XenTegra - The Citrix Session

The Citrix Session: Introducing Citrix Universal Subscription

March 08, 2023 XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton Season 1 Episode 128
The Citrix Session: Introducing Citrix Universal Subscription
XenTegra - The Citrix Session
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XenTegra - The Citrix Session
The Citrix Session: Introducing Citrix Universal Subscription
Mar 08, 2023 Season 1 Episode 128
XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Bill Sutton

As we reflect on the ever-changing requirements facing enterprise IT, it is clear that flexibility and readiness to transform are key drivers for success. Citrix recently made its own transformation, becoming a business unit of Cloud Software Group. Throughout this process, the Citrix teams took a hard look at the current portfolio of offerings to determine how to better serve the needs of your business.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Bill Sutton
Co-host: Geremy Meyers
Co-host: Todd Smith

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As we reflect on the ever-changing requirements facing enterprise IT, it is clear that flexibility and readiness to transform are key drivers for success. Citrix recently made its own transformation, becoming a business unit of Cloud Software Group. Throughout this process, the Citrix teams took a hard look at the current portfolio of offerings to determine how to better serve the needs of your business.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Bill Sutton
Co-host: Geremy Meyers
Co-host: Todd Smith


00:00:02.190 --> 00:00:10.510
Andy Whiteside: Everyone and welcome to episode 128 of the Citrix session. We got a full house today, minus Patrick. We have to give Patrick our time. Patrick Cobble.

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Andy Whiteside: Getting back on here is super valuable resource.

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Andy Whiteside: Let's see today. Is a March. I laugh as I say, March 6, 2023.

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Andy Whiteside: What what happened? Where would February and January go? Todd? We're in January, go.

00:00:26.540 --> 00:00:35.050
Todd Smith: you know it flew by and and actually citrics kind of went through and or cloud software group realigned their fiscal year.

00:00:35.180 --> 00:00:37.580
Todd Smith: So we are officially in Q. 2

00:00:38.680 --> 00:00:41.570
Todd Smith: for those of you who are following on, based on calendars.

00:00:42.750 --> 00:00:48.130
Andy Whiteside: Jeremy, Did you guys hide the first 2 months of the year somewhere they make it disappear that wasn't so fast.

00:00:48.180 --> 00:00:58.310
Geremy Meyers: I mean, it is going by so fast it feels like maybe we're 5 months in. We've just done so much so quick that it's just going past. So i'm a little. Surprises only may march March Sixth

00:00:58.950 --> 00:01:04.099
Andy Whiteside: and Bill, how many projects would you estimate? You've started in the first 2 months of 23

00:01:04.879 --> 00:01:10.120
Bill Sutton: started Probably 1515.

00:01:10.700 --> 00:01:13.840
Andy Whiteside: Hopefully, we've close some, or they just keep piling up.

00:01:13.910 --> 00:01:15.240
Bill Sutton: They keep coming in.

00:01:15.570 --> 00:01:20.170
Andy Whiteside: Yeah, what percentage of those are citrix oriented these days?

00:01:20.680 --> 00:01:25.850
Bill Sutton: Probably off the cuffs? 70 to 75%.

00:01:26.420 --> 00:01:28.950
Geremy Meyers: That's crazy, right?

00:01:29.790 --> 00:01:34.700
Andy Whiteside: Well, guys, let's see. Well, we had. We wanted to ask how to question first. Jeremy, was the question. You want to ask time

00:01:34.820 --> 00:01:36.520
Geremy Meyers: where you working out of.

00:01:36.720 --> 00:01:45.220
Todd Smith: So I'm: so I am working out of the you. Burlington, Massachusetts office today. Return to office. Yeah.

00:01:45.350 --> 00:01:49.770
Todd Smith: A. And you know it's great to see some folks that I haven't seen in the past

00:01:49.900 --> 00:02:01.830
Todd Smith: 2 plus years. and actually having it. It's interesting because we've gone from having this very 2D space in a in a virtual meeting to now, all of a sudden seeing people in 3D.

00:02:03.230 --> 00:02:05.000
Todd Smith: And realizing that

00:02:05.590 --> 00:02:07.030
Todd Smith: you know

00:02:07.520 --> 00:02:15.640
Todd Smith: working at home has since has some very good benefits, but also actually interacting with people face to face in person.

00:02:15.700 --> 00:02:18.210
Todd Smith: has just as many benefits, if not more.

00:02:18.840 --> 00:02:25.340
Geremy Meyers: So let me ask you this, Todd, because I found myself doing this a lot when I worked in an office, but

00:02:25.560 --> 00:02:32.420
Geremy Meyers: I would go high. I had to find some place to hide, to get some work done, because inevitably folks would just walk it up, start chatting

00:02:32.470 --> 00:02:36.670
Geremy Meyers: when I was in the middle of something, or doing anything like that. No, grant I haven't done that in a long time.

00:02:36.850 --> 00:02:45.520
Todd Smith: But is that a is that an issue? I don't know how many folks are walking over to your

00:02:45.780 --> 00:02:50.380
Todd Smith: aware and respectful of your phones and things like that.

00:02:50.550 --> 00:02:57.200
Todd Smith: So they're not always, you know, kind of walking in and interrupting, I mean in an open workspace environment.

00:02:57.330 --> 00:03:09.710
Todd Smith: It is hard to find. you know, those little cubby holes, but the good thing is that most of our office spaces. you know we have phone booth areas what they call phone with. Really, it's a one person little

00:03:09.730 --> 00:03:17.720
Todd Smith: office to close the door in. We have ton of conference rooms, you know people are. People are really adapting towards this new work style

00:03:17.860 --> 00:03:22.990
Todd Smith: of being able to go. If you want to have privacy, you can go seek some privacy in some place.

00:03:23.070 --> 00:03:26.360
Todd Smith: and it's across. That's across all of our offices.

00:03:26.640 --> 00:03:27.340

00:03:27.980 --> 00:03:32.220
Geremy Meyers: yeah. So the phone booths are really fancy, too. They look futuristic and

00:03:32.830 --> 00:03:38.460
Todd Smith: to get warm i'll just. I'll just say that yeah, there, there's a couple of them that look like Giant Amazon packing boxes.

00:03:38.560 --> 00:03:39.190
Andy Whiteside: Okay.

00:03:39.260 --> 00:03:40.920
Todd Smith: which

00:03:41.680 --> 00:03:45.480
Todd Smith: for for those who are size gifted. I guess we

00:03:46.740 --> 00:03:49.930
Todd Smith: it just kind of makes it feel a little uncomfortable sometimes.

00:03:49.970 --> 00:04:00.540
Andy Whiteside: So we exactly the opposite problem. Here most of us are spread out the little bit of offices, or not little offices, and there's some shared space, but it's shared throughout the building, and we don't use those. Unless we're having a meeting.

00:04:00.720 --> 00:04:13.440
Andy Whiteside: I gotta find a blended approach where we're. You know, hybrid working remote onsite. But what we're on site we're together is needed but separate, as makes sense, and people feel like they have their space. It's, I guess, what we're saying here is it's a.

00:04:13.560 --> 00:04:17.570
Andy Whiteside: and i'll tie this into the article in a minute. It's a universally challenging problem.

00:04:20.570 --> 00:04:22.640
Geremy Meyers: See what you did. There was a good to you.

00:04:22.650 --> 00:04:23.460
Andy Whiteside: Yeah.

00:04:23.900 --> 00:04:29.080
So we better have software licensing that aligns with a universal set of needs. What do you think

00:04:31.310 --> 00:04:33.340
Bill Sutton: I agree for a podcast?

00:04:33.430 --> 00:04:36.000
Geremy Meyers: It sounds like the topic for a podcast. Yeah.

00:04:36.640 --> 00:04:57.190
Andy Whiteside: So today's podcast. The blog we're reviewing is by shredar malapadi now shred. Our is leading up the Citrix business unit at Cloud software Group. and I think this may have just come out today the title of it's introducing Citrix Universal Licensing. I'm a aware of this was going to happen. I've done some research on it, but i'm still lost as can be.

00:04:57.230 --> 00:05:04.140
Andy Whiteside: Jeremy, i'll let you start off the this opening paragraph counting the 3 bullets that it calls out here.

00:05:04.590 --> 00:05:09.520
Andy Whiteside: What is this all about, and we'll dig into more detail. But what what's the intro to the concept?

00:05:10.510 --> 00:05:19.640
Geremy Meyers: I mean here's the Here's the deal. Is ultimately customers need to run citrix wherever they need to run Citrix.

00:05:19.660 --> 00:05:27.870
Geremy Meyers: And so, you know, in the past we've had a license that has been an on premise license. There's been a different license. That has been a cloud license.

00:05:28.000 --> 00:05:46.520
Geremy Meyers: and what we have here is a license that will just let you deploy. However, you want to deploy. So when I say on prem. What I mean is, you know, customer owns, maintains, manages. You know, the the control management plan to citrix. So the sequel delivery control or storefront service. You know all those parts and pieces that that make up the management.

00:05:46.520 --> 00:05:56.950
Geremy Meyers: and and the that solution is Citrix, you know, owns that piece of it, and and maintains as it it manages. It provides, you know, a portal for a customer management ultimately.

00:05:56.950 --> 00:06:06.680
Geremy Meyers: Yeah, there's always been 2 kinds of licensing, and what a universal license is essentially a license that just lets you deploy. However you want. Do essentially do whatever you want is what it is.

00:06:07.860 --> 00:06:18.270
Andy Whiteside: And Todd, is it all phone home to a centralized place where the license server or the service knows to go? Look, and see what's available to that customer.

00:06:18.560 --> 00:06:21.290
Todd Smith: Yeah, in in that. So we we

00:06:21.530 --> 00:06:28.910
Todd Smith: introduced some upgrades to our licensing server in our service to basically provide that

00:06:29.020 --> 00:06:38.310
Todd Smith: understanding where your licenses are actually being deployed. Whether they're on prem like, Jeremy said, or whether they're in a cloud, someplace, it really allows us to have

00:06:38.360 --> 00:06:49.820
Todd Smith: visibility that we can then pass on to the, to the administrators at our customers, to really have a an understanding where those licenses are being utilized where they're where they are being consumed.

00:06:49.900 --> 00:06:54.100
Todd Smith: But, more importantly, where what license servers are serving up

00:06:54.240 --> 00:06:58.630
Todd Smith: to individual users right? So it helps with the cost.

00:06:58.650 --> 00:07:03.310
Todd Smith: It also helps with the administration. It also improves the operational aspects of it.

00:07:03.520 --> 00:07:08.950
Todd Smith: And what it allows you to do is really, you know, as Jeremy said, it, it allows you to

00:07:09.290 --> 00:07:10.460
Todd Smith: use

00:07:10.990 --> 00:07:27.330
Todd Smith: to Citrix products where the you know, in in whatever model is necessary. Right? So if you're if you're hesitant to go and leverage some of the cloud services and cloud resources that are out there, you can use that same license to to deliver it on. Prep.

00:07:27.600 --> 00:07:36.280
Todd Smith: A lot of organizations are still somewhat cloud averse or cloud, hesitant to to move all of their services

00:07:36.390 --> 00:07:43.280
Todd Smith: and data and and resources all up to the cloud. So this this model allows you to to kind of

00:07:43.570 --> 00:07:48.170
Todd Smith: move them around as the and and it gives you that ultimate level of choice.

00:07:48.780 --> 00:07:59.330
Andy Whiteside: So is this is this really conversation around the control plane being in the cloud versus on premises, the application or desktop workloads Bill. How is this gonna how's this gonna change

00:07:59.840 --> 00:08:01.750
Andy Whiteside: the project landscape for you guys?

00:08:02.450 --> 00:08:19.770
Bill Sutton: I I don't know that are really changing. Obviously, we we have to understand this better than than than I have to this point. It's, you know, obviously very new, but I don't really think that I mean I don't really think that it will change it other than we'll need to obviously do that know where to point for a license

00:08:20.290 --> 00:08:25.350
Bill Sutton: server, or where to get the licenses from, whether that's the cloud or on premises workload

00:08:25.530 --> 00:08:29.320
Bill Sutton: an on-premise server, so that's the only real change. I see.

00:08:29.340 --> 00:08:32.340
Bill Sutton: based on what little I know about it thus far.

00:08:32.799 --> 00:08:45.820
Geremy Meyers: So to look okay. So let me frame it up this way right? So we've had customers in the past who have had traditional on-prem licensing. So they ran citrix the entire stack Vdas management, the whole 9 yards sitting on crown.

00:08:45.820 --> 00:08:56.910
Geremy Meyers: and at some point, you know Citrix or partner, since Tiger came along and said, hey, you know what you should do. You should really transition those licenses from on prem perpetual into the Dash service. So

00:08:56.950 --> 00:09:11.180
Geremy Meyers: is a part of that motion. What we did is number one. Let's just say you had a 1,000, you know, on premise, perpetual licenses. And you did this transition up to the cloud. What we gave you was a 1,000 seats of daz in the cloud, and along with that

00:09:11.180 --> 00:09:22.850
Geremy Meyers: a 1,000 seats of what we call hybrid rights on frown the expectation was, you were not on day one gonna go transition everything you had on Prem up to the cloud. There was gonna be some sort of

00:09:22.930 --> 00:09:26.840
Geremy Meyers: transition period where you are going to need to run in a hybrid mode.

00:09:27.060 --> 00:09:39.650
Geremy Meyers: Now that just came with those dazz licenses that you transition, and they were good for the term of whatever contract you have. So let's just say you did a 3 year transition that service contract. I guess what those hybrid rights were good for 3 years.

00:09:39.780 --> 00:09:57.340
Geremy Meyers: but the assumption was at the end of 3 years you will have migrated, and you don't need those hybrid rights anymore, as it found that, you know, as we found out, more customers more often than not it felt like need to maintain some sort of on premise. Continue to leverage those hybrid rights, and so they would ask us, Can we renew our hybrid rights.

00:09:57.460 --> 00:10:15.830
Geremy Meyers: And so what this universal license does is it just replaces both? It is one license that will let you number one either a run completely in the cloud, be run completely on print or c. And this is where we see a lot of customers is a little bit of both, right. So there's a transition period that sometimes takes a while longer than

00:10:15.830 --> 00:10:20.830
Geremy Meyers: you know customers originally intended, and what we're saying is, you know we no longer care.

00:10:20.880 --> 00:10:26.480
Geremy Meyers: You just run your workloads where you need to run your workloads. We support both, and that's what your universal license is.

00:10:27.090 --> 00:10:28.040
Geremy Meyers: That makes sense

00:10:28.490 --> 00:10:29.660
Bill Sutton: absolutely.

00:10:29.930 --> 00:10:37.510
Andy Whiteside: I I think the concept makes sense. Let me understand the the tech here. So if i'm doing a on premise on premises

00:10:37.840 --> 00:10:48.770
Andy Whiteside: solution where I've got my control plane that includes a license server. Is that license server in the cloud? Or is that license server something on premises that's talking to something in the cloud?

00:10:49.300 --> 00:11:04.440
Geremy Meyers: So it is still on premises, but the new version of the license server will communicate with the cloud. In fact, it does it by default. Now the brand new version of the license server will do that and communicate back to the cloud. And you have this ability to what that looks like.

00:11:04.630 --> 00:11:12.740
Andy Whiteside: Okay. So it's like this. this uniform solution, where, if it's on now, if i'm in the cloud.

00:11:13.170 --> 00:11:18.700
Andy Whiteside: I even have a license over at that point, or it's just the services there and it the the cloud knows what to talk to

00:11:18.790 --> 00:11:28.420
Geremy Meyers: in the cloud. I mean you technically got one, but there's nothing to manage or maintain the services, talks to it, and reports back. you know, out just to alligate. There's nothing to do.

00:11:29.470 --> 00:11:36.560
Bill Sutton: And how does it look? If it's a hybrid environment where you've got, maybe a resource location on Prem and a resource location in the cloud.

00:11:37.710 --> 00:11:46.010
Bill Sutton: or that's a great and a resource location. So you're saying resources. How about control plane? And both there.

00:11:46.350 --> 00:11:58.060
Geremy Meyers: That's a great question. So since this Hasn't gone live yet I actually haven't seen what this looks like upfront. So I am. I am just as excited as you are, but the assumption is you will get a license file that will need to go on a license server

00:11:58.200 --> 00:12:08.020
Geremy Meyers: on your on-prem license and by default. This thing will report back to the cloud. Now, what we've added recently is. Well, I would say recently it's been out for a couple of years is

00:12:08.060 --> 00:12:24.340
Geremy Meyers: from the Cloud Licensing Portal, where you would see your cloud licenses. You could also use that to monitor your on premise license servers as well as as well. So in the past you had to opt into that, and now you are automatically opted in, so it'll just do a by the phone.

00:12:24.480 --> 00:12:34.370
Geremy Meyers: So I think I just talk through my own answer. But I want to see it in action for sure. So let's see what Todd is. So Todd, if i'm a citrix administrator, and I want to know how many licenses are being consumed at this very moment.

00:12:34.440 --> 00:12:35.650
Andy Whiteside: where would I go to look

00:12:36.860 --> 00:12:39.460
Todd Smith: so? So the first place I would look is on

00:12:39.670 --> 00:12:43.730
Todd Smith: in my cloud portal. So I go to my citrix.com portal.

00:12:43.930 --> 00:12:52.190
Todd Smith: and be able to go and see what is being reported for both. If I've got assets that are running into cloud, and if I ever got assets that are running

00:12:52.340 --> 00:12:59.700
Todd Smith: on-premise in a license server. That's on prep. Because of that reporting that reporting functionality now.

00:12:59.850 --> 00:13:02.760
Todd Smith: it allows you to keep up the date on that

00:13:05.360 --> 00:13:07.900
Andy Whiteside: i'm trying to do it real time. Why, you guys are!

00:13:08.220 --> 00:13:17.860
Geremy Meyers: It's very unfortunate. The first thing I saw when you shared your screen was was Duke. So that was very sad to see what I want to do, but they have not had right here this year.

00:13:19.430 --> 00:13:24.020
Andy Whiteside: I know we here locally think the rest of the world cares, but and they kind of do but just a little bit

00:13:26.470 --> 00:13:30.410
Andy Whiteside: right.

00:13:30.710 --> 00:13:33.210
Geremy Meyers: I was a sports Renaissance fan.

00:13:33.220 --> 00:13:38.650
Todd Smith: so I think I think Andy's spending more of his money over sending more of his money to the State right now, right?

00:13:38.800 --> 00:13:41.910
Andy Whiteside: No, it's I got. I got a I got a bloom going on.

00:13:42.120 --> 00:13:42.740
Todd Smith: Okay.

00:13:42.800 --> 00:13:54.970
Andy Whiteside: So for folks that may go watch back and watch the recording of this podcast as silly as that sounds. I'm. Here. Now, where would I go? This is my lab environment. Where would I go to see what my license consumption looks like?

00:13:55.200 --> 00:14:03.200
Geremy Meyers: So you would go up to the Hamburger to start off with. By the way, I don't know how that started as a thing, but now it's just universally known as

00:14:03.350 --> 00:14:07.050
Geremy Meyers: Hamburger, and you'll go down to your licensing option right there. Yup.

00:14:07.740 --> 00:14:08.490
Andy Whiteside: Okay.

00:14:09.070 --> 00:14:18.080
Geremy Meyers: And so you've got 2 different things. You see on the left. Number one is desktops as a service. So you know, if we're looking at that, you can see what your consumption in the cloud is.

00:14:18.090 --> 00:14:19.440
Geremy Meyers: Yeah.

00:14:20.030 --> 00:14:27.600
Geremy Meyers: And then down below, If you have any license servers tied to the cloud, you would see those here as well. You can see with the license with usage

00:14:27.810 --> 00:14:28.970
Geremy Meyers: what the usage is

00:14:30.810 --> 00:14:33.090
Geremy Meyers: which looks like you don't have any. So

00:14:33.160 --> 00:14:43.880
Geremy Meyers: again, this really should. This really is designed, you know we call it universal license, but it's really going to simplify things in the sense that you have x licenses, and you 2, you can choose to use them

00:14:43.910 --> 00:14:50.130
Bill Sutton: in an on-prem or on premises deployment, or a cloud deployment or both.

00:14:51.140 --> 00:14:57.800
Andy Whiteside: And Will that be real time? Let's say I did have a license server deployed on premises. Will it be reporting real time up into this service?

00:15:01.070 --> 00:15:05.020
Todd Smith: I believe it's set to do by default it to do daily updates.

00:15:06.110 --> 00:15:13.300
Andy Whiteside: Okay. and and by named users. I guess that would be probably okay. But concurrent usage might be more real time necessary. But

00:15:13.660 --> 00:15:15.120
Todd Smith: yeah.

00:15:15.280 --> 00:15:25.340
Geremy Meyers: probably not. So. This would report back. But i'm not sure if this this console would would do the enforcement. This would probably be the the license over on trial.

00:15:27.920 --> 00:15:37.080
Andy Whiteside: Yeah, I got it. I got an idol all in one single sign behind me. Lg: I i'm one. I was gonna just jump in and log in and see it happen. But do we? It works. We all have

00:15:38.210 --> 00:15:44.270
Andy Whiteside: Okay, Bill. as my co-host what have I not asked that everybody will want to know.

00:15:45.180 --> 00:15:54.110
Bill Sutton: Okay, the first thing that comes to mind for me is what if I have? I don't know we'll just use round numbers. I I have 1,500

00:15:54.240 --> 00:16:00.480
Bill Sutton: universal licenses, and I've got a 1,000 in the Cloud Control plane and 500 on prem.

00:16:00.540 --> 00:16:11.530
Bill Sutton: and I need to move more workloads on prem or more workloads to the cloud. Do I have the ability to reallocate those licenses between the 2 license environments, or

00:16:11.670 --> 00:16:14.680
Bill Sutton: does that matter anymore? So it makes sense.

00:16:14.860 --> 00:16:18.950
Geremy Meyers: It does make sense. I don't think that matters anymore. So

00:16:20.010 --> 00:16:26.440
Geremy Meyers: yeah, the way I understand it is, it would be 1,500 in the cloud. 1,500 on Pre. It's really just more of a you know.

00:16:26.770 --> 00:16:35.990
Geremy Meyers: It's probably honestly. It's probably the you all. The thing is what it is

00:16:36.150 --> 00:16:44.450
Bill Sutton: Government agency, and I can't allow the license over to talk to the cloud. Apparently certain you've Already the citrix is considered that because I know they have customers in that space

00:16:44.480 --> 00:17:00.470
Geremy Meyers: they have. So there are exemptions as well. Now I will tell you this. There is the automatic reporting to the cloud that happens. But you can get an exemption, but you still have to do it manually. So so there's still a process. But you would have to still report back. Yeah, correct.

00:17:02.430 --> 00:17:10.470
Geremy Meyers: But there, I mean, listen. There's some environments that just aren't connected to the Internet. So there could be a regulation thing, and it could just be a an a.

00:17:13.109 --> 00:17:19.290
Todd Smith: They'll still be able to. They'll still be required to perform some type of attestation that they are

00:17:19.480 --> 00:17:25.130
Todd Smith: in compliance. It's just going to be a. In some cases it's going to be more of a manual process

00:17:25.810 --> 00:17:26.849
Todd Smith: to do that, Bill

00:17:29.520 --> 00:17:38.830
Bill Sutton: and I assume, obviously that this license is going to cover everything, including Pbs and historically required an on-prem on promised license. Server. Okay.

00:17:39.140 --> 00:17:44.070
Bill Sutton: I think it so. It covers anything that would come with your dad's.

00:17:44.340 --> 00:17:47.910
Geremy Meyers: you know, entitlement. So nothing changes when

00:17:48.120 --> 00:18:01.350
Geremy Meyers: Pbs: you know all this ancillary components. Now, what it doesn't include is things like Spa. So that would be completely separate. That would be an add on something that's still supported, you know. I think when we get into analytics I think there are.

00:18:02.150 --> 00:18:10.830
Geremy Meyers: What is it? Universal Premium plus would include analytics as well? So you know some of the package. Names of changes have changed for sure, but yet we cover everything to ask.

00:18:11.860 --> 00:18:18.690
Andy Whiteside: So is this an actual license? Or is this a licensing concept that there will be different additions? For is it both?

00:18:18.990 --> 00:18:24.130
Geremy Meyers: It is both. So there are several different editions of universal. So

00:18:24.370 --> 00:18:33.160
Geremy Meyers: there's universal advanced, advanced, plus premium premium, plus, so that aligns with des advanced as

00:18:33.240 --> 00:18:50.370
Geremy Meyers: advance plus you premium a premium plus. So if you go, look at our you know feature matrix, it will look very similar, but it will be universal as opposed to jazz tagged is essentially what it is. So there are 4 different additions by the way they all come as concurrent or use device as well. So that's something that

00:18:50.690 --> 00:18:55.730
Andy Whiteside: something to be aware of. Yeah. So let me make sure. I can repeat that back to you. There's

00:18:56.020 --> 00:19:05.530
Andy Whiteside: there's a universal license. There'll be a couple of different additions. There are no longer the concept of C. Bed and D's licenses. It's just universal, or those other 2 things still exist to

00:19:05.750 --> 00:19:13.710
Geremy Meyers: those things still exist as well. So, for instance, if we're talking about c. Bad, that is an on-premises license

00:19:13.890 --> 00:19:20.860
Geremy Meyers: and as of March, 8, 2 days from now it will only be available as a subscription. So

00:19:20.970 --> 00:19:40.780
Geremy Meyers: net new licenses, new deployments, the whole 9, so those will be a subscription. And here's what's unique about that on premise subscription now. So in the past you Haven't, been able to take an on premise license and connect that into the cloud. So either a create a hosting connection, or be just put like azure or

00:19:40.780 --> 00:19:46.170
Geremy Meyers: Gcp. Any sort of hyper scalar based. Vda. Connect that to that. See that environment.

00:19:46.290 --> 00:19:53.280
Geremy Meyers: Once you convert that to on premise subscription, you can lift and shift, and you know, basically

00:19:53.310 --> 00:20:05.080
Geremy Meyers: move those licenses to a cloud as well, if you want. But again. We're not talking, Dad. This would be the entire stack of See that. So now the Ddc's and storefront and all those parts and pieces that will consider the control plane

00:20:05.120 --> 00:20:10.850
Geremy Meyers: with the See that on prem subscription you can actually shift and look to shift that in the cloud if you want to.

00:20:11.150 --> 00:20:13.480
Geremy Meyers: You just Don't get the cloud control plan. Does that make sense?

00:20:14.810 --> 00:20:20.250
Geremy Meyers: And that is new? That is new in the past. The only way to pull that off is to have transition to des

00:20:20.460 --> 00:20:22.760
Geremy Meyers: and use the hybrid rights license.

00:20:23.490 --> 00:20:25.000
Bill Sutton: So you're talking here.

00:20:25.100 --> 00:20:26.900
Bill Sutton: if I understand you correctly jeremy

00:20:27.170 --> 00:20:32.890
Bill Sutton: on-prem control plane. But resource location in the cloud being able to to orchestrate

00:20:32.960 --> 00:20:37.670
Bill Sutton: the delivery of cloud based workloads, using your on-prem environment is that right? Or to down this.

00:20:37.700 --> 00:20:53.080
Geremy Meyers: that is right. But to take a step further if you wanted to lift and shift that control plane to the cloud. I don't mean the gas service, but I've physically run. You know, Ddc's. If you wanted to lift and shift that in the call, you could do that as well.

00:20:53.190 --> 00:21:04.510
Geremy Meyers: Yeah, cause that was restricted in the past it was restricted before. Yeah, the only way to pull that off in the past was to transition to your license to the that service and use your hybrid rights license right to do that.

00:21:04.520 --> 00:21:05.150
Geremy Meyers: Yep.

00:21:06.950 --> 00:21:19.520
Andy Whiteside: So yeah, I wanted to talk about that. So that's so. Just so. We're clear. If I've got an on Premises control plane. I can talk to hyper scale or public cloud resources. Now that's been that's going to be re-enabled for hosting purposes

00:21:19.590 --> 00:21:27.880
Geremy Meyers: that will be re-enabled for hosting purposes. If you're using the on-premise subscription, see bad subscription on pro y, i'll say on pro

00:21:28.090 --> 00:21:32.320
Geremy Meyers: But what we're talking about is you know you manage the control plane right?

00:21:36.720 --> 00:21:50.080
Andy Whiteside: Okay. So I want to stick to this. But I think you've covered it. I have a question for Bill simply around Projects Bill. Does this mean that we're going to recommend the Citrus Cloud Control plane less.

00:21:50.200 --> 00:22:03.830
Bill Sutton: or do the technical benefits of moving the control plan to the cloud still exists. I think they, I think they still exist. But you know we do have customers that say i'm not ready for the cloud. I don't want to go to the cloud. I maybe I don't trust the cloud. What have you

00:22:03.840 --> 00:22:21.160
Bill Sutton: or it's kind of you know the this is the way we've always done it argument right. We've always had it on Prem. We want to keep it on. Prem. I think we always. We have had some situations where customers have had that thought. And then, as we go to deploy it, we've had 2 projects in the past 2 months

00:22:21.160 --> 00:22:39.700
Bill Sutton: where we were doing an on-prem upgrade or migration to 2,203, and the customer third of the way through the design said, You know, I think we're gonna go ahead and go to cloud. We've decided, seeing all the components that need to be on premises. We're gonna go to cloud. So we've seen folks that have shifted that that mindset.

00:22:39.790 --> 00:22:49.260
Bill Sutton: But you always have some who want to keep it on premises for whatever reason. But I do think that our our target focus would be to for them to go to the cloud Control plane.

00:22:51.460 --> 00:22:52.220
Andy Whiteside: Todd

00:22:52.290 --> 00:23:03.000
Andy Whiteside: Jeremy sounds right. I think you have customers that have concerns, and then, when they realize it's just metadata, and it's a lot of problems for them. They change their tune.

00:23:03.350 --> 00:23:11.190
Geremy Meyers: they change it, they change it frequently, but I mean I I get it a lot of times. It's just what you're familiar with. And so you know

00:23:11.250 --> 00:23:24.240
Geremy Meyers: of the day you know. Managing out of the cloud is pretty simple. A lot of folks haven't seen it. And so when they get into, in fact, a lot of pocs we have done in the past just because we're testing applications. We're not testing how a control plane works is. That's not

00:23:24.420 --> 00:23:31.380
Geremy Meyers: terribly important. But when we get into testing the applications will say, hey, just for the sake of testing. You know your specific app, and it's been up.

00:23:31.480 --> 00:23:44.490
Geremy Meyers: Yeah, Das trial. Just so we've got that piece baked, and we'll just stand up your vdas and test out. You know your favorite app right, and say we'll go through that process and a lot of times they'll go. Hey? Why, don't we just keep doing this. This makes a whole lot of sense, you know. We didn't have to stand up

00:23:44.830 --> 00:23:51.940
Geremy Meyers: Sequel and Ddc's and all these pieces, and you had this environment up in less than 2 h at least. The control plane.

00:23:51.950 --> 00:23:56.500
Geremy Meyers: No, we got right straight to managing apps, and they get it. They get pretty quick. But

00:23:56.690 --> 00:24:03.970
Geremy Meyers: you know, like you, said Bill, some customers aren't ready for the shift. Either. You know it's a it's just a organizational thing.

00:24:04.730 --> 00:24:09.410
Geremy Meyers: It is what it is, and that's okay. I guess what universal license it says is again, do whatever you want.

00:24:11.680 --> 00:24:27.070
Andy Whiteside: Alright, so let's walk through the editions because this answers my question from earlier, and let's them. Todd will let you cover these. So, starting at the for universal licensing, the most basic addition is what

00:24:27.200 --> 00:24:38.690
Todd Smith: yup so advanced, which is the which includes the dazz advanced as well as citrix Virtual apps advanced right? So it's. Basically that's the entry level.

00:24:39.180 --> 00:24:40.130
Todd Smith: Into this

00:24:40.360 --> 00:24:47.030
Andy Whiteside: and in the layman terms. Sorry I'm. Trying to log in to my other environment at the same time. So I can show some stuff in layman's term. What

00:24:47.190 --> 00:24:50.040
Andy Whiteside: what of the citrix Products said? Is that gonna let me

00:24:50.460 --> 00:24:51.290
Andy Whiteside: use?

00:24:52.970 --> 00:25:02.440
Todd Smith: So it's it's basic functionality related to virtual apps and and desktops. But more spokes focus on the on just the application delivery

00:25:03.230 --> 00:25:04.300
Todd Smith: aspect of it.

00:25:04.590 --> 00:25:09.240
Geremy Meyers: So you would get apps, but you would also get your favorite Andy, which is a server hosted desktop

00:25:09.290 --> 00:25:10.360
Geremy Meyers: with the

00:25:10.570 --> 00:25:11.390
Andy Whiteside: Okay.

00:25:11.450 --> 00:25:23.540
Andy Whiteside: And I mean, I literally have a customer, Evan. One of my guys, is working with now, that's all they need. That's all they use? What what's, what's the what technologies other than Vdi are missing? There?

00:25:24.210 --> 00:25:28.020
Andy Whiteside: Is there any like Pvs and Whim, and things like that are those included

00:25:30.820 --> 00:25:39.550
Geremy Meyers: when is included. Pbs. Is not included. So we do have some customers with, you know, fairly significant, you know, quote unquote in app deployments.

00:25:39.980 --> 00:25:44.210
Geremy Meyers: You would not get that you would get

00:25:45.900 --> 00:25:48.950
I'm looking through the so they've up to the feature matrix

00:25:49.140 --> 00:25:59.770
Geremy Meyers: matrix here. But you know what the biggest we're starting to see is adaptive off. So that's a depending on where you're coming from. If you get some pretty complex needs, you know, adaptive off is basically citrix hosting

00:25:59.970 --> 00:26:02.530
Geremy Meyers: that scalar, so you can do some pretty flexible

00:26:02.740 --> 00:26:25.010
Geremy Meyers: in factor authentication. One of the biggest ones is remote. PC. So it's just brokering to a physical PC. You know. I know integrity has quite a few customers leveraging that. So those are probably your bigger ones there. Okay, so what I so if I move up a level tied to Citrus universal advance, plus what what do I then gain over the apps and server hosted desktops?

00:26:26.650 --> 00:26:32.080
Todd Smith: So the biggest thing there incorrect me if I on, Jerry, you get the that's where you start getting Pbs: correct.

00:26:32.580 --> 00:26:40.830
Geremy Meyers: Oh, you get Pbs. You get actual desktop. So when those 11 is 11. That's where you know that's your use case. In fact, we've included

00:26:40.900 --> 00:26:46.860
Geremy Meyers: Cloud, PC. As well. So the Hdx for Microsoft, 365 is also included.

00:26:48.770 --> 00:26:51.590
Geremy Meyers: So those are probably the biggest ones. If you need desktops.

00:26:51.620 --> 00:26:56.800
Geremy Meyers: I mean, you absolutely have to do advance plus. So this would be the equivalent of like se bad.

00:26:56.850 --> 00:27:02.170
Geremy Meyers: What's that? I think you get remote. PC. In advance, plus 2, right? You do get remote PC: Correct.

00:27:02.520 --> 00:27:07.120
Andy Whiteside: Okay. So this one. This is when client desktops, Ak vdi

00:27:07.380 --> 00:27:10.390
Geremy Meyers: remote PC. That's when it comes into the mix.

00:27:10.840 --> 00:27:19.160
Andy Whiteside: and then the next one up looks like citrix universal premium. What what happens here. What do I get here? There that I didn't have before

00:27:21.960 --> 00:27:32.550
Geremy Meyers: this is dash premium. So this is, you know you get the full director metrics that you. You didn't get in the past. You get full, adaptable app protection, even. So that's a new feature

00:27:32.740 --> 00:27:38.320
Geremy Meyers: Security wise on the endpoint. But those are those are probably the big ones there.

00:27:40.710 --> 00:27:45.780
Geremy Meyers: And then with premium plus, you get analytics with that security and performance are included.

00:27:47.650 --> 00:27:50.760
Andy Whiteside: Oh, that you get the okay, that's interesting.

00:27:51.680 --> 00:27:58.460
Andy Whiteside: Because, Bill, we're not seeing a lot of people include that now, because it's both on now, it's now it's gonna be part of a bundle.

00:27:58.970 --> 00:28:00.360
Andy Whiteside: The position early on.

00:28:00.480 --> 00:28:01.310
Bill Sutton: Yes.

00:28:01.400 --> 00:28:10.940
Geremy Meyers: yeah, to be fair, it was always a part of the as premium plus, but it's another reason to sort of revisit this, and and just realize the analytics is included with a universal premium, plus.

00:28:12.420 --> 00:28:20.110
Bill Sutton: you know, things to notice in the matrix. So I was going, as you all were going through that I was looking through the matrix. Is that that topic we discussed

00:28:20.240 --> 00:28:26.900
Bill Sutton: last week or the week before about personalizing the citrix app that's available premium and premium plus apparently.

00:28:28.770 --> 00:28:37.560
Geremy Meyers: Oh, yeah, so you can add these integral logo in lieu of the Blue Circle workspace, icon, and sort of personal, as I got you Customer Logo: yeah.

00:28:37.810 --> 00:28:38.510
Geremy Meyers: Yup.

00:28:39.800 --> 00:28:44.030
Geremy Meyers: Yeah, although I think that's for cloud. Only I remember I could be yeah.

00:28:45.540 --> 00:28:57.910
Andy Whiteside: all right, so it's not got it for these business things. Can I transition from an existing citrix license to universal Jeremy, you that earlier? Let's just knock it out again.

00:28:57.970 --> 00:29:00.260
Andy Whiteside: including on premises licenses?

00:29:00.480 --> 00:29:11.040
Geremy Meyers: Yeah, so that is the new. So if you've been around us and heard us talk about a transition trade up. where do you take those existing licenses? That is what you're taking it to is too universal.

00:29:11.980 --> 00:29:12.710
Andy Whiteside: Okay.

00:29:13.510 --> 00:29:20.880
Andy Whiteside: Can I run Citrix? Virtual apps and desktops in my own public cloud instance? Todd.

00:29:20.930 --> 00:29:32.020
Todd Smith: Yeah, and that's coming soon. and that'll probably what it's going to allow you to do is to to do that. Lifted shift into your public cloud

00:29:32.150 --> 00:29:36.200
Todd Smith: deployment right so, being able to

00:29:37.180 --> 00:29:42.860
Todd Smith: to without having to go and read license Everything all right, basically just an easy transition.

00:29:43.000 --> 00:29:48.360
Andy Whiteside: So you kind of get to build your own control plane in a public cloud. And so

00:29:48.370 --> 00:30:02.240
Geremy Meyers: so the use case I had for that the other day I was talking to a customer who I. This is where you're talking 2 different languages, not actual, but 2 different concepts where they wanted to spend up a trial in azure, you know, in aws. I thought

00:30:02.490 --> 00:30:23.420
Geremy Meyers: they wanted a dazz trial, but what they really wanted was they wanted to live to shift what they had up into Amazon. Hey to us? And I said, Well, you could just do the dash trial right? So you could speed this thing up. They're like No, no, no, we have change, control process, control all sorts of things that they do to where they couldn't take on those cloud services. They had to bet them out first. So for now here's what they're gonna do just lift and shift what they had.

00:30:23.540 --> 00:30:27.120
Geremy Meyers: It was more of a regulation thing internally, so that's what they did.

00:30:28.340 --> 00:30:31.750
Andy Whiteside: Yeah, if it was just a partner they could bring that to, and let them do it for them. And

00:30:32.210 --> 00:30:45.060
Andy Whiteside: oh, never mind sorry! Oh, never mind right so universal editions, Jeremy, you answer this. All the available and user device, you know, is it still user device, or is it really just? User

00:30:46.220 --> 00:30:56.380
Geremy Meyers: I mean, it's really just. User I mean it's a it's. It feels like a very specific use case that you would see device, because most folks are bouncing between more than one device

00:30:56.790 --> 00:31:03.180
Geremy Meyers: for the most part. But it's about intelligence to figure out the math. It does versus device. Okay, that's all I want to do

00:31:03.900 --> 00:31:09.650
Andy Whiteside: What standalone add-ins are available with the situ universal license.

00:31:11.880 --> 00:31:21.640
Geremy Meyers: So we we talked about the feature matrix, but you can certainly add on so. If you had universal premium, which means you didn't have access to analytics. You can only add that on.

00:31:21.690 --> 00:31:27.510
Geremy Meyers: And of course there's other things that you could add on as well. So Spa would be a secure private access would be going

00:31:28.670 --> 00:31:32.370
Andy Whiteside: starts available. March eighth, it says, here

00:31:32.400 --> 00:31:35.120
Geremy Meyers: on Wednesday they will go live.

00:31:35.250 --> 00:31:37.260
Geremy Meyers: So this is Monday, March sixth.

00:31:37.360 --> 00:31:49.110
Andy Whiteside: So am I available? Am I eligible for Citrix? Universal licenses? I'll just read it. Citric universal licenses are available for environments and quantities of 250 user device or a 100 concurrent licenses. And up.

00:31:49.610 --> 00:31:51.980
Andy Whiteside: Please talk to your Citrix partner

00:31:52.070 --> 00:32:01.900
Andy Whiteside: for more information, so so that that means it's a minimal 250 user device or minimal 100, and then you can buy them in what

00:32:01.930 --> 00:32:03.350
Andy Whiteside: buckets after that.

00:32:04.030 --> 00:32:14.120
Geremy Meyers: So that's gotta be. The initial spend is either 250 user device or a 100 conc concurrent, and then, after that, you can add on as much as you need to so

00:32:14.260 --> 00:32:16.920
Geremy Meyers: 25. It's pretty common, not unusual.

00:32:17.330 --> 00:32:22.090
Geremy Meyers: But you can add on top of just kind of stack on top of that I forget what the minimum purchase is, but

00:32:22.870 --> 00:32:36.150
Andy Whiteside: and then I don't know if you guys are ready for this one. But as far as the service provider goes, does like, you have Citrix, where the customers, buying their licenses to get themselves, or if they're working with someone like us, us, managing it for them all those apply.

00:32:36.280 --> 00:32:45.210
Andy Whiteside: But if they want to use the partner's universal. They they they only use the partner's service Provider license. Does that. Does this whole conversation apply?

00:32:45.280 --> 00:32:52.050
Geremy Meyers: It does so if you need to purchase less than, or if you need less than 2, 50 or a 100,

00:32:52.080 --> 00:32:59.420
Geremy Meyers: that would be the route To get. That essentially would be, you know, reach out to your service provider reach out as integral.

00:33:01.460 --> 00:33:07.930
Geremy Meyers: And this is where for me, since I have a covered Csp. In the past, i'm trying to wrap my head around the technical side of that, because it's new for me.

00:33:08.140 --> 00:33:15.310
Geremy Meyers: but that that'd be a route at that point, Csp: so if you needed 50, you need 25, and it was your initial purchase, and that's all you needed.

00:33:15.320 --> 00:33:17.220
Geremy Meyers: You know. You go the Csp route.

00:33:17.270 --> 00:33:25.450
Andy Whiteside: I can tell you, as a owner of a. Csp. We're probably gonna want you to. I think we've always kind of had that option. But we want you to be in one bucket, or that you either

00:33:25.920 --> 00:33:31.410
Andy Whiteside: persistent of some time, and not persistent, but on premises, even in public cloud in our data center

00:33:31.570 --> 00:33:38.010
Andy Whiteside: or using cloud. And if you're talking to us. More than likely we're going to help you go to Cloud and understand all the nuances, and why it's better, anyway.

00:33:38.960 --> 00:33:49.090
Geremy Meyers: I mean at the end of the day you can do Csp. As a model, regardless of how big you are. But you know it's just gonna be anything below those amounts that'll over your route for sure. But yeah.

00:33:49.390 --> 00:33:50.980
Geremy Meyers: I can totally understand how many.

00:33:52.090 --> 00:33:53.890
Andy Whiteside: So, Todd, what do we leave out?

00:33:55.570 --> 00:33:59.090
Todd Smith: I don't think we left out anything other than you know.

00:33:59.300 --> 00:34:09.639
Todd Smith: once again these things, these changes are coming into effect on March 8 with this coming Wednesday just in time for the beginning of the March madness.

00:34:11.080 --> 00:34:28.100
Todd Smith: so it associated with madness. No, I think it's. I think it's. I think it's actually eliminating the madness that we've all done. It is it is and that's the big thing, right. I I think a lot of a lot of customers and a lot of partners were confused by the the multitude of licensing options that we had available.

00:34:28.320 --> 00:34:33.500
Todd Smith: and and with this it really brings forward a an opportunity for customers to to use

00:34:33.889 --> 00:34:35.860
Todd Smith: licenses wherever they need that

00:34:36.260 --> 00:34:44.429
Todd Smith: right, without having to make that determination of, you know. Are they jazz licenses, or they see that, or the on-prem are they in the cloud? You know

00:34:44.540 --> 00:34:47.880
Todd Smith: it. It just eliminates a lot of that potential points of confusion.

00:34:48.500 --> 00:34:49.239
Andy Whiteside: Right?

00:34:49.670 --> 00:34:53.320
Andy Whiteside: Do you any thoughts? Questions where we let these 2 go and

00:34:53.540 --> 00:34:55.219
Andy Whiteside: think of something 5 min from now.

00:34:55.400 --> 00:35:07.150
Bill Sutton: No, not really. I mean, I think we covered it pretty well, and I I I do think this does simplifies it simplify it to a large degree. And I think that's definitely a good thing.

00:35:07.700 --> 00:35:08.400

00:35:08.490 --> 00:35:12.000
Geremy Meyers: Yeah, I mean, listen. It's always been my opinion that

00:35:12.020 --> 00:35:17.680
Geremy Meyers: you could buy a license that just let you deploy anywhere. It makes sense. It simplifies.

00:35:17.960 --> 00:35:25.540
Geremy Meyers: you know, kind of your approach. The whole thing simplifies it for me, for sure. But you know I I think this is what folks have been asking for without actually saying. And so this is great.

00:35:25.940 --> 00:35:33.130
Andy Whiteside: Well, and i'll i'll tweak what you said, a subscription that lets you do anything you want to do within the context of that solution

00:35:34.410 --> 00:35:40.490
Andy Whiteside: which I think many parts of our lives. That's what things are coming to is this universal subscription?

00:35:40.650 --> 00:35:47.210
Andy Whiteside: I think, before I die I have a universal subscription to an automobile service, and i'll have a truck one day and a

00:35:47.640 --> 00:35:52.460
Andy Whiteside: station wagon one day a van one day, and whatever is part of my universal thing I pay for.

00:35:52.660 --> 00:35:53.420
Geremy Meyers: Yep.

00:35:53.570 --> 00:36:05.730
Geremy Meyers: I mean so. The the brother or sister to this event or to this this specific top it could be, You know. What do we do on the networking side as well? So there's a lot coming on the net scalar side around licensing. So

00:36:05.930 --> 00:36:15.080
Geremy Meyers: I think there might be a blog post for that If it's not already out, it's coming, and maybe we touch on that one as well.

00:36:16.460 --> 00:36:17.540
Geremy Meyers: Yup.

00:36:17.640 --> 00:36:23.690
Andy Whiteside: gentlemen, I am out of time. I'm sure you are as well, todd good Look! Fly in the bank for Jeremy. You go anywhere this week.

00:36:24.040 --> 00:36:27.280
Geremy Meyers: I'm not. I'm not saying home. So there you go.

00:36:27.380 --> 00:36:30.040
Todd Smith: Billy, getting enjoy your trip to Boston. Maybe

00:36:31.250 --> 00:36:34.650
Bill Sutton: I better be warm Todd. Not for you.

00:36:35.810 --> 00:36:37.360
Andy Whiteside: Bill. Anything on your plate.

00:36:37.380 --> 00:36:42.280
Bill Sutton: No, no, just you know, in my office working i'm not going anywhere this this week.

00:36:42.290 --> 00:36:42.970

00:36:43.580 --> 00:36:46.730
Andy Whiteside: I wasn't supposed to. But here I go.

00:36:46.790 --> 00:36:51.140
Geremy Meyers: All right, gentlemen. We'll do it again next week.