronounce the author's name? I

00:01:52.800 --> 00:01:53.990

00:01:54.080 --> 00:01:55.289
Andy Whiteside: for shots

00:01:55.440 --> 00:01:57.509
Geremy Meyers: there's

00:01:57.780 --> 00:02:06.740
from December of this year, and why this one is what we chose it today. So I had my situation with my Cfo on my ski trip last week.

00:02:06.950 --> 00:02:11.600
Andy Whiteside: and he mentioned he brought an external monitor, and he was gonna try that with his laptop.

00:02:11.620 --> 00:02:21.319
Andy Whiteside: And then we were on top of a mountain, and he realized he forgot to turn on some type of script that allows him to run some report. They run every other week.

00:02:21.340 --> 00:02:33.510
and so, you know, he uses a virtual desktop. He doesn't really think about using it that much, and and being intentional about how he uses it. And in this case he was on top of a mountain, and he had no choice other than to go

00:02:33.670 --> 00:02:45.949
Andy Whiteside: go to the restaurant, pull out his iphone log into his virtual desktop, and enable this script because the entire company's billing around professional services was on hold until he did that for the month.

00:02:46.170 --> 00:02:49.339
Andy Whiteside: So you know, watching someone non-technical

00:02:49.730 --> 00:03:08.750
Andy Whiteside: make that activity happen from a mountaintop was pretty and powerful pretty powerful for me to had this story to tell, and honestly, pretty awesome to see someone on the non technical side, you know, do something that that I took advantage of in the late nineties, which is, you know, sitting on a phone in my driveway getting work done because I had to, and I had no choice at that point.

00:03:11.230 --> 00:03:13.110
Geremy Meyers: This is pretty funny.

00:03:13.590 --> 00:03:15.230
Geremy Meyers: I love it through. Did that.

00:03:15.910 --> 00:03:17.090
Andy Whiteside: So?

00:03:17.380 --> 00:03:25.970
Andy Whiteside: Where that conversation went next was the idea that he had this extra monitor with him, and I told him, hey, I thought I read a blog the the day that Citrix had enabled your ipad

00:03:26.030 --> 00:03:30.379
Andy Whiteside: to become a secondary monitor, so that between the workspace app on a PC.

00:03:30.400 --> 00:03:32.049
Andy Whiteside: And the workspace app

00:03:32.070 --> 00:03:43.119
on an ipad, you could extend your screen across, and I I don't think that's what it really was. But that led us to this article that allows you to take that the workspace app.

00:03:43.330 --> 00:03:45.200
Andy Whiteside: and on your ipad.

00:03:45.310 --> 00:03:51.110
Andy Whiteside: and using some type of display connectivity wired is what we're talking about. I think right. Now

00:03:51.190 --> 00:04:05.939
Andy Whiteside: take that over to a secondary monitor and be able to extend your screen and work as if you were on a you know laptop with 2 monitors using. Guess an ipad pro it might be the ipad standard as well. But that's what we talked about. And then, lo and behold

00:04:06.150 --> 00:04:16.479
Andy Whiteside: you're like, hey, let's don't make liars out of myself. Let's go try it. So that's what you've been doing for the last 10 min, literally 10 min. First of all set us up to Why, this is important to

00:04:16.579 --> 00:04:19.460
Andy Whiteside: a citrix user to have this ability.

00:04:19.940 --> 00:04:32.999
Geremy Meyers: Well, let me let me start. Let me let me back it up a little bit. So, just to clarify now that you mentioned it. So I I do have a Mac, and I do have an ipad. In fact, what I have in front of me is the ipad the 12.9 ipad pro.

00:04:33.170 --> 00:04:47.520
Geremy Meyers: So it's a little beefy. It's not the newest version, but it is a little beefy, and so what I have done in the past is the first scenario you just described. So I've taken my Mac. There's a new feature. It's probably come out within the last year. So maybe year and a half.

00:04:47.550 --> 00:05:02.720
Geremy Meyers: where there's a sidecar feature where you can take your Mac right. So I've got an ipad or a mac pro right here, and I can use my ipad as a second monitor, which is awesome, right? And I've done that on occasion. I got to be honest for me probably a little bit

00:05:02.790 --> 00:05:04.389
Geremy Meyers: niche, so to speak.

00:05:04.480 --> 00:05:07.940
up there, and a few times it definitely works wired.

00:05:08.260 --> 00:05:22.039
Geremy Meyers: I don't remember if I've done a wireless, but I do think sidecar, which is that feature, works wirelessly, and that was awesome. So that's what you thought. This was on the flip side so real quick on that. I'm: i'm not a Mac user so if I'm. A PC. Guy, I don't get this ability.

00:05:22.910 --> 00:05:37.669
Geremy Meyers: You don't get this ability. You might get disability. I take that back. If you've got, you know, there's some apps. We used to do this all the time with some of our Zen mobile demos, or we take. We take a machine, we get it, cast it like I could take my my PC.

00:05:37.820 --> 00:05:46.309
Geremy Meyers: And using I think it was called Air Server. I could cast my PC. Over to my my ipad, which was awesome, and vice versa, which is pretty select. But

00:05:46.590 --> 00:05:57.990
Geremy Meyers: yeah, this is, we're a part of the ecosystem here, using this specific feature called sidecar. So inside of Mac OS you can go look at your displays. You can enable sidecar, and it will grab

00:05:58.020 --> 00:06:15.570
Geremy Meyers: an ios if you're a PC. Person. As far as I know, this doesn't work, so someone please, though, in the comments, whether or not it does. But I've never seen it work outside of Mac to Mac, to Ipad. Yup. So so that idea, then I assume Citrix workspace app could just take advantage of sidecar at that point.

00:06:16.610 --> 00:06:27.460
Correct? Yeah. In fact, I've done that right? So I've had workspace app running on my Mac and I've extended this thing out to be, you know, both screens, and and, secondly, it essentially had a second desktop

00:06:27.480 --> 00:06:31.910
for my hosted desktop, and that works this works as fine.

00:06:31.960 --> 00:06:43.839
Andy Whiteside: And you, you know we're we're just having an open conversation here around what works, what doesn't work, what? Maybe Glitchy, what you you kind of hesitate when you you didn't go all in on saying it was great. What what was the experience like?

00:06:44.470 --> 00:06:57.410
Geremy Meyers: And if I remember right, I think maybe there was a little latency, and I think I did this early on, too. So when this feature first came out like any feature, maybe a little bit buggy. But I felt like there was a little latency between.

00:06:57.480 --> 00:07:06.269
Geremy Meyers: you know. Just the screen refreshes between my Mac OS, and then having the sidecar, which is an entirely separate device and just moving things around, but

00:07:06.280 --> 00:07:17.759
it was probably more a function of sidecar itself than it was, you know, necessarily workspace app, because I got that experience, you know, with or without workspace. One so but just had sidecar running, and I had excel.

00:07:17.830 --> 00:07:30.299
Geremy Meyers: There was a little bit of lag because i'm so used to having it just super snappy. But listen, you know it's it's serviceable. It works, I mean. Think about it. I've been known to work from like a we work, and having a second monitor.

00:07:30.430 --> 00:07:49.459
Geremy Meyers: you know, with the ipad that I'm. Probably carrying around anyways. It's super nice. I mean it's not in common. See, folks have 2 devices at a Starbucks these days. So that's that's an interesting part of the conversation, because in all transparency here, when we first started this conversation, you you. You mentioned that your ipad pros amazing device watches a lot of Netflix these days.

00:07:49.600 --> 00:07:55.340
Andy Whiteside: The idea that you could actually get some more work done with it would be better use of whatever it cost, to buy that thing.

00:07:55.700 --> 00:08:07.629
Geremy Meyers: So so let me put this in front of you, too. And here's what I Here's the reason I have the ipad, and more specifically why I have the the Lte version, or the the 5G version of this ipad pro.

00:08:07.710 --> 00:08:15.879
Geremy Meyers: and that's the idea. It just works anywhere right? So you know, when i'm with my windows. PC. If i'm with my my Mac pro

00:08:16.040 --> 00:08:34.989
Geremy Meyers: don't get me wrong. I've been used to like hanging off my cell phone for internet coverage, right? So I can turn my verizon service on my phone into a hotspot. I've got these devices hanging off of it. But there's something super powerful about this opening up an ipad pro. And you're just on the Internet because you just have instant access, which is awesome. And so the thought is, you know I've got my ipad pro.

00:08:35.000 --> 00:08:40.770
I've done this from airports. I've used this from airports. I've used this from coffee shops with.

00:08:40.880 --> 00:08:44.550
Geremy Meyers: you know, Crappy Wi-fi. I've done this from all these locations. And it's nice to have

00:08:44.620 --> 00:08:52.139
Geremy Meyers: just a a device like that like an ipad with access to the Internet right out of the gate. So the idea is.

00:08:52.200 --> 00:08:57.659
Geremy Meyers: you know what if I could take that device, you know I've gotten into the habit of carrying around. This is probably

00:08:57.870 --> 00:09:01.440
Geremy Meyers: maybe a 14 to a 15 inch wide screen portable monitor

00:09:01.730 --> 00:09:04.139
Geremy Meyers: with me as a second monitor.

00:09:04.180 --> 00:09:10.860
and I've done that for my windows. PC. And my Mac, can I use this with my ipad? As it turns out, I had never tried this before this is

00:09:10.900 --> 00:09:26.959
Geremy Meyers: completely on the fly. Can I plug this external monitor which has got a Usbc connection and my ipad pro has a Usbc connection. Can I plug this thing in it. May it work long. Behold, it does right so immediately when I plug that in the screens were mirrored, which is awesome.

00:09:27.100 --> 00:09:32.550
But what this blog post does is it points out the fact that maybe you can extend your screen.

00:09:32.660 --> 00:09:35.989
maybe pull up a host of desktop and have it share

00:09:36.350 --> 00:09:39.609
Geremy Meyers: both screens. What I haven't tried yet is, Can I have

00:09:39.730 --> 00:09:51.710
Geremy Meyers: the desktop? Just show up on the second screen, but ultimately, long story short, you know I've got my ipad pro working now. I've got this external monitor sitting right next to it in in this case is connected with a cable, and I pulled up my virtual desktop.

00:09:52.010 --> 00:09:58.399
Geremy Meyers: and right now it extends across both screens, and I think this is what this article is taking us through. Is there's a new feature

00:09:58.480 --> 00:10:02.919
Geremy Meyers: sounds like it was released in end of last year. So maybe the 22,

00:10:03.730 --> 00:10:06.369
Geremy Meyers: 1022 12 release of works based on.

00:10:07.000 --> 00:10:08.350
Geremy Meyers: but enables this feature.

00:10:08.610 --> 00:10:21.819
Andy Whiteside: So Jeremy and i'm not an apple user that I used to be. But I haven't been for a while, so if I just took my ipad pro plugged in this USB. Cable over to a Usbc Monitor or HDMI Monitor.

00:10:21.860 --> 00:10:27.309
Andy Whiteside: The ipad pro is going to be able to leverage that with or without Citrix at this point. Is that true?

00:10:27.590 --> 00:10:44.660
Andy Whiteside: That is correct, so it can leverage this external monitor correct? So what we're really talking about here is Citrix has now brought it into the workspace, app to be able to extend the desktop or well, the virtual desktop in this case across multiple monitors, to make it seem like a seamless to monitor solution in Citrix.

00:10:44.810 --> 00:10:46.830
Geremy Meyers: Correct? Okay. Correct

00:10:48.150 --> 00:10:56.249
Andy Whiteside: that. That that's good. I I I guess I didn't, you know. Not a Mac guy, not an apple guy have been loved it actually, when I used it.

00:10:56.840 --> 00:11:04.609
Andy Whiteside: So it makes sense that if that's doable at the firmware software level within the Ios ipad world.

00:11:04.800 --> 00:11:09.719
Andy Whiteside: It just makes sense that Citrix would want to take advantage of that multi monitor scenario.

00:11:10.120 --> 00:11:14.869
Geremy Meyers: Correct, correct. And here's what's interesting, too. So I always forget, because I've gotten so used to this now

00:11:14.890 --> 00:11:19.149
Geremy Meyers: is, you know Citrus used to sell x one mice right, because

00:11:19.510 --> 00:11:31.750
Geremy Meyers: you know, there wasn't mouse support, you know, with an ipad. So sister said, hey, you know what? Let's build those bits right into workspace app. So now I could use a mouse specifically built for workspace app, and that was the X one mouse.

00:11:31.890 --> 00:11:42.419
Geremy Meyers: You can give yourself ma mouse access. But again, you know what is what's happened Here is, you know you can now have mouse access directly from the ipad. OS firmware. Right? So now

00:11:42.490 --> 00:11:46.589
Geremy Meyers: I forget I've got this touch pad on my ipad OS keyboard.

00:11:46.750 --> 00:11:47.910
Geremy Meyers: The you know

00:11:48.360 --> 00:11:54.690
Geremy Meyers: I don't normally use very much, because I don't need to. But within this workspace, you know, within this virtual desktop, You know I've got.

00:11:55.020 --> 00:11:56.920
Geremy Meyers: I'll get my mouse working as well as pretty select.

00:11:57.550 --> 00:12:01.929
Andy Whiteside: So, other than being a phone you can put in your pocket. This this plus citrix

00:12:02.070 --> 00:12:07.779
Andy Whiteside: becomes that Nirvana enterprise it potential enterprise

00:12:08.970 --> 00:12:11.000
Andy Whiteside: it

00:12:11.220 --> 00:12:18.459
Geremy Meyers: the device potentially.

00:12:18.620 --> 00:12:26.539
Geremy Meyers: I'm not stuck with Wi-fi I can use this thing anywhere. My granted. If I'm sitting in Starbucks. You know the Starbucks Wi-fi is pretty pretty good these days, but

00:12:26.780 --> 00:12:39.040
Andy Whiteside: it's good but you gotta go through the act of getting on. It's like it's nice to put out your. But so, for example, last week's trip, I I took a literally 6 year old Surface go with 4 gigs of memory, and who knows what kind of process are in it.

00:12:39.420 --> 00:12:44.810
Andy Whiteside: and I didn't use it on the plane because it was too clunky to try to get on and watch movies.

00:12:44.850 --> 00:12:46.690
Andy Whiteside: I use my iphone for that.

00:12:46.880 --> 00:12:56.009
Andy Whiteside: When I had to get some work done from the condo I pulled out this little surface go tablet. It sounds like the ipad pro, or maybe even a regular ipad

00:12:56.140 --> 00:12:59.890
Andy Whiteside: sort of being my phone for, you know. Phone calls could have been the answer

00:13:00.100 --> 00:13:01.729
Andy Whiteside: to everything I needed last week.

00:13:02.070 --> 00:13:04.390
Geremy Meyers: I think so. I think so. Yeah. Yeah.

00:13:04.550 --> 00:13:06.690
Andy Whiteside: Well, then, that brings me to the next question.

00:13:06.770 --> 00:13:12.440
Andy Whiteside: When do we get to the point where this iphone, especially these fabulous looking ones, can become.

00:13:13.140 --> 00:13:29.369
Andy Whiteside: You know, Usbc connected monitor got a little, you know, Dongle, that it connects all this stuff together, including a keyboard mouse. I'm. Extending my display over to this bigger display, or maybe mirroring it, probably extending it. You know. What way do we finally get that nerve on a phone that we've wanted for all these years.

00:13:29.700 --> 00:13:38.320
Geremy Meyers: Oh, that's a great question. I guess. Number one. Can I do this on my phone? I mean, i'll just unplug this, and I would love to try this just hanging off my.

00:13:38.770 --> 00:13:40.800
Geremy Meyers: you know I got an iphone 13 here.

00:13:40.980 --> 00:13:45.659
Geremy Meyers: That would be nice, I I guess the question is, the side car work on a

00:13:47.170 --> 00:13:58.200
Geremy Meyers: I haven't tried that. I haven't tried this, but it's a feature of ipad OS. I don't know if I don't know if I phone 13 or just Ios supports the extended or if it's just ipad OS,

00:13:58.850 --> 00:14:05.670
Geremy Meyers: I tell you what, though it's easy for us to try, you know. I could certainly follow up on this next week, but literally when you said.

00:14:05.710 --> 00:14:15.680
Geremy Meyers: Hey, you know, have you ever tried this I would know. It took me all 3 and a half minutes to connect these things and make it work, and it was almost plug and play out of the box. So you know, when we think about how easy the Nirvana

00:14:16.020 --> 00:14:21.930
Geremy Meyers: phone was supposed to work, it was supposed to be very, very plug and play. You you plug it in. You connect to monitor and boom.

00:14:22.250 --> 00:14:41.069
Andy Whiteside: It just kind of worked. I mean, we're not that far off this this wasn't very hard to do. So. So the hardest part the hardest part was finding my cable, I bet. So here's what Google says. It says does sidecar work with iphone and can continuity, Sketch and markup will work with all Mac systems running.

00:14:41.080 --> 00:14:48.559
Andy Whiteside: Mac OS, Catalina ipad devices running ipad OS and iphone devices running Ios 13.

00:14:52.070 --> 00:14:53.560
Geremy Meyers: Well, there's also

00:14:54.050 --> 00:15:02.360
Geremy Meyers: a support article from apple that talks about. So if we wanted to do this with a cable, there's a support article that talks about connecting your iphone to a display of the cable.

00:15:02.660 --> 00:15:05.480
Geremy Meyers: That'd be a lightning cable at this point. Right?

00:15:06.030 --> 00:15:17.079
Geremy Meyers: Yeah, because this is this is lightning on that's a very good point, so I don't know if it's got the speed to do that. But I had a conversation with somebody the other day that, because of stuff happening in Europe.

00:15:17.480 --> 00:15:21.530
Andy Whiteside: Even apple iphones are gonna have to be Usbc by a certain date.

00:15:22.260 --> 00:15:39.490
Geremy Meyers: That is true. But having said all that to be fair. Now that I remember this, I do have a lightning adapter, a digital AV adapter that does do, HDMI. Actually I one that does Vga as Well, this used to be the demo back in the day when I did have the older ipad and I had to plug in a lightning connector. So

00:15:40.040 --> 00:15:43.700
Geremy Meyers: Actually, this features probably been around for a long time at least. Just connect an extra monitor.

00:15:44.540 --> 00:15:45.890
Geremy Meyers: Yeah, I'm sure it would work.

00:15:45.920 --> 00:16:05.419
Andy Whiteside: I guess the net net of this is that Citrix, above all others, continues to evolve this synchronous, asynchronous solution. Where you've got the digital workspace. You've got the Sas apps. You've got the published apps. You've got the desktops, both Vdi and Server desktops being published.

00:16:05.660 --> 00:16:20.239
Andy Whiteside: and then at the same point, you gotta have these plethora of workspace apps that go on these endpoints that go above and then beyond just HTML 5 connectivity through a browser to make things like this work and feel close to native.

00:16:22.880 --> 00:16:24.870
Geremy Meyers: Yeah. And

00:16:24.930 --> 00:16:31.310
Geremy Meyers: you know, I think where some of this is leading to is even a centralized cloud service to manage.

00:16:31.760 --> 00:16:42.179
Geremy Meyers: Yeah, I don't know if this works on I West yet. But we we've got a global config service that works on the windows version. So maybe this is something we talk about in the future. But how do you manage configurations of workspace

00:16:42.260 --> 00:16:44.630
Geremy Meyers: across all of these different endpoints as well?

00:16:44.980 --> 00:16:52.449
Andy Whiteside: Well, I think the key i'm really highlighting it. It takes a company to invest in both sides of the equation, including ease of management

00:16:52.500 --> 00:17:05.089
Andy Whiteside: from both aspects, which I think you know you guys brought back your Zen Mobile acquisition and work towards more of that type of this, that that piece of the story more to come on that. But I could see.

00:17:05.160 --> 00:17:11.429
Andy Whiteside: you know that being the rest of the story when it comes to managing not only the citrus workspace app, but

00:17:11.579 --> 00:17:13.630
Andy Whiteside: the the device itself.

00:17:13.700 --> 00:17:16.660
Geremy Meyers: Yeah, that's a that's a very good point. Actually.

00:17:16.760 --> 00:17:17.819
Geremy Meyers: it's a very good point.

00:17:19.130 --> 00:17:20.540
Andy Whiteside: So, Jeremy, I guess

00:17:20.630 --> 00:17:24.220
Andy Whiteside: if somebody wants to try this, what do they need? What they need to do.

00:17:25.099 --> 00:17:35.519
Geremy Meyers: Well, you need an ipad. Clearly you need an external monitor of some kind. So you you, said ipad, is it ipad pro or just ipad in general.

00:17:35.890 --> 00:17:41.419
Geremy Meyers: you know I don't I i'm i'm willing to about it's just an ipad in general, if you can get

00:17:42.310 --> 00:17:45.410
much better. I

00:17:45.990 --> 00:17:52.699
Geremy Meyers: there might be a performance issues. If you have an older version, I'm: just looking at what it takes to push video out to an external monitor.

00:17:54.270 --> 00:17:58.749
Geremy Meyers: But just to be full clarity. This is a newer ipad, for so it's a little bit beefy.

00:17:58.830 --> 00:18:03.690
but i'm sure you could do it with an ipad or an ipad of here as well. So something not quite as

00:18:04.300 --> 00:18:07.650
Geremy Meyers: is beefy. I'm sure it would be supported. But I don't know how far back that would go.

00:18:07.740 --> 00:18:08.360
Geremy Meyers: Hmm.

00:18:08.750 --> 00:18:09.590
Andy Whiteside: Okay.

00:18:10.190 --> 00:18:21.099
Andy Whiteside: So you need. You need an ipad, a newer one of some type ipad pro ideal, but not necessarily. At least we don't. Well, you need. You'd have to have the lightning to

00:18:21.530 --> 00:18:25.099
Andy Whiteside: display port converter if it wasn't an ipad pro wouldn't you.

00:18:25.410 --> 00:18:30.970
Geremy Meyers: Yeah, you would definitely need that. You need the the lightning. Maybe it after I, to be honest, I haven't touched.

00:18:30.990 --> 00:18:33.799
Geremy Meyers: This is going to sound boogie, but I haven't had a

00:18:34.260 --> 00:18:40.909
Geremy Meyers: my last 2 iterations of ipad have been pros, so i'm not quite sure what the connector is on an on an air from the old version now.

00:18:41.520 --> 00:18:47.879
Andy Whiteside: so i'm i'm looking through the article the more it says previously, Apple only allowed mirror mode when connecting to an external monitor.

00:18:48.180 --> 00:18:56.090
Andy Whiteside: So mirror mode not not so. That's part of this new feature with Ios 16.2, doesn't, say pro

00:18:56.190 --> 00:18:59.749
Andy Whiteside: native non mirror extended display.

00:19:01.790 --> 00:19:05.200
Andy Whiteside: So sounds like you long as you had a 16.2,

00:19:05.400 --> 00:19:09.369
Andy Whiteside: and you got this native non mirror extended display extend display.

00:19:09.580 --> 00:19:10.810
Andy Whiteside: You're in business.

00:19:10.970 --> 00:19:14.220
Geremy Meyers: Yeah, I guess what I haven't tried is.

00:19:14.620 --> 00:19:19.039
Geremy Meyers: and this is actually pretty slick. In fact, you brought this up before we hopped on. Is.

00:19:19.160 --> 00:19:26.209
Geremy Meyers: Could I launch this in a way that the external monitor was one running my desktop, running workspace app, and my desktop.

00:19:26.390 --> 00:19:32.519
and then it left the the ipad display itself available for whatever you wanted to run some in a year.

00:19:33.220 --> 00:19:36.489
Geremy Meyers: Listen. I use I messages all the time. That could be a thing, you know.

00:19:36.560 --> 00:19:39.340
Geremy Meyers: Okay, you need the native app to the to the ipad.

00:19:41.520 --> 00:19:47.140
Andy Whiteside: and there's no mission here of wirelessly doing this. At least not yet. I assume that they may come someday.

00:19:47.280 --> 00:19:56.979
Geremy Meyers: Well, I mean at some point you've got to have a wireless monitor right? So what's nice about sidecar is. You've got 2 devices that understand how to communicate wirelessly this this

00:19:57.110 --> 00:20:01.140
Geremy Meyers: this laptop, I mean. I'll get this ipad with this screen. I've got it's just a

00:20:01.560 --> 00:20:06.720
Geremy Meyers: It's just a dumb screen. It's connected with USB: so unless it's wireless and you're kind of locked.

00:20:06.770 --> 00:20:07.440
Andy Whiteside: Yeah.

00:20:08.960 --> 00:20:11.990
Andy Whiteside: Okay. Well, I mean the highlight here is

00:20:12.160 --> 00:20:18.640
Andy Whiteside: whether it's the apple ecosystem, whether it's the Linux ecosystem, whether it's a windows ecosystem, Microsoft ecosystem

00:20:19.170 --> 00:20:29.659
Andy Whiteside: there's a lot going on and companies like citrix again realize that it's a asynchronous approach that's going to check the boxes and allow them to take advantage of

00:20:29.690 --> 00:20:36.920
Andy Whiteside: what features are coming up in the native OS's that could extend into the Enterprise digital workspace. Vdi World

00:20:39.280 --> 00:20:45.770
Geremy Meyers: man, and you just ruined the afternoon. I'm gonna take her with this for a while. But didn't have a phone call with you in 20 min. I might.

00:20:46.060 --> 00:20:48.529
Andy Whiteside: you know. You know it's a 100% attention.

00:20:51.120 --> 00:21:02.299
Andy Whiteside: All right. Well, Jeremy, thanks for jumping on and covering this with me. We want to do something quick and fun and easy on this one, you know. Get out of the trenches, the enterprise it trenches and talk about something, maybe in user related and

00:21:02.370 --> 00:21:06.180
Andy Whiteside: something that's got you curious about spending the rest of your day in your lab.

00:21:06.330 --> 00:21:14.709
Geremy Meyers: Heck: yeah, man, listen. I I love devices. I think we asked the question 2 or 3 weeks ago. You know there was some article we read that had like 5 devices Which ones do you have?

00:21:14.920 --> 00:21:19.230
Geremy Meyers: And I think I've got all of them as well, and I like tinkering across all of them, just to see

00:21:19.520 --> 00:21:21.929
Geremy Meyers: just to see what works. So this has been selected.

00:21:22.250 --> 00:21:34.410
Andy Whiteside: and all those devices. If you're using a citrix environment, all you need to Citrix workspace app, and 95 to 99% of the features, same on all the above. And at the end of the day you're just trying to get work done.

00:21:34.450 --> 00:21:50.829
Geremy Meyers: Every morning I go to the coffee shop, down the street to get a little work done, just to knock out some emails and some things like that, just to get out of the house to get my day started, and I've got another point where I will just grab whatever device is closest to my hand. On the way out the door, and so I've walked out with my Macbook.

00:21:51.010 --> 00:21:59.219
Geremy Meyers: walked out with my chromebook. In fact, I've done that in the last 2 mornings. I feel like I spent 11 billionbucks on a pixel book 3 or 4 years ago. I should use that

00:22:00.520 --> 00:22:15.830
Andy Whiteside: well and let me ask you this. Do you use the Citrix workspace app every morning to get work done? Are you able to use native apps like a browser to get some of that work done, how you know what? What's the approach that you and your organization have for you each day.

00:22:16.190 --> 00:22:35.959
Geremy Meyers: So I I approach it from 2 different ways, because sometimes I try to understand what where folks are coming from this. So there are days where I go into my I've got a virtual desktop. I do have a full windows, 10 desktop, and I'll access everything from there. But sometimes, especially since we've made the transition to Gmail, I will work out of Gmail locally, but

00:22:35.970 --> 00:22:40.230
Geremy Meyers: there are some certain links and things I need to get access to that only exist

00:22:40.290 --> 00:22:46.020
Geremy Meyers: inside of the citrus network. So we've got reports and things that are largely web based.

00:22:46.040 --> 00:22:48.870
I will pull up our Citrix enterprise browser.

00:22:49.320 --> 00:22:52.050
Geremy Meyers: and access those reports internally.

00:22:52.210 --> 00:23:00.149
Geremy Meyers: you know, without a VPN client without any citrix actually has the the same knobs and switches around security. So copy and paste

00:23:00.210 --> 00:23:10.190
Geremy Meyers: watermarking. It seems something like that they would do in a virtual session. They'll do within this enterprise, browser, and be hitting some of those internal websites. And so i'll do that quite often. Actually, it's pretty neat.

00:23:10.260 --> 00:23:23.630
Andy Whiteside: So I I like the way you talk about that. It's it's okay. What's the user. Flow like? Okay, I I understand that. And then what are the security requirements? All of a sudden they kick in. They're gonna we. We're in the we're at Z. Integr. You have the ability to access a lot of stuff without going through the workspace app.

00:23:23.850 --> 00:23:53.839
Andy Whiteside: but because of security concerns that's becoming more and more of a requirement to get there. You've got to go through this front in first get authenticated, get validated, get watched the whole time, and then you can do your job from within there as a user You had that one little extra step that now set you up for the rest of the day, which, by the way, going through that extra steps, going to save you more steps Later you got to realize that I find myself sometimes doing native, and only i'm logging in here. I'm logging in there, and at some point like man. Why not just log in this one place and be done the rest of the day? And meanwhile, security

00:23:53.850 --> 00:24:13.589
Andy Whiteside: he's going to dictate that we're going to have to go that direction at some point. It's interesting to me because I had this conversation with my brother in law. Who's you know he's a company, and he he didn't understand why you'd have to have a digital workspace. Why, I I I got. I go into Google. I go into Microsoft. I go to that. I was like. Well, what if you had a legacy app, or what if you had? You know higher security requirements.

00:24:13.600 --> 00:24:19.460
Geremy Meyers: They say, Well, yeah, you know it's still starting to come up and work and like, yeah, when you get there you're going to have to have a digital workspace.

00:24:19.910 --> 00:24:31.390
Andy Whiteside: and and you should never be using a VPN. If you can hear me say this don't ever use a VPN unless you're doing it for a systems administration stuff? And he said, yeah, we we barely rarely use a VPN: I give a barely rail or is still using a VPN:

00:24:31.870 --> 00:24:32.690
Geremy Meyers: Yep.

00:24:33.690 --> 00:24:50.219
Geremy Meyers: Yeah. In fact, so part of it. It's funny. So part of the secure private access solution from citrus includes kind of some VPN. Access right now works a little differently, so normally. VPN would say, Once you're connected, there's kind of a an implicit everything. Allow everything right. So normally I can do whatever I want

00:24:50.230 --> 00:25:06.399
Geremy Meyers: with Spa secure private access is very much the opposite like, even if you connect with the VPN, everything is turned off by default, and so, you know, admins have to specifically go in. So if you need, you know Rdp. Access as an admin into some of your servers. Then someone's got to go in and specifically, say

00:25:06.550 --> 00:25:07.960
Geremy Meyers: 389

00:25:07.990 --> 00:25:17.329
Geremy Meyers: across the VPN. But long story short, and when we're talking to customers is, it turns out the use case is pretty small, you know, so not a You get away with not having VPN access. You don't really need it.

00:25:17.560 --> 00:25:22.119
Andy Whiteside: and the potential risk is great.

00:25:22.570 --> 00:25:29.290
Andy Whiteside: 100%. Yeah, yeah, You see a lot. In fact, a lot of our customer conversations, or how do we turn this off? Should be

00:25:29.530 --> 00:25:30.250
Geremy Meyers: Yeah.

00:25:30.600 --> 00:25:36.599
Andy Whiteside: all right, so i'll let you go. I've got some stuff to do for my next meeting and appreciate you jumping on, and we'll do it again next week.

00:25:36.650 --> 00:25:39.470
Geremy Meyers: Absolutely to you guys plug you later. Thanks.